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The religion of wicca is constantly being shown in the media as evil or pretend. This negitive image has made a sterotype of a harmless religion which beleives in a God and a Goddess (we don't even beleive there is a Satan). People are prujudice of witches becuase they don't understand the truth. I want the media to show the facts of this religion. So please help me by signing and passing on this truth to atleast one other person. Thank you!

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Latest Signatures

  • 07 March 201345. Jessica Bagnall
    I support this petition
  • 11 November 201044. Jessica
  • 05 November 201043. Angel
  • 22 October 201042. Shanna
  • 20 October 201041. Akasha
  • 29 September 201040. Ryan
    Wicca is not a satanic religion.
  • 17 August 201039. Andromeda
    I am wiccan, and I think that there is nothing wrong with it. I love being who I am. I don't think that others should bash something that they have no idea what it's about. It's stupid that the media judges people for what religion they are.
  • 15 August 201038. Brian
    Clearly, here, wiccan is a religion. Based upon a small amount of study upon it, it has nothing to do with evil, or any of that matter. Even if it was, to some, "evil", this is still a discrimination of a religion. They shouldn't be allowed to critisiz
  • 07 August 201037. Michael
    As a Wiccan I whole heartedly agree with what you say the media has doomed us from day one and has never stopped and probably never will but if you feel you can make a change I say go for it. Good luck.
  • 31 July 201036. Shannan
    This is just one aspect of how the pagan religons have to fight harder than the right wing to get equal judicial rights.. Even our own president said it wasn't even a religon. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! and it is one that as the U.S. evolves will rid itself of o
  • 25 July 201035. Carlton
  • 16 July 201034. Mary
  • 13 July 201033. nancy
  • 10 July 201032. Natalie
  • 29 June 201031. Sarah
    I resently became involved in witchcraft myself. There is absolutely no evil in this practice! If you do something bad to someone It will come back to you even worse. Wicca is a serious religion, pagan and egyptian are also types of magic but people only
  • 25 June 201030. Lucifer
    You do not believe in me? I believe in you and will see all of you beautiful little witches soon. So far eighteen reserved for the smoking section.
  • 18 June 201029. Suzanne
  • 10 June 201028. T.
    Yeah, would it be that hard?
  • 08 June 201027. Pepper
  • 28 May 201026. Shana
  • 09 May 201025. L.
    There is more than one way to believe.
  • 04 May 201024. addicted
    i totally agree with you. i'm not wiccan, but i do love the religion -- i surf the web all the time and read all sorts of stuf about it, i really like learning about wicca, it's just so cool and positive. i mean, wicca is just like any other religion, do
  • 23 April 201023. Patti
  • 19 April 201022. Katrina
    Fellow witch
  • 18 April 201021. Alexis
  • 18 April 201020. Hugh
    As a member of the Wiccan comunity, I am
  • 12 April 201019. Rebecca

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