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March 4, 2009

Ferris State University
Jim Crow Museum
1201 S. State Street
Big Rapids, Michigan, MI 49307
Attn: Dr. David Pilgrim
Email: [email protected]

Dear Dr. Pilgrim:

My name is Minister MarkNeil of the 12 tribes Nation of Israel, founder of GET R.I.C.H. FREE! [Restoring Israelite Culture & Heritage] community outreaches publication and 12 Precious Stones community outreach which is a proactive faith basednon-profit organization currently pursuing our 501-c-3 status. 12 Precious Stones is committed to rebuilding our Israelite [Biblical] family from the effect the holocaust of the American slavery experience, addressing the miseducationof the children of slavery that is rooted in racism, developing minds to be free thinkers for our solutions, and to improve the quality of life in our community.

In addition 12 Precious Stones is committed to preserving the remembrance, legacy, honor, and dignity of our Israelite holocaust of slavery experiencein the Americas and the sacrifices for freedom that our ancestors made for us. Consequently, we will not compromise the truth,nor conform to the new Willie Lynch agenda [Political Correction Slave Plantation [PCSP], or tolerate any person, organizations, special interest groups, civil rights, political organizations, so-called alternative lifestyle organizations to use, compare, connect, integrate, or contaminateour Israelite holocaust of slavery [under the disguised of equality, civil rights or diversity]with agendas that is contrary to our Israelite [Biblical]heritage to advance their hidden agendas.We will expose,oppose, and challenge the new Willie Lynch well orchestrated, organize, and sinister plan.

The resurrection of Willie Lynch is now called political correction and is disguise as equal rights, civil rights, discrimination, conservatism, liberalism, humanism, equality, love, so-called hate crimes and speech, diversity, multiculturalism, and human rights which is designed to condition the Children of slavery [those who choose to conform] to become 21st century slaves for the benefit of the elite Edomite and Gentile [European-Caucasians] social, political, and economic structure to maintain their control and status quo as the decision makers on the issues that affect their lives. Therefore, we raise the question, what is their objective? Is it to prepare the Children of slavery [Israelite s] for inclusion on the new slave plantations [new world order government] which is control and operated by the central banking cartel based in London?

Since 1997, 12 Precious Stones community outreach have beenactive in community service in the Atlanta, GA metro area and abroad. We have been making contributions to improve the quality of life in our community andaddressing the solution to thesocial and spirituals ills of the children of slavery [Israelite s] that is rooted in the holocaust of the American slavery experience. We received recognition fromnational and localnewspapers (1999, 2004 respectfully)and our ongoing radio interviewsand message have beenreceived well from our community. Weare the descendants of the 12 tribes of the Nation of Israeland our history isdocumented inour book [Bible] ofthe covenant. Contrary to popular belief the Bible is not a Christian book nor is there any Christian doctrine written in it.Moreover, our book of the covenant predicted our 400 years enslavement in the Americas [New Egypt] and our resurrection.

Therefore, since the nation of Israel [Children of slavery]freedom was attack by the Ishmaelite Muslims (Arabs) who sold us to the Gentile Christians (Caucasian) financed by the Edomites Khazars (so-called Jewish) we were enslaved in 1619 in Jamestown, VA. The Israelite shave endured the greatest holocaust, hate crimes, and inhuman treatmentin thehistory of the world. The horrors of the Israelite holocaust of the American slavery experience have been documented and its effect has devastated our family values. The type of slavery that captured the mind and imprisons the motivation, conscious, ambition and identity in a maze of anti-self images, generating a personal and collective self-destruction, is more sinister than the yokes and chains around the necks, wrist, and ankles. [Breaking the chains of physiological slavery]

TheIsraelite s [children of slavery]build this great nation of America in less than four-hundred (400) years, because the Children of Israel possessedtremendous natural resources to endure horrific conditions of oppression simultaneously capable of prospering and excelling socially, politically, economically, spiritually, and educationally. The Israelite holocaust of the American slavery experience is a testimony of our superior Israelite character, mental prowess, strength, heritage, and spirituality which serves as a model for humanity. However, our testimony, model, story, and contributions have not been sufficiently told, recognize, respected, or compensated.

