Subject: Please Help To Stop The Massacre in Balochistan

On behalf of Baloch Society Of North America (BSO-NA) USA, I would like to bring your urgent attention to the deteriorating situation and gross human rights violations in Balochistan where Pakistani dictators have started the 5th military operation against the innocent Baloch people, using US gunship helicopters and F-16 jets, to crush their peaceful struggle against the occupation of their land and exploitation of their resources by Pakistan for the past 58 years.

According to the news media reports more than 60 people have died and 200 have been injured, including women and children in the past 24 hours of bombing by Pakistani military. The total numbers of casualties yet to be confirmed, as all roads leading to Kholu and Dera Bugti (Balochistan) are blocked by the army and no media men are allowed to enter. There were reports of exchange of fire at different locations between Baloch freedom fighters and Pakistani military. According to official sources, military jets and gunship helicopters are being used in the operation. A large number of troops equipped with heavy weapons including tanks have reached in Sui (Balochistan), bringing to the number of troops to 37, 000 stationed in the area. The Military troops (FC) have dug up trenches and laid complete siege of Dera Bugti. The situation is very tense and an all out war in eminent.

Pakistans crimes against Baloch people are not new. Pakistans forceful occupation and illegal annexing of Balochistan and exploitation of Baloch resource are the root causes of Baloch insurgencies. Baloch people have fought and are still fighting against the illegal occupation of their land and exploitation of their resources (gas, oil and gold), which Pakistan
has been looting for the past 58 years, leaving for Baloch people nothing but backwardness, torture, execution, military operation and genocide. Here are some of the examples of Pakistans crime and human right violations against Baloch people.

April 15th, 1948, Pakistan invaded the sovereign state of Balochistan, dissolved its elected Baloch parliament (Dar-ul Awaam), killed thousand Baloch people and arrested the Baloch Ruler of the time khan of Kalat and forced him to sign the fake document of merger with Pakistan.

May 16th, 1948, Prince Karim, the younger brother of Khan of Kalat resisted the occupation and illegal annexing of Balochistan and started the first Baloch National Resistance movement. He was later arrested with his 142 followers and was sent to prison along with his followers.

1968, Nawab Nowroz Khan, led the 2nd Baloch National resistance. He was arrested when he came to negotiation with Pakistani generals, who assured him on the holy Quran that he will not be harmed and that the Baloch grievances will be addressed, but when he came down, he and his followers were arrested and later executed (hanged) in Hyderabad jail
along with his sons and nephews.

1970-1975, Pakistani prime minister Zulfuqar Ali Bhutto dissolved the elected Baloch Nationalist Government of Ghous Bux Bizenjo, Sardar Attaullah Mengal, Khair Bux Marri and Nawab Akbar khan Bugti in Balochistan and launched the longest brutal massive military operation in Balochistan, which lasted for 5 years, in which Iranian gun ships helicopters
and Pakistan Air Force (PAF) jets were used to bomb the Baloch towns and villages that resulted deaths of thousand Baloch people including women and children with destruction of thousands of homes and villages. The water wells were polluted with chemicals to poisoned Baloch people and the captive Baloch women and children were sold in Lahore Punjab like goats and sheep.

1975-2005, Pakistan continues its anti-Baloch genocidal plans. On March 17th, 2005, more than 70 innocent Baloch mostly women and children were killed and 200 hundred were injured by gunship helicopters and military jet in Dera Bugti and the Baloch veteran leader Nawab Akbar khan Bugti s house was targeted in a attempt to assassinate him. More than
6000 Baloch people have been arrested since then and many of them are missing and are being tortured.

Pakistan is determined to build three more military cantonments in Balochistan to suppress the Baloch voice and to continue exploitation of Baloch resources. More than 600 military check post are established in allover Balochistan to control the lives, activities and movements of Baloch people in their own homeland. There are 60 thousand troops
stationed in Balochistan and more troops are on the way. Balochistan have been turned into a military occupied war zone. Baloch people are living in fear and in hopelessness.

The Gwadar port being built with the help of China, despite the strong Baloch opposition, to bring millions of non-Baloch Punjabi to change Baloch demography and to turn the Baloch people into minority in their own homeland, a typical mindset of a colonial attitude. The Baloch peoples resistance against Pakistani anti-Baloch plans is natural. They are
demanding that Baloch resources should be used for Baloch people and that the military cantonments should be stopped and Pakistani Punjabi military should be withdrawn from Balochistan and be replaced by Baloch people.

The Baloch people are asking," How long Baloch people have to suffer more? How long more we have to be tortured in the hands of Pakistani military dictators? When the military operation and human right violations against Baloch people will end? When will the we have our freedom back and when the Pakistani tyranny against our people will end?"

we appeal to international media; international Human rights watch and United Nations Organizations to urge Pakistani Army to stop massacre of Innocent Baloch civilians.

We also appeal the international community, media, United Nations and international Human Rights organizations to send their fact finding teams to the area and witness the carpet bombing against Baloch Nation.

We demand:

1: Military operation must be STOPED immediately in order to prevent further civilian casualties.

2: The wounded civilian must be allowed to seek medical aids.

3: An independent along with international fact finding body must be sanctioned to find out the truth of ruthless military operation.

4: The media should be allowed to visit the area and present a free, impartial, objective and responsible report on current army carpet bombing in Balochistan.

5: All political prisoners and others who have been abducted in recent days by the ISI and other secret agencies of Pakistan must be released urgently

6: The responsible persons must be brought to justice.


Baloch Society Of North America (BSO-NA)

(On Behalf of Baloch Nation)

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