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To: UN and World Government Leaders

We, the undersigned, petition the United Nations, its Security Council and World Government Leaders to join Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to STOP PALESTINIAN CHILD ABUSE whereby the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinian Terrorist Organizations are indoctrinating its children into virulent anti-Semitism, genocide incitement and training to become suicide/homicide bombers.

Furthermore, we insist that the United Nations, its Security Council and World Government Leaders declare that raising infants and children to become suicidal/homicidal bombers is a violation of fundamental human rights, a breach of the Geneva Convention and a war crime. We ask that the Palestinian leadership and those political, governmental, military and religious organizations and their leaders and supporters of Indoctrination and Training of Children to Bebome Suicide/Homicide Bombers be prosecuted by the International War Crimes Tribunal to the fullest extent of International Law. We ask for World support of this worthy cause.

The International Covenant of Children's Rights condemns the recruitment of children under age 18 in armed conflicts. Yet contrary to this basic tenet, Palestinian children are deliberately being raised in a culture of violence and hate. The instances of proof are many and varied.

Here are but a few examples:
See: mideastnewswire.com

The BBC has videotaped Islamic Jihad-sponsored summer camps where children as young as eight receive paramilitary training. In contravention of normal humane standards, children are taught that after a person becomes a suicide bomber, he reaches the highest level of paradise. Such ingrained hatred leads to the glorification of violence and martyrdom, and the willingness to kill others for the perceived benefit of spiritual immortality. Children of a very young age, and even babies, have been dressed and photographed as suicide bombers by their parents.

- Abu Mazen, a senior official within the Palestinian Authority, admitted that children have been paid approximately $1 for every pipe bomb they throw. According to Abu Mazen, at least 40 children have lost arms when throwing these bombs. (Alzamim [a Kuwiati newspaper] June 20, 2002)
- Incitement to violence is rife throughout the Palestinian Authority school system. School textbooks encourage hatred and extol "martyrdom". Signs are posted on the walls of kindergartens praising their students as "the shaheeds [martyrs] of tomorrow". Elementary school teachers and principals commend students for wanting to "tear their [Zionists'] bodies into little pieces and cause them more pain than they will ever know."

The vast majority of Palestinian children have been tragically killed during confrontations with the IDF. Exact numbers are unavailable, but educated estimates set the number of killed in this manner at around 200.

How did these children come to be exposed to danger?

Why are Palestinian children allowed to confront a military force?

Why are they present among rioters, snipers, and terrorists?

And how is the press always in "the right place at the right time" to photograph such acts of false heroism?

Unfortunately, these very reasonable questions have not as yet been answered - neither by the Palestinian Authority nor by the families of the victims themselves.

There is also mounting evidence that Palestinian children have been exploited by elements within the Palestinian leadership, in order to manipulate media images, deliberately being sent to the front lines of the conflict.

The petitioners firmly believe that conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere can and must be resolved by diplomatic, political and negotiated means, but that when civilians are attacked by terrorists, there is no recourse but for defensive measures.

For example, there is documented television footage revealing that Palestinian snipers have repeatedly used children as human shields when shooting at the IDF. By contrast, Israeli soldiers have standing orders not to shoot live ammunition at children, but with children running around in a war zone, or are held captive in front of Palestinian "warriors" as human shields, some children are bound to get hurt or killed.

As a further incentive for Palestinians to use their children as 'cannon fodder' - in their suicidal/homicidal war against Israel, cash donations have been provided to the parents of children wounded or killed as "martyrs."

- Iraq's Saddam Hussein increased his financial pledge to Palestinian families of suicide bombers from $10,000 to $25,000. (Associated Press, April 3,2002)
- A quasi-governmental committee in Saudi Arabia last year pledged $5,333 to "each family that has suffered from martyrdom." (The Washington Post, April 9,2002)
- Payment authorisation for ceremonies honouring suicide bombers, as well as money to support families of the suicide bombers, have been found signed by Arafat - the chairman of the Palestinian authority. (The Washington Post, April 3,2002; MSNBC, April 3,2002)

This is coupled to a social approval so powerful that thay are strapping bombs on 11 year olds and when 15-year-old Ahmat Omar Abu Selmia was killed on his way to attack the Israeli community of Dugit, his father celebrated his "martyrdom" at a street festival attended by about 200 men.

How can this be considered acceptable, a society that encourages its children to die?

Intentional Targeting of Israeli Children
Hundreds of Israeli children have been killed or maimed since September 27, 2000. In many cases, these children were merely engaging in everyday activities, such as riding in a bus to school, eating at a restaurant with their parents, playing in a kindergarten or simply queuing to enter a discotheque on the weekend. A more comprehensive list is available in The Prism Groups extensive study on The Children of the Intifada.

What links these incidents is that the targets were picked as "soft" and unprotected. Nothing can justify these acts of violence, which strike at the core of reasonable Western values.

The most vulnerable and valuable segment of any society is its children; every effort should be made to afford them the protection promised in the United Nations' Declaration of the Rights of the Child. The Palestinian educational system is in urgent need of reform in order to break the endless cycle of hatred. The exploitation of Palestinian children on the battlefield must be stopped.

It is vital that all children, both Palestinian and Israeli, grow up free of violence and hate. This is the key to a true and lasting peace in the future.

It is our firm belief that the majority of the present generation of Palestinians are too cynical and/or have too much of an insane homicidal death wish in order to properly raise their children to want a lasting peace with Israel and thus will continue the cycle of genocidal war crimes and its deadly defensive actions against homicidal terrorism by Israel for years to come.

When the present generation of children are raised to sanely and properly respect human life there stands to be much improved chances of peace between Palestinian and Israelis through negotiation and civilized conflict resolution.

We have signed this position and sent it to people of all faiths, ethnic backgrounds and political beliefs with the hopes that the UN and World Leaders will not only vote to divest financial support of Palestinian Aid groups that are a cover for terrorist organizations and immorality and criminality of raising of innocents to kill other innocents.

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