The miseducation of the children of slavery that is rooted in the institution of racism was the primary tool used to affectedthe social, mental, and spiritual condition of the children of slavery [Israelite s] which is evident in the ghettos they reside, their prison population, their abortion rate, their high school dropout statistics,AIDS (50\% cases are Black-women)teen pregnancy, identity crisis,distrust in each other,and health issue in which we believe the time for realchange has arriveto reverse this process to improve their quality of life.

To understand miseducation we must first understand true education is based on knowledge of self. Therefore, 12 Precious Stones community outreach, The Daspora Entertainment Group, The Negro Spirituals-Hip-Hop Alliance" (NSHHA), Light to all nations, Straight from God, Keep seed alive, and other organizationsare united to address our solutionto reverse the destructive effects of ourIsraelite holocaust in America (Babylon).

Consequently, we are currentlypreparing the Social Healing Initiative educational program which we began preparing on January 26, 2009. Our plan is to send press releases of the Social Healing Initiative overview to the media and as part of the diverse community we will request equal access within the law for our educational program to be included in the public schools beginning with the schools in the inner cities of America.

The Social Healing Initiative Mission: (S.H.I.) to establish our educational program in the American and International educational infrastructure,a Day of Remembrance recognizing the "Israelite holocaust ofslavery, (August), local educational fairs (similar to job-fairs), improve race relations, and develop minds to become free thinkers for oursolution.

Our Social Healing Initiative educational program is committed to educating all Americans and nations about our Israelite holocaust of the American slavery experience. Dr. Pilgrim we support and appreciate your work to preserve our holocaust of the American slavery experience and share similar aspirations to educate all nations however, we vigorous object with the Jim Crow Museum presentation in two [2] areas:

Comparing, using, integrating, connecting, and contaminating our Israelite holocaust of the American slavery experience with the homosexuals hidden agenda and other ethnics groups experiences.

The Edomites & Gentiles [European-Caucasians] controlling and/or attempting to teach the general public about our Israelite holocaust slavery experience in the Americas; with the exception they are properly educated and train by an Israelite.

Dr. Pilgrim we commend you for being proactive in addressing our holocaust of slavery and becoming the founder and curator of the Jim Crow Museum of racist memorabilia. Moreover, we agree that the story of these racist memorabilia needs to be preserve, seen, and told forever however; we are disappointed that you have decided to donate your entire collection to Ferris State University. We are disappointed because:

We would have preferred for you to donate your racist memorabilia to a HBC, or the 12 tribes Nation of Israel. We believe the Children of Israel should maintain all control in teaching the world about their holocaust of slavery experience in the Americas. My understanding is that Southern Methodist University owns the Oscar Micheaux film collection if this is true shame on us Black America.

In addition we agree with your assessment that your greatest opposition to the Jim Crow museum would probably be the Children of slavery [Israelite s]. However, our Social Healing Initiative program will analyze, study, and view these racist memorabilia from the perspective of the Gentiles [European-Caucasians] mental, moral, and spiritual deficiencies, corruption, disorder, envious, insecurities, ignorance, and their self-hatred that they have historically demonstrate. [E.g. today mostly so-called White Women [Gentiles] are having medical procedures perform to obtain big-lips (full-lips) & buttocks], and the matchbox with the oversize [or average] genitalia of an Israelite [Child of slavery] man represent how the so-called White men [Gentile] see their sexual deficiencies and/or their desire.

Historically, the Edomites, Khazars, and Gentiles [European-Caucasians] have lied, distorted, lied, diminish, contaminated, rewrote and lied about our great Israelite [Children of slavery] history and contributions [e.g. how did Elvis Presley become the so-called king of rock and roll?]. We are curious in knowing the reason you felt you needed to apologizes for using the word holocaust in regards to our American slavery experience to the Gentile KHAZARS and EDOMITES [Eastern European-Caucasians] that we know are NOT JEWS or ISRAEL.

