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This is a petition to help terminate any future possibility of a romance or relationship between Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer on the WB show One Tree Hill. Why do we dislike Lucas and Peyton together? Let's lay it all out, shall we?


1. Because staring at someone through their webcam is stalkerish, not romantic.
2. Because she almost killed him with her driving......twice.
3. Because all they ever did was make out.
4. Because she said he doesn't qualify as her friend anymore.
5. Because he's in love with Brooke.
6. Because she's in love with Jake.
7. Because every time it almost started, one of them bailed.
8. Because they haven't talked in months.
9. Because brooding doesn't equal true love.
10. Because lasting relationships aren't built on cheating and sneaking around.
11. Because he cared so much about her, that's why he slept with Brooke...and Nikki...
12. Because their personalities are TOO similar.
13. Because he wants to be with Brooke!
14. Because she only smiles when she's with Jake.
15. Because when Peyton told Lucas "Don't be stupid", she sounded exhausted and distracted, but when she said it to Jake, she just sounded amused. Coincidence? Hell no!
16. Because Lucas knows Jake is what Peyton wants & needs.
17. Because their 'epic romance' began and ended while he was with someone else.
18. Because they had 3 scenes this season. No. Really.
19. Because they were thrown in our faces.
20. Forced, rushed and contrived.
21. Because I guess she was easily forgettable, again.
22. Because Luke & Nate got closer .. and Peyton and Lucas drifted ... coincidence?!
23. Because, OMG, they could like brood together!!1!!
24. Because a five-second fling doesn't equal an epic romance.
25. Because they didn't last, and they never will.
26. Because they're both great people...when apart.
27. Because Peyton called the whole thing a drama.
28. Because they sucked more than a mosquito.
29. Because Lucas doesn't care that the last time he kissed Peyton, it didn't end well.
30. Because Lucas got Peyton & Jake together
31. Because Peyton doesn't mind that Brooke & Lucas are getting closer
32. Because we are in awe of the stupidity that is Lucas & Peyton
33. Because lying, cheating, bitching and brooding is not love
34. Because Chad and Hil both ship Brooke and Lucas and Peyton and Jake
35. Because we must've blinked and missed their 'connection.'
36. Because a library, a scummy motel...ah, what an epic romance
37. Because please, bring back the L/P "chemistry." We need a good laugh!
38. Because Brooke hated Peyton, Haley hated Lucas...what a dandy couple!
39. Because cheating, lying, sneaking around. Yeah, GREAT influence!
40. Because-what came first? The vomitting or the boredom?
41. Because he laid her like a bedspread...then got bored
42. You think Brooke and Lucas is forced? Have you SEEN last season?
43. Because we thank god everyday that Mark saw the light and got rid of this pathetic excuse for a couple as fast as possible.
44. Basically she messed with him (bitch) and he fell for it (idiot)
45. Because lucas didn't develope amnesia, he just developed a set of brain cells!
46. Because Peyton said that she was in love with him, he never did.
47. Because look how easily they forgot about eachother!
48. Because she doesn't even cross his mind anymore.
49. Because they both realized it was a mistake, one that shoule be never repeated.
50. Because their relationship seriously brought nothing but pain to others...EVEN THEMSELVES!
51. Because even Nathan's subconscious knew that these two suck together!
52. Because they even had to fake pictures for the lack of keep-worthy memories
53. Because some people have happy memories. They have drunken ones.

That being said, let's lay out the background here. Peyton almost mows down Lucas with her car, she tells him to move the hell out of her way, she needs her car towed a few days later where she is a jerk to him once again, he catches her brooding, he falls in love with her. Wow. How frickin' realistic.

At Dan Scott's party, she leads him on and makes out with him in a bedroom. When Lucas starts talking about sweet romantic things such as, "I want us.", she flees like a scared little girl screaming, "WHY COULDN'T YOU HAVE JUST LEFT IT ALONE?!". Lucas is obviously confused, and decides to move on with his life. Brooke Davis, Peyton's best friends since forever, expresses interest, they start dating. Peyton predictably has a turnaround and comes to tell Lucas that she does want to be with him afterall. But alas, Lucas is too "scarwed" to trust Peyton again and continues dating Brooke.

When Peyton's daddy goes missing at sea, or whatever, I try to avoid this episode if at all possible. Lucas goes with her to wherever they were going, yet again, I really didn't care. Brooke calls them, "Hey, guess what your dad is alright afterall!" Peyton is understandably happy. But oh no! Her necklace, or bracelet, whatever the hell it was, is LOST! Oh, wait, no, she found it. Peyton is so happy she starts macking out on her best friend's boyfriend! Wait, who is that? Oh yeah, Lucas. And I'm at home screaming at the television, "YOU JERKS!"

