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Type "suicide" into an internet search engine and among the sites advertising, help lines and therapy, you'll find a handful of pages where suicidal strangers counsel each other on the best way to die.

The largest site known as ASH is a public newsgroup with a chat room and guide files which tell visitors how to kill themselves, using everything from aspirin to rat poison. Three suicides so far have been linked to ASH. ASH itself lists another 14 suicides as "success stories" but they couldnt be verified because of anonymous screen names used.

I have read through peoples last posts saying their goodbyes and thankyous to the group, as i read down i was hoping to find at least one person who was trying to stop him....there wasnt, instead the posts read, "good luck" and "see you soon" There are pictures on this group showing dead people who have commited suicide by hanging, gun to the head and mouth, drowning and so on...i found these pictures very disturbing, and as i feel about all pro suicide sites there are no need for these kind of things to be on the internet.

I would like to ask you to sign this petition before anymore deaths happen because of these sites. I would be very grateful for your help on this issue.

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Latest Signatures

  • 23 December 2015100. Someonewhocares Solis
    these sites should not be allowed, if you choose to suport these sites it's like chooseing to suport suicide i guess you guys haven't been effected by it well i have my bestfriend / sister killed herself feb. 7 2005 ( 8 days before her eighteenth birthday
  • 21 December 201599. Meghann Price
    i don't know why i'm signing this, i mean suicide is great, what could give you better gratitude than having your own mother scrape your brains from the ceiling?
  • 16 December 201598. Amanda S
    How can people create sites which encourage others to take their own lives, in many cases they may be encouraging people who are mentally ill who with the correct help could regain a normal life and a happy life! Suicide is a permanent cure to a temporary
  • 14 December 201597. Kim R
  • 14 December 201596. Corie Rojas
    I cant believe someone would be for suicide, i guess these people havent been affected by it.
  • 24 November 201595. Leanne H
    i think sites like that are horrible & should be banned
  • 16 November 201594. Pat Mcmahon
    leeanne - did it ever occur to you that the individuals writing for the 'pro-suicide sites' might be liars? My son was not researching but was directed to the 'pro-suicide sites' by a deviant individual who seems to think that it is a game to play with ot
  • 24 October 201593. Richyl Mayo
    i was going to kill myself.i saw websited telling me how to.thank God i got help.we need to do something about this.
  • 22 October 201592. Elizabeth C
    I've been suicidal. People need encouragement for LIFE, not suicide.
  • 19 October 201591. Rebecca G
    This is disgusting, they are encouraging people to hurt themselves! Not only is it unneccessary for any one to resort to that but It also leaves the survivers feeling like crap...I know, I lost my bestfriend to suicide
  • 17 October 201590. Paul M
    keep it open. Address; Zip code/post Code PA59SY Number of Items; Users 1
  • 05 October 201589. Matt E
    This is sick! suicide is not the way out! these people need to stop misleading others into making that mistake!!!
  • 01 October 201588. Susan Ds
    Those considering suicide need Help Not Encouragement! These sites to assist those in carrying out the act of self-demise should be banned! And instead sites to help counsel these people & refer them to help should be given.
  • 22 September 201587. Kadi Lindsey
    Thats horrible!!!
  • 20 September 201586. Kp Archer
    That is so horrible! Anyone who is caught on those sites should be put into the hospital. Can't they see what it does to their loved ones?
  • 19 September 201585. Luke B
    These sites are sick and need to be rid off
  • 16 September 201584. Sunayana Guerra
    i found this extremely shockin and devastating, this needs to be stopped and those ppl who make this possible be treated with proper rehab ... those sickly disgusting, sadistic animals.
  • 22 August 201583. Stefan C
    These sites show a disgusting disregard for human life. I am appalled that something like this can exist.
  • 18 August 201582. Michelle P
    THESE SITES NEED TO STOP Address; Zip code/post Code 2504 Center St. Granite City, IL 62040
  • 11 August 201581. Nick L
    Let's get them the help they need
  • 10 August 201580. Faithless Robles
    Readin the from all you closed minded, ignorant people makes me wanna scream. I hope you never have to experience the hell people like me live through everyday. I regularly visit the sites you so desperately want to ban. They are NOT pro-suicide they are
  • 25 July 201579. Karl W
    Have you not heard of natural selection? If these people die, then they won't breed their suicidal tendencies into our species and humanity as a whole becomes better, you people are slowing the progress of mankinds evolution.
  • 23 July 201578. Renee B
    none Address; Zip code/post Code L2S1Z3
  • 11 July 201577. Amy Rich
  • 10 July 201576. Jenna Sheppard
  • 29 June 201575. Adelida P
    stop pro suicide sites
  • 26 June 201574. Jennifer Hahn
    this is horrible, man.

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