..a black holocaust museum I mean no disrespect to the millions of Jews and others who died at the hands of the maniacal Adolf Hitler and his followers. I do not hesitate to use the word holocaust to describe the experiences of Africans and their American descendants because I do not want to trivialize the suffering of Jews nor do I want to compare victimizations

However, it is acceptable to trivialize and compare the 400 years of victimization of the Children of Israel holocaust with homosexuals and other ethnic groups? Dr. Pilgrim youre a hypocrite, miseducated, misguided, and/or in concurrence with the New Willie Lynch agenda. The Edomites and Khazar Gentiles [Eastern-Europeans], who were prisoners of war for four (4) years, are NOT THE JEWS or ISRAEL. (Adolf Hitler new these facts) The popular historical estimated of 50-100 million Israelite slaves suffered and died in our holocaust of the Americas.

If you do not want to compare victimization why is the Jim Crow Museum comparing our holocaust of slavery with homosexuals and other ethnic groups? In addition we are suspicious that the James Baldwin comment was scripted to assimilate and connect the hidden homosexual agenda with our 400 years holocaust in America which is blasphemous.

I was reared in a community that was demonstratively homophobic. Homosexuality was seen as weakness, and sissies were bad luck. White bigots do not have a monopoly on ignorance. Progressiveness is a journey. I had a long way to go. Our objection is not with your freedom to express how you personally feel about homosexuality but with you trivializing our Israelite covenant [laws], cultural, religious, beliefs, and moral traditions [that homosexuality is an abomination], contaminating, and connecting our 400 years holocaust of slavery with homosexuality and White bigot ignorance. Dr. Pilgrim do you understand your statement demonstrated bigotry towards people religious, cultural, and customs beliefs?

Furthermore, we are suspicious that the images that are display on your website connecting and comparing our Israelite holocaust of slavery experience with the hidden wicked homosexuals agenda and other ethnic groups experience are the results of the conditions in which you had to agree with Ferris State University to accomplish your goals as you stated Ferris State University administration to give us physical space and money to a room that would house my racist collectibles it took several years but he [John Thorp] and I were successful.

The 12 tribes Nation of Israel understand that we cannot serve two (2) masters and theres no profit in gaining the world [Monterrey gain, civil rights, fame, job, vanity, and etc.] not at the expensive of selling our souls.

You stated that no topic is forbidden therefore; we will raise the question does God hate wicked homosexuals? Does God Hate? First we will address what God we are talking about and once we identify our Israelite God; (God of Israel) we will address the questions. Since the Jim Crow museum has invoked this issue we will enthusiastically address the homosexual and hate issue from our Israelite [Biblical] perspective.

In addition we are preparing our Israelite holocaust virtual museum, movies, documentaries, books, community outreach publications, TV shows, radio broadcast, schools, community center, songs, and spoken-word CDs such as TRUKNOPHOBIA, THE EVOL of LOVE, & THE VIRTUE OF HATE. We will be publishing and distributing our program and CDs nationally and internationally in connection with the Daspora entertainment Group, LLC. Moreover, we will raise the question who decides the terms and definition of what is politically correct? On what based is this decision made on? And what is the objective?

Our Social Healing Initiative educational program is not design for us to use our talent, skills, resources, or time to reform, convert, or to change the attitudes or behavior of the Gentiles [European-Caucasians] racist wicked homosexuals but to correct and address the miseducation, misinformation, and misunderstanding rooted in the institution of racism in America.

Our Israelite philosophical belief is that we respect those who respect us. In addition since the Children of Israel [Children of slavery] have been exclusively victimizes by the institution of racism, they are the only people that are qualify to define it.

RACISM Is an institution that systematically dehumanizes the Children of Israel [descendant of slaves in the Americas] in every aspect in American society.

