We are paying so much attention to Saddam Hussein that we are overseeing that the same malady is already infiltrating our backyard (Latin America) and affecting our personal economy much more severely than the probable war with Iraq.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castros protйgй and announced successor, has been insulting and defying us publicly. The irony is that we find some of our congress members, headed by President Carter, defending him and his totalitarian, anti-capitalist and terrorist regime.


Chavez, a charismatic leader, who was democratically elected to office in 1998 by the Venezuelan people, has turned out to be a radical communist dictator, disguised as a democrat who is using his countries vast oil reserves and income to fight free enterprise and free trade and foster radical-anti-US terrorist regimes and movements.

In 1992, Chavez led an unsuccessful military coup against President Perez and was jailed. After being released in 1995, he lived with the ELN Colombian guerrillas and then traveled to Cuba where Fidel Castro honored him as his heir. In his response, Chavez publicly stated: I am proud that the US Imperialist regime has forbidden me to set foot in their country.

In 1998, after 40 years of corrupt governments and economic erosion, despite the countrys oil wealth, the Venezuelan people were easily seduced by this extremely charismatic leader who promised them revenge, against the corrupt political elite responsible for their dismay.

Shortly after wining the 1998 elections with 55\% of the votes, he gained full public consensus with close to 90\% of approval. However his consensus began to decline sharply as people learned that:
He used his consensus to take full control of parliament (newly elected National Assembly), change the constitution so he could be reelected until 2021, appointed a new Supreme Court and Supreme Electoral Council, to achieve full control of this oil rich country
He openly justified invasions to private property and burglary, on his regular long TV monologs (Alo Presidente), saying that hungry and homeless people have no alternatives
He openly praised Castro, stating that his is the model to be followed, to resist the frantic neo-liberal capitalism imposed by Imperialism (now they communicate and/or meet weekly)
He sponsored (with oil income) disguised paramilitary cells (trained in Cuba and Libya) throughout the country, called Bolivarian Circles equivalent to Cubas Revolutionary Committees, to control any potential opposition upraise.
He signed an ignominious oil treaty with Cuba, exchanging his counties oil, for advisors, doctors and teachers, to educate children with Castros revolutionary doctrine. All of them presently belong and train his Bolivarian Circles
He appointed leading military officials to work on social tasks (head customs and build homes with no budget limits or accountability), as a means to replace them with his loyal comrades in key controlling positions, while keeping the others busy and corrupt
He built strong ties with neighbor terrorist groups, including FARC and ELN in Colombia, EZLN in Mexico, etc., exchanging weapons for money and drugs for his Bolivarian Circles
He openly antagonized our (US) government by visiting our key rivals in 2 consecutive trips just prior to September 11: Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Mohamar Gaddafi in Libya, Mohammad Khatami in Iran, Jiang Zemin in China and Vladimir Puttin in Russia, signing obscure weapon and intelligence treaties.
He supported and sponsored Taliban and other terrorists with direct donations ($1,000,000 to the Taliban), Venezuelan IDs, visas and even citizenships infiltrating and protecting them in Venezuela

Even though he was democratically elected, and countries usually get the government they deserve, Venezuelans have recognized their grave mistake and want to correct it. Several tens of thousands of them have fled to the US in the last 4 years (settling primarily in Miami), fearful that he will be able to turn Venezuela into another Cuba. Today, most of them have been awakened from Chavez seductive embellishment, and over two thirds of the population fully oppose his administration and are calling for new elections. However Chavez says that it is only a small oligarchic group and that only God can get him out, and he plans to stay there for good (December 28).

Starting a year ago, fed-up Venezuelans peacefully took over the streets to oust him, and after a major demonstration (over 500,000 people in Caracas alone), Chavez ordered the National Guard and his Bolivarian Circles to repel them. 8 people were brutally murdered by filmed and identified Bolivarian members, and on April 11, the Secretary of Defense announced that Chavez had resigned and the head of the business federation (FEDECAMARAS) was called to replace him.

This sudden ending was seen as a radical right wing coup, and the population was not really happy with the outcome. Nevertheless, our government naively rushed to recognize the new government, which happened to be a brilliant hoax by Chavez. 3 days later, in an unexpected set of events, a crew of his loyal Bolivarian Circles and Parachute Troopers reinstated him.

He gave an Oscar worthy performance the day of his nationwide reincorporation speech; saying that a small oligarchic group together with a handful of military traitors and supported by foreign imperialist forces ousted him, but that his populous majority followers and his loyal and patriotic armed forces rebelled and saved him and his revolution.

The opposition, which appeared severely discredited by this hoax, was very disappointed but never gave up its peaceful resistance. Antagonism between Chavez government and a determined and valiant opposing majority increased. Chavez persisted to ignore and down play an opposition that continued to build strength. Chavez, with his arrogant attitude, forced the ignored opposing majority to take a stronger stand and demonstrate its determination to oust him through legal (article 350 of the Venezuelan Constitution), democratic and peaceful formulas:
Early November, a petition calling for a referendum requesting him to resign (signed by over 2 million registered citizens) was presented to the Supreme Electoral Council (appointed by Chavez), who validated the signatures and ruled for the constitutionally acceptable referendum (article 71) to take place on February 2d
From November to date, constant multitudinary demonstrations (over 7 million people), have peacefully marched throughout Venezuela banging casseroles and chanting CHAVEZ OUT.
An uninterrupted nationwide general strike has been in place since December 2nd, which includes PDVSA (Venezuelas state owned oil company, which normally extracts 2.5 million barrels of crude oil and is presently down to less than 190,000 barrels), and despite the harsh repercussions on the general population (i.e. gasoline, food and money shortages) more and more people and sectors are joining the strike (now teachers and students have announced their adherence).
As of January 1, people and corporations are refraining from paying taxes to cut the governments money supply used to support Chavez loyal Bolivarian Circles and Armed Forces.