Ahem. Anyway, they almost go all the way, with no protection may I remind you. Her hair gets caught in his necklace. They stop to get her hair untangled. Lucas whispers, "Brooke..." Peyton blinks, "What?" *startsbangingheadagainstwall*

They both go home as if nothing happened. Lucas kisses Peyton in a hallway, in a library, in his room, in her room, and probably in a couple of bathrooms. Brooke finds out, gets pissed understandably. She tells Lucas and Peyton she no longer wants to be associated with either of them. Peyton breaks it off with Lucas. Lucas cries like a little girl, sleeps with a barslut called Nikki. Wow, you got over Peyton real quick there Lucas. But oh were over and on top of Peyton for a few weeks there, while dating Brooke too. You schmuck.

And oh yeah, Brooke thought she was pregnant, but really wasn't. Lucas called her a slut, which is the biggest case of hypocrisy I've ever seen. *rolls eyes*

Lucas leaves town to live in Charlston, to learn how not to be such an asshat. Here's the kicker, he comes back. And I'm yawning. Whoopdie doo.

And all of Season Two, they act like they don't even know each other, as you hear collective "Thank God!"s around the world. Peyton and Brooke are friends once again, and Peyton acts as if she never knew a Lucas Scott.

Although we all might dislike, or even hate, the "romance" (and that's such a loose term) of Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer for different reasons. I think we can all agree on one thing: They blow chunks.

So, sign it, don't sign it. But if you don't, just know, you might be causing the apocalypse. I'd be buying the duct tape now before it all sells out.

~~Another version of yourself can never complete you...~~

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Latest Signatures

  • 22 December 2015100. Caitlin Hayden
    Brooke/Lucas forever...Peyton/Jake belong together!
  • 21 December 201599. Karolina Walters
    Brookas forever
  • 14 December 201598. Jasmine Lopez
  • 08 December 201597. Brooke Hardin
    Blah to Peyton and Lucas =/
  • 28 November 201596. Lucinda Long
    you can't make US like LP because it HURTS Brooke.. LP is not a fairy tale where both love each other so much that they give everything for each other (like Brooke did with Lucas), if the loved so much why the hell Lucas was with Brooke in season 2 and 3
  • 23 November 201595. Heather P
    brucas...way more chemistry. i actually enjoyed their secenes!
  • 13 November 201594. Haley Oneal
    Stop Leyton and bring back Brucas and Jeyton!
  • 07 November 201593. Erin Turner
    peyton and lucas--or pucas, as I like to call them. BRING BACK THE BRUCAS.
  • 02 November 201592. Audrey Lopez
    Always BL
  • 28 October 201591. Anonymous Graves
    Leyton makes me Puke...Brucas is the best couple ever! they belong together
  • 19 October 201590. Christy Cameron
    they simply suckss!!
  • 06 October 201589. Susan Brandt
    because he's in love with Brooke
  • 17 September 201588. Sophia V
    Lucas and Peyton are better off as friends and I think I would lose a lot of respect for them as individuals if they ever got together.
  • 12 September 201587. Chelsea Day
    I absolutely adored the entire list of reason and your entire story/summary. I have seen each and every episode of OTH and I adore the show and Brooke and Lucas a couple. I also agree with every single word you typed. Thanks for understandin' us Brucas fa
  • 23 August 201586. Zoe Fisher
    I don't agree with everything said but I do wanna know why you thought Lucas would give up on Brooke when he so clearly loves and needs her only to go back to Peyton who sucks all the air out of any relationship????
  • 04 August 201585. Maria Stokes
    I don't like this couple at all. But i don't believe in reasons 5 and 42 at all either. Just to make that clear. But L///P can't ever happen again.
  • 25 July 201584. Jenny Booker
  • 24 April 201583. Kaitlin T
    this is one of silliest petitions i've ever signed, but hey i'm all for it. i am anti lucas and peyton.
  • 23 April 201582. Punk Cardenas
    Mark if your smart,you wont start L//P up again
  • 13 April 201581. Lucasandbrookeforever Khan
    "the difference is i love you brooke. i wanna be with you, not peyton." keep your word mark.
  • 17 March 201580. Emily E
    Brucas is AWESOME. Leyton sucks.
  • 26 February 201579. Sophie Jimenez
  • 25 February 201578. Krysthel Jennings
    Peyton does NOT deserve to be with Lucas after what she's done to destroy Brooke and Lucas' relationship!
  • 21 February 201577. Izzie Acevedo
    because people who are meant to be 2gether always find their way in the end
  • 12 February 201576. Laura Barr
    brucas all the way! They just fit you know?
  • 17 January 201575. Sara Gray
    Please bring brucas back!... It broke my heart when i realized they were done and he was with peyton:(!
  • 02 January 201574. Tasha Cordova
    I just don't like them together. They are better as friends.

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