As you stated values are principle embodying ideas about what is right and wrong then you make a moral judgment stating that racism is wrong. Therefore, we must address the questions: what is right and wrong? Who determines what is right and wrong? And on what basis do we determine what is right or wrong? Furthermore, the Jim Crow Museum is conformationfor the need for ourSocial Healing Initiative educational program to counter this sinister plan against the Children of slavery [Israelite s].

Historically, the majority ofthe Israelite slaves[Children of slavery] never wanted"civil rights" or to integrate with the Gentiles [European-Caucasians],the emancipated Israelite slaves wanted to have equalaccess to theresources that they were entitled to build their communities which isa sentiment thatcontinues to be verbally & physicallyexpress today especially amongthe Hip-Hop generation. (Briggs vs. Elliot 1954 S.C.)

Moreover, our Israelitecommunities during and after the reconstruction era were prosperous, moral, respectful,united, and express our family values [it takes a village to raise a child] which is rooted in our Israelite [Biblical] heritage. And our position is thatto commence thehealing process for the Children of Israel and to improve their quality of life from the effect of the holocaust of slavery,we need to separate [mentally, culturally, and spiritually]ourselves from the filthiness [moral corruption] of the Gentile Heathens [European-Caucasians].

Therefore, we will not allow our Israelite holocaust, history, contributions, heritage, culture, and spirituality to be contaminated, diminished, forgotten, or rewritten by the Jim Crow Museum connection with the new Willie Lynch agenda [Political Correct Slave Plantation].

Your vision statement stated the museum will encourage collaborative work. Therefore, we offer some excerpts from our Social Healing Initiative which is in accord with your statements that no topics are forbidden and the objective pursuit of the truth

The Children of slavery founding fathers are the Hebrews Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob [Israel]. Our Israelite fathers arrived in ancient Egypt in 1876 B.C.E. in which our Israelite father Joseph was elevated from being a slave to become the President of Egypt. The ancient Egyptians showed us their gratitude by enslaving and oppressing the Children of Israel. However, our Israelite fathers defeated Egypt and made their exodus to the promise land led by the greatest General and his Lieutenant Moses in history during the reign of the Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III (1486-1446 B.C.).

Our ongoing internal strife and disobedience effected our enslavement [punishment] in Canaan, Babylon, Persia, Assyria and eventually America [New Egypt]. During the process of time we had great Israelite kings such as: Saul, David, Josiah, and Solomon however, our internal issues continued. Therefore, when the Greeks [Gentiles] arrive in 168 BC led by Selucid king Antiochus IV or Ephphanes they tried to Hellenize our Israelite fathers however; the military genius of the Maccabees [Israelite s] fought a valiant twenty-three (23) year war [167-144 B.C.] to restore our independence (143 B.C.).

In 70 AD the Gentile Roman General Titus destroyed our Israelite temple in N.E. Africa (so-called Middle-East) by 135 AD the 12 tribes of Israel were scattered with the majority of our fathers seeking refuge in Western Africa were they build their Israelite Empires of Timbuktu, Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. The Children of Israel [aka Moors] sojourn to Iberia [Spain/Portugal] were they educated and civilized the backwards Gentiles (European-Caucasians) and became world leaders in science, literature, religion, medicine, astronomy, geography, mathematics, fiancй, and philosophy between 900-1300 AD.
The Israelite General Tarik led the Israelite s in Iberia (900-1300AD) and Spain which was the central where the Gentile (European-Caucasians) begins their intellectual development and would later claim to be the originators of our Israelite knowledge.

Abraham ben Samuel Abulafia [1240-1292] Saragossa Spain became the leading scholar to develop the Khabbalah a philosophy of esoteric mysticism based on theoretical or speculative ideas attempting to reveal the mysteries of the bible.

Hasdai Crescas [1340-1410] Barcelona, Spain; was a High Priest of Aragon and Philosopher. In addition Hasdai refuted the principles of the Christian doctrine, the concept of the so-called Trinity, and the falsehood of Christianity. Furthermore, he refuted the philosophy of Aristotle
regarding matter, space, and time and laid the scientific foundation for his students Galileo, Descrates, Newton, Kant, and Spinoza.