Cesar Gaviria, Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) has unsuccessfully tried to mediate in the negotiations between the government and the opposition. But the government is determined not to consider early elections or a referendum before August, while opponents are now determined to call for early elections.

Chavez response has been:
A public calling to increase social confrontation, calling his opponents unpatriotic traitors and asking his loyal patriot followers to fight and defend Venezuelans oil industry (December 29)
To threaten to impose a State of Exemption (equivalent to Martial Law) that annuls all civil rights, which would be a de facto dictatorship. The opposition leaders are asking the population to ignore such Martial Law and continue to take over the streets with the peaceful demonstrations
To alert and prepare his Bolivarian Circles to attack and vandalize the main cities (primarily Caracas), create chaos and eliminate key opposition leaders, justifying his martial law. Over 30,000 body bags have arrived from Cuba anticipating a potential massacre.

Why is Chavez so Bullish? What is His Objective? And, Who is Behind Him?

Chavez is not alone. He is only the tip of the iceberg of a globaliphobic international radical movement that include:
The oil rich fundamentalist governments (such as Iraq, Iran, Libya, etc.) many of which supported Chavez presidential campaign and with whom he has developed close ties and alliances
The leftist/communist parties around the world that despise capitalism and imperialism (US), all of them, active members of the Sao Paulo Forum. Presently 4 key Latin American Presidents members of this leftist bellicose movement are in power: Castro in Cuba, Chavez in Venezuela, Gutierrez in Ecuador and most recently, Lula in Brazil, who met with Chavez and Fidel in his day of inauguration and offered his support to Chavez, who immediately threatened to install Martial Law.
The indigenous terrorist guerrillas and narco-guerrillas that are fighting for autonomous territories within their countries and feel threatened by US drug-hunting support. Such as FARC and ELN in Colombia, Tupamaros in Peru and EZLN in Mexico. These groups have praised Chavez, calling him a leader model.
Many local businessmen, industry leaders and unions who feel threatened by globalization and free trade, believing their organizations could be weakened or even disappear, because they will be unable to compete with large US based multinational corporations.

These radical, fundamentalist, globaliphobic, anti-capitalist and anti-US government and organizations, feel they have a right to do whatever it takes to defend their personal interests. For them it is literally DO or DIE and they feel no remorse. To lose is not an option, and terrorism and suicide attacks make them heroes amongst their co-religionary groups and comrades. We are the enemy and any enemy of their enemy is considered their ally.

This raises several fundamental issues that we need to review and address as the worlds leading power:

1. How come we are willing to attack countries with submissive populations, half way around the globe, to fight terrorists and/or dictators that use their countrys precious oil resources to manipulate and control their people and export terrorism, but we neglect to actively support the valiant citizens of Venezuela, who are peacefully but fearlessly fighting for our same principles and a democratic solution to oust a similarly dangerous terrorist and dictator as Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden?
2. Are we not sending with this the wrong message to neighbor Latin American countries and organizations, that we are more interested in defending our oil interests afar and overthrow by force an entrenched enemy, than diplomatically preempt a still fragile but potentially dangerous enemy opposed by his own people?
3. Are we underestimating a highly dangerous and fearless movement that is rapidly spreading in our backyard (Latin America) and even infiltrating in our own house (US) as refugees who will eventually be able to threaten our nations security from up-close or from within?
4. Should we be paying dearly for gasoline at home to finance anti-American OPEC members who use oil exports to threaten and terrorize us?

Mr. President and Leaders and Representatives of Congress and Media, as the worlds leading power, we the concerned US Citizens undersigning this document, believe that:

1. It is not only our Responsibility, but also our Duty, to step up and defend Liberty, Justice, Democracy and Free Enterprise and Trade around the World (not only in the Middle East), and actively support the valiant Venezuelan majority to call for early elections. It will be our wisest economic and political investment, to reach a just and democratic solution to their political and economic problems. To delay our immediately needed active support, will end up costing them and us dearly.
2. We must send a clear message to all countries and organizations, that we will actively defend our Liberty, Justice, Democracy and Free Enterprise and Trade Principles, and that we will support countries and organizations that defend these common principles.
3. Now that the Hispanic immigrant population in the US has become our largest minority group, we must let them know that we dont only welcome them and expect them to share and benefit from our values, principles and goals (main reason why they came here), but that we encourage them to help us export these values, principles and goals to their home countries, so their people can eventually enjoy our same opportunities and privileges without leaving their countries
4. We should avoid trading with countries that after benefiting from our free trade principles and support, use those resources to promote antagonistic propaganda, principles and beliefs and even support terrorist attacks against our country and citizens.

Mr. President and Leaders and Representatives of Congress and Media, we the concerned US Citizens undersigning this document, encourage you to take a preemptive stand to help our sister nation to free itself from this clever and arrogant dictator and terrorist, who is openly defying us; sending a clear and unequivocal message to all other potential terrorist and dictators that we are aware of their intentions and will not tolerate unworthy actions.

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