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This petition is written in response to the Wizet Corporation's recent "bannings" and deletions of character accounts. We, the undersigned, feel that this was an unjust act in response to the internet cash fraud which has occured regarding the trade and sales of NX cash outside and within the game.

We feel that it is unjust due to the following reasons:

- Although buying NX cash is against the policies of Maplestory and the Wizet corporation, the rightful trade between friends and relatives was not. For this reason the "gifting" function was available via the site which enabled those who were not able to purchase NX cash, for example minors or those who do not have access to a credit card, to purchase NX cash with the help of another individual with the means to do so.

- The purchase of NX cash can be to some, a necessity. The combination of a very large amount of experience points required for levelling and the overpopulation of the servers, particularly Scania can make the process of "levelling" very difficult for some. A death to those people can result in an experience point loss ranging between 5-15\%, although this number does not change between the levels, the amount of experience points required to attain these levels increases exponentially. It is not uncommon to spend 30 minutes to 4 hours to regain these lost experience points. To prevent a death from happening, "safety charms" which are only available via cash shop and occasionally server wide events. This ability to purchase these "charms" can place certain individuals at a noticible disadvantage.

- In the recent public statement by Wizet via dated June 27, 2006 which reported the loss of cash due to credit card fraud and paypal account theft, a function has been enabled to allow those who have acquired NX cash in the recent months to report themselves for a lesser punishment as opposed to account deletion.

- Also in their statement, they stated that "we ban all the related accounts-sender and receiver", which is understandable to a degree, however this is assuming that both parties were fully aware that credit card fraud was being committed. In almost all the cases, the receiving parties were not aware of this and according to mapleglobal's terms of useage, the sale of NX cash via trading virtual ingame items or currency is strictly forbidden however the gifting of a friend is not. Thus only if Wizet is able to provide, without the question of a doubt, that this violation of their terms has occured, they are merely banning and deleting accounts upon subjective and circumstantial information with no grounds.

In closure, please keep in mind the time and resources it requires to raise a "character" in MapleStory. Many hours have been spent on this game, and it is unquestionably disturbing when the creators and administrators of this game appear to be overly eager to ban those who have tediously supported them throughout these years. It can only be imagined that those who reported themselves did so with the hopes of keeping their hard earned account and status, only because they have spent many months earning it.

Please Wizet, stop permanently banning those who have reported themselves and restore their accounts.

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  • 13 December 201550. Alex Y
  • 19 November 201549. Agnes Spence
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  • 28 September 201548. Lyndenowns Dickson
    im gay ban me kthanks.
  • 02 August 201547. Rashaad Massey
    I support this petition
  • 22 May 201546. Tiffany Hogan
    I think harsh action should be taken on those who used stolen cards or cancelled charges, but those who were innocent should not have to lose their accounts.
  • 25 March 201545. Rommel M
    ign: ebzzry2, lvl: 7x, world: scania,
  • 07 March 201544. Rob Landry
    I agree, wizet's just banning people who spend so much of their time in making that character. Should take away all cs items or something, not banning them
  • 23 February 201543. Timo Vega
  • 20 October 201442. Steven Stanton
    I support this petition
  • 13 September 201441. Boshi Pratt
    lol @ comment #6, anyway, i agree.
  • 08 April 201440. Horasu Davis
    We can't let this go on!
  • 17 November 201339. Billy Bernard
    I support this petition
  • 13 July 201338. Dtrmp Yates
    i agree
  • 01 July 201337. Leeweeyong Larsen
  • 19 May 201336. Stan Z
    They promised a 30 day ban, let them live up to it.
  • 17 February 201335. Unknown Schneider
    I agree 100000\% of this petition restore those peoples accounts!
  • 10 February 201234. Charlene L
  • 28 January 201233. Wizet Corporationl
    Our decision are final. We have zero tolerance for fraud charges. Whoever attempted to sign this petition will be tracked by IGN/Email and will be permanently banned. You are putting yourself at risk harboring the criminals
  • 30 November 201132. Aaron S
  • 17 September 201131. Angela Krause
  • 14 August 201130. Joey Vaughn
    This is an outrageous injustice!
  • 26 May 201129. Pim H
  • 28 April 201128. Nicolas U
    I support this petition
  • 26 February 201127. Josephine Howard
    he doenst deserve this ).(
  • 21 November 201026. Unknown Pratt
    Wizet is full of lies.. Lost my best friend yesterday, on bera world.
  • 07 September 201025. Jesslifeiine Oliver
    Wizet's stupidest decision by far. =/
  • 09 July 201024. Oscar Pineda
    I support this petition

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