Our Israelite fathers arrived in France in which they settled in Provence during the Phoenician colonization. In 1066 AD, the Children of Israel [descendant of slaves] were invited by William and the Normans to settle in England from Rouen. The Israelite s were living in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, Gloucester, Norwich, Lincoln, York, Thetford, Canterbury, Winchester, Newport, Stafford, Windsor, and Reading. Our Israelite fathers contribution to Oxford is connected to the founding of Oxford University.

During the period when the Gentiles [European-Caucasians] were backwards, the Israelite s [Children of slavery] established Oxfords first college now called Merton College in 1290 AD. Many Christian Gentile [European-Caucasians] scholars, like Roger Bacon [1214-1292] were educated by our Israelite fathers, which explain the origin of Moses Hall and Jacobs Hall at Oxford University.

In 1473, led by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella the Christian Inquisition was established which terrorize and persecuted Israelite s. This terrorist institution was headed by a Christian Priest name Torquemada. [Clarification, strangers identify the whole family of the 12 tribes of Israel as the JEWS, however, the real Jew [Child of slavery] is an Israelite from the tribe of Judah)

On March 31, 1492 the Christian King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella issued a decree expelling approximately 120,000 Israelite s from Spain by August 2, 1492. Our Israelite fathers found temporary refuge in Portugal however; in 1496 King Maneol issued his decree expelling all the Israelite s [descendant of slaves] from Portugal which set the stage for our 400 years holocaust of slavery in America [New Egypt] which was predicted in our book of the covenant. [The Word, Dam, and Israelite s Elder Shadrock and Elder Michael]

The Jim Crow Museum of racist memorabilia is additional evidence of the Israelite [Biblical] identity of the Children of slavery because it was predicted that the Children of Israel will become a byword, proverb, and astonishment to all nations for violating their holy covenant [laws].

We believe that our Israelite holocaust of slavery museum needs to be supported and connected with the historical reference of the Israelite [Biblical] Identity, heritage, spirituality, and culture of the Children of slavery to be effective.

Our Israelite holocaust of slavery museum will:
Offer solutions for the Children of slavery
Teach them about their Israelite [Biblical] identity
Teach them why they went into captivity
Guide them out of a life of crime, ghettos [mental box], poverty, despair, and the prison cycle
Teach them how to make their houses- homes
Promote unity in their community and reform the prisoners
Reform and restore them from a lifestyle of homosexuality, crime, drug abuse, gangs and etc.
Celebrate the value of love and respect for self and community
Celebrate their value of self-knowledge
Provide the correct information about prevention based on righteous behavior [Aids, Cancer, Heart Disease, STDs, Strokes, Diabetes, Sickle Cell and etc.]
Teach them that they are not Niggers, Colored Negroes, Haitians, Jamaicans, or Bitches,
Explain to them that there no such concept of as a Black or White race
Education on Race; what is race? race has nothing to do with the color or your skin
Teach them that they are a Semitic race of people
A light to guide them towards their holy [Biblical] covenant and inheritance
Celebrate that they are the chosen people of the most High God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel)
Teach our men how to love and care for their women and our women to be virtuous and respect their men

Hillary Rosen [Gentile-so-called liberal] is a representative of the new Willie Lynch agenda used, compared, contaminated, and connected our holocaust of slavery with the hidden homosexual agenda because she objected to Rick Warren appearance at the 2009 presidential inauguration. [CNN December 18, 2008]. Ms. Rosen apparently doesnt believe in or understand the diversity and inclusion she preaches about. Michelle Malkin [Filipino-so-called conservative] is another Willie Lynch representative who is hired by the Edomites to undermine our Israelite holocaust of slavery experience and contributions.

Our Israelite position on homosexuality is that it is an abomination and criminal behavior for Israelite s according to our holy [Biblical] covenant,laws, culture, and traditions that we intend to express, preach, promote, teach, andmaintain.We believein the freedom of speech for all Americans so that we can freely express that homosexuality is an abomination and we will not tolerate or allow this unnatural behaviorto exist in our community.

