We feel that GI Joe shouldn't even be on the air on Fox or any other station. I know I have heard a voice actor claim that they don't want kids to get the wrong idea but this show is going to come back to them in years to come and they'll realize what this show was trying to portay. This show wants to portray that war is the answer. It's not. And GI Joe is not a brave soldier. He is a cowardly one. There are no brave soldiers. The GI Joe people don't even care why thier enimies do what they do. They just kill them. Death is not exciting, it's wrong and horrible. How would you feel if you did your father abused you, people harassing you in school, boyfriend (or girlfriend) dumped you, took drugs, and want to kill, and you grew up being the most dangerous person on Earth (terrorists), and someone (the amry) who doesn't even care about what happend in your life to make you this way will do everything in thier power to kill you because they feel it's thier duty to murder anyone dangers thier country? And at the end when thier gun, sword or bomb is about to kill you, you realize what you have been doing is wrong, and it's to late to beg for mercy? And you feel that blade or bullet, slice through your body and you can't stop it while you're crying with pain and tears streaming down your cheeks and blood dripping down your sides? And you never get up again, to tell the soldier you are sorry, beg for mercy, and do better in the future. It's actually disgusting when you have to beg to a person for mercy instead of God and people who have wars play God, they believe that thier own creator shouldnt have the power to decide to kill them or not and they should be the ones in power? Who are we? Little nothings. Also take a quote from the bible, God says, Isaiah 1: 15, "When you spread out your hands, I will hide My eyes from you; even though you make many prayers, I will not hear. Your hands are full of blood." Yes war would be boring because there would be no "action" but wouldn't it be right? With no wars, the world would be in a new light. Think of it that way. Like I said before, this show is being shown to very young children (7+) with open minds who are still figuring out between right and wrong. GI Joe? An American Hero who is brave? He would be a true hero and promote peace to the world, if only he would think about why his foe, is doing what he is doing. He would be brave if he had the courage to withstand the ridicules, that would be faced by him, for helping his enemy and forgiving him and thinking further into the situation. For years upon years, hardly anyone on Earth has chosen diplomacy for a real option. When a foe threatnes, all the people in power think about is "how many people he has killed?", "is he armed?", "where is he?" And the most bright thought in thier minds is "what should we do with him?" "Why isn't that simple?" they would say, "Kill him!" Death would seem to be the best and easy way out of the problem. Which is what America has been doing since it was dclared a country. Take it from my exipirence, I almost died when I was born, I wieghed 2 Pounds and 13 Ounces and was almsot still-born. I have seen life is joy to live. You can fulfill your goal in life, care about the ones you love and mosti mportantly, help those not fourtunate as you. When a foe commits a crime and is killed by soldiers or the death penalty, he is taken out of life, caused pain and taken out of life. He can never redeem himself. That's it. He's gone. Total peace can be achieved by pursuing it. We need to think deeper into the situation instead of seeing our own fantasies. After all, we need to "Seek not what our foe has done, but why he has done." I turly need support on this situation to stop poison from ruining our next generation. It just sickens me to see my classmates drinking in every word my teachers say badly about the outside world and seem to think our religon is the chosen one. My classmates are like young children and seem to think the teachers, or the media, has all the answers. Instead of being like robots, we need to look deeper and judge what we're being taught in the media and by mouth. If we want eternal peace within the world, one of the things we need to do is to stop such programs from filling the minds of our next generation.

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