The GLSA, NOW, PLAN PARENTHOOD, NARAL, JIM CROW MUSEUMand PETA are a few of the radicalorganizations thathave declarecultural and social war on the Children of Israel by mocking our holocaust of slavery therefore, we reserve our rights to defend our honor by any means necessary.Moreoverwe will expose and opposethese radical organizations social agenda in connection to their sinister plan to psychologically genocide the children of slavery.

The Willie Lynch letter (1712)
The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment (1932-1972)
Founder of Plan Parenthood the racist Devil Margaret Sanger (1883-1966)
Cointelpro [FBI] program led by J. Edgar Hoover racist homosexual (1895-1972)


We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through religious appeal. We dont want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.

The sisters are 7 \% of population and 34\% of Abortions. This is an abomination for our community. "Thou shalt not kill"

We are demanding that Ferris State University Jim Crow Museum, radical organizations, educational institutions, Christian institutions, civil rights leaders and organizations, individuals, and the media who continue to compare, use, connect, or contaminate our Israelite holocaust of slavery with agendas and issues that are contrary to cease this mockery.

This diabolical plan is veryoffensive and demonstrates the contempt, disrespect, and insensitivity for the children of slavery holocaust of slavery experience by individuals that will advance their hidden agenda by any means necessary. Consequently, we will oppose, depose, and defend this hateful and contemptuous attack against the Children of Israel by any means necessary.

In addition we do not want our Israelite holocaust of slavery experience to be integrated with other ethnic groups or categorize as THEM as you displayed on your website ( Other ethnics groups have benefit from the wealth, freedom, and propensity of America from the blood, sweat, and tears of the Children of Israel including the Gentiles [European-Caucasians] who have been the greatest welfare recipient from all of our extraordinary talents & contributions.

We are not qualified to authentically, express, or teach about other ethnic groups social tragedies perpetrated on them, therefore it is obvious each ethnic group should control, communicate, and express to the world their story. Furthermore, historically we understand that most ethnics groups have express their hatred and racist attitudes towards the Children of slavery [Children of Israel], and it has not been a custom for other ethnic groups to integrate their cultural and social tragedies with our 400 years holocaust of slavery in America, or demonstrate empathy and/or sympathy for the Children of Israel.

We will not allow the dignity, remembrance, and sacrifices of our Israelite ancestors who have been kidnapped, raped, castrated, decapitated, lynched, robbed, dishonored, cheated, murder, burned, discriminated, enslaved, and disenfranchise in the Americas to be lynch, raped, robbed, cheated, decapitated, kidnap, murdered, dishonored, castrated and contaminated again with the Jim Crow Museum and the New Willie Lynch agenda [Political Correction Slave Plantation]. NEVER AGAIN!

We are demanding that Ferris state university make a national apology to the 12 tribes Nation of Israel [and the descendant of slaves] in a written commitment to cease this mockery of our ancestors sacrifice for freedom they made for us. Moreover, the 12 tribes Nation of Israel does not believe inimposing their Israelite laws, traditions, morality, or family values on non-Israelite s [foreigners] therefore, we will not allowed any foreign customs and/or traditions be impose on us.

We believe if the Gentiles [European-Caucasians]want to be homosexuals and abort [kill] their babies in the context of their traditions, society, and cultural heritage without imposing or connecting these abominable behaviors on our Israelite [Biblical] heritage we will respect their
customs and will not object to their freedom to express their traditions that will lead to their self-destruction and nonexistence. {E.g. the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah] However, homosexuality and aborting our childrenis a crime according to our Israelite covenant [laws]; including theconsumption of unclean foods (Pork shrimp, lobsters, craps, catfish, turkey, etc.), pedophilia, rape, adultery,forsaking the Sabbath (Saturday) day ofworship, serving other gods, dishonoring our fathers and mothers andetc.

Who redefine the word Gay?
We do not object to the Jim Crow Museum, contrary we support it, however we object to comparing, using, connecting, and contaminating our Israelite Holocaust of slavery experience in the Americas with the hidden agenda of the wicked homosexuals and other ethnics groups.

Since Ferris State University embraces diversity ideas, beliefs, and cultures, and we [Israelite s] are a part of the diverse community would Ferris State University support a Jim Crow Museum that teaches the Israelite heritage of the Children of slavery to demonstrate their consistency to support diversity and inclusion which is stated in their core values?

The Jim Crow Museum website display and the traveling exhibit called Hateful Things confirmed the voices of my consciences [ancestors] lament regarding the mockery being display of our holocaust of slavery in the Americas and the silents of the Children of slavery.

However, what is astonishing is that there are descendant of slaves that are being used to contribute to the mockery of their holocaust of slavery. This mental disorder is rooted in the Willie Lynch program which altered the natural state of the mind and invades the soul to destroy loyalty to self and establishing allegiance to forces that destroy them. [Breaking the chain of physiological slavery] In 2004, Carrie Weis, the Director of the FSU Art Gallery, and I designed and built a traveling exhibit called, Hateful Things. This exhibit has traveled to many universities and museums teaching about the horrors of Jim Crow segregation. Carrie this exhibit is HATEFUL towards the Children of slavery [Children of Israel] and we demand that this exhibit either exclusively feature the Holocaust of the Children of slavery or be discontinued. This issue is flaming the fuels of racial tension and hatred.

Hence, 12 Precious Stones community outreach will answer the call to reverse our Israelite ancestors lament to jubilation with our Social Healing Initiative educational program. Thus, we will begin to publish, teach, preach, express, promote, and distribute our series:

The white racist wicked homosexuals slave holders that raped our boys and lynched our men and "SODOM & GOMORRAH THE LAW RULES, THE FIRE REIGNS!

KKK Grand Wizard "proud to be out of the closet"
Salem, AL (GNC) - The Ku Klux Klan, more commonly known as the KKK, has become infamous for its crusades against blacks, Jews, and until now - homosexuals. But when a Grand Wizard, the highest ranked member of the KKK, came out of the closet last week and announced his homosexuality, some were baffled while others were supportive.

I am proud to announce that I am a homosexual, said John Carolina, the Grand Wizard. And I want everybody to know that this development will not interfere with my goal towards the construction of a white nation.

Mr. Carolina was seen at the meeting with his significant other, William Maddox. Though Maddox is not a member of the KKK, he voiced his support, saying I am behind John in everything he does. Im just glad that he found the courage to live freely and without fear. He can finally be himself.

We will begin our series and campaign to educate the Children of slavery and the general public on these atrocities that happen during and after slavery; an issue that has been ignored. In addition we will expose the modern White racist wicked homosexuals hatred [E.g. J. Edgar Hoover] for the Children of Israel in our social healing Initiative educational program.

As the slaves were ashamed to sing the plantation songs [Negro spirituals] after the civil war, the slave men or boys were too a shame to talk about how they were raped and sexually abused by their racist wicked homosexual [bisexual] slave masters. [Historically, homosexuality has been taboo with the slaves cultural and moral traditions]. Men and boys as young as five (5) years old were whipped, chained, beaten, and tortured. Boys were forced to have sex with other boys for the slave masters entertainment, they were strip naked and force to dance, perform oral sex on their slave masters, and sodomize. Many of the attack that the slaves made on their slaves masters were in defense or in retaliation of their refusal to have sex with these wicked homosexuals and because of the recurring raped of the boys in which they were lynched and castrated by theses wicked white racist homosexual [Bisexual] slave holders. [Anonymous slave]

October 9, 1916
Arlington, GA., Oct, 4Mary Conley, the Negro woman whose son, Sam Conley, killed E.M. Melvin a prominent white planter, near here Monday, was taken from the guardhouse in Leary some time during the night and lynched. Her body, riddled with bullets, was found by the roadside by parties coming into Arlington during the early morning hours. When Melvin reprimanded Sam Conley for the way the latter was neglecting his work the Negros mother showed resentment. It is claimed that Melvin then slapped and grappled with her, whereupon Sam Conley picked up a scale weight and struck the white man on the head in defense of his mother. Melvin died a short time later. Conley escaped, but his mother was captured and put in jail here. The mob had no difficulty in breaking into the guardhouse, which was unguarded, the officers not anticipating trouble. The lynching was very quiet. [100 years of lynching]

We will ostracize and call out the Judas Kisser [Negro agent of the new Willie Lynch agendaPCSP] from our community, who have made a consciences decision to allowed themselves to be used to mock our ancestors [As Mary Conley]. Nevertheless, Judas hung himself. However, we will reserve the spirit of mercy, compassion, redemption, forgiveness, and understanding to those [including the stranger] who sincerely express a desire to reconcile with our Israelite covenant and honor the sacrifices for freedom that our ancestors made for us.

Furthermore, we are willing to dialog with organizations and individuals from all perspectives on social, racial, and spiritual issues in an environment of tolerance, respect, education, solutions, and healing. We are of the children of the prophets, the ancient of wise of the 12 tribes, a civilize nation that understand that it is incorrect to indict an entire race, nation, organization, group, ethnicity, society, or people based on the actions of a few individuals. Moreover, we understand that the essence of this warfare is between righteousness and wickedness, justice and injustice, good and evil, the truth and the lie, freedom and bondage, a battle for the minds and souls of the Children of Israel and their friends therefore, 12 Precious Stones community outreach and Light to all Nations welcomes individuals from all races, nations, ethnicity, creed, cultures, religions, and perspectives who shares our mission, concerns, values, vision, understanding, pain, and suffering to work with us in making constructive contributions to commence the healing of the nations.

We are demanding that Ferris State University Jim Crow Museum issue an apology for this offensive display and to discontinue mocking our holocaust of slavery. However, we respect your freedom of choice therefore; your choice on this issue will determine if we will support the Jim Crow Museum or be in opposition. The Edomite's, Khazar's, and Gentile [European-Caucasians] including different ethnic groups do not have any creditability or authority to control, express, dictate, teach, communicate, or demonstrate the atrocities of our Israelite holocaust that they are guilty of perpetrating. Moreover, we respect the history, customs, traditions, cultures, and contributions of all nations and races who respect ours. Edom, Ishmael, Khazar's, Gentiles, and America you are guilty and will pay for the crimes you have committed against the Children of Israel.

Ferris State University Jim Crow Museum did not make a national attempt to consult or contact the 12 tribes Nation of Israel regarding our views before constructing this wicked and sinister traveling exhibition of hateful things? We suggest that Ferris State University Jim Crow Museum consider the sensitivity and concerns towards these issues imperative to our community and welcome dialogue that will build bridges of mutual respect, understanding, tolerance, solutions, and education for all Americans.

Black America stop letting the Devil pimp your holocaust of slavery experience! Honor thy father and thy mother! (Ancestors)

The Psychological Lynching The Devil plan is to use the Israelite holocaust of slavery to advance their wicked agenda. Since the condemnation of slavery is current pop culture, controversial, and will bring attention to their agenda, the Devil says lets pimp it. In addition the children of slavery have experience 400 years of oppression, racism, the real hate crimes, discrimination, lynching, raping, burnings, mistreatment, and injustices. Therefore, how can the children of slavery justified denying others equal rights or embrace injustices, hatred, discrimination they experience?

You will reap what you sow!

If you do not stand for the truth, you'll fall for the lie.

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Margret NewmanBy:
Culture and SocietyIn:
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President Obama, Ferris State Universtiy/Jim Crow , African-Americans descendant of slaves in the Americas, Hebrew-Israelites, Nation of Isalm, NAACP, Hollywood, (MEDIA; BET, CNN, FOX, ABC,CBS, NBC ) etc HIP-HOP community, ADL,, Civil Rights organizat


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