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For five years since began, many people have had to deal with Steve Yuns excruciating slow updates, lack of substantial reports/news articles, April Fools Jokes and his less than favorable and left to be desired public relations with the Robotech community.

The Robotech fandom base as a whole has had to put up with Mr Yuns hostile actions, words and double standard conduct for far too long. When those of us who speak out highlighting his mismanagement of the Community Forum Boards it is met with extreme hostility and insincerity. Examples of his mismanagement have been numerous (and numerous to list) and sadly continue to this day. They are summarized (for the sake of this petitions length) as follows: Lack of site reports, allowing certain moderators to get away with inappropriate offenses and violations of TOU on the boards, favoring particular members over others, his lack of responsiveness and lack of accessibility in responding to members violating TOU, and when members make simple requests to add something to the site's Infopedia they are either ignored or met with his scorn.

Any question that arises from a member of that questions his management of is quickly extinguished and the member is immediately punished by being banned temporarily until he/she apologizes via email first. As many have experienced no professional courtesy email/messages are sent out from the webmaster to describe the reason of any members ban. Recently, this policy seems to have changed (according to the will of Mr Yuns) with the member being asked by the webmaster to post a public apology on the forums which we find (in the opinion of those concerned), unnecessary, unjustified and worst of all, humiliating to those who love and cherish the franchise we grew up with. This has led to fans being alienated, hurt and disgruntled all due to Mr Yuns mismanagement on a site that many see as his own personal playground and not a Harmony Gold endorsed site.

In our opinion, this kind of policy (made up and enforced by Mr Yuns own will and not of Harmony Golds) is not right and illy misrepresents Harmony Gold on a public relations level and we hope that those in charge of Harmony Gold USA, Inc. recognize his actions as improper and to not only discipline Steve Yun of his displeasing actions but relieve him of his webmaster duties at as quickly and effectively as possible. We ask that he be replaced with a more qualified person who can handle the full-time duties of web mastering at We request that this be done ASAP as Mr Yun has become increasingly abusive and hostile towards members as well as towards former/banned members of There have been instances of people getting banned when they make statements about him and his mismanagement of on other site forums which we believe to be unfair and a breach of's TOU.

Also, for as long as we can remember we have been waiting patiently for updates on the sites Infopedia, polls and trivia questions that should be in abundance by now but sadly this is not the case nor has it been. Esteemed fans knowledgeable in the areas and who have expertise in the Robotech franchise and show are often times ridiculed and ignored by the webmaster when they suggest and offer their sincerity to help.

To conclude, it is our utmost sincere belief that Mr Yun is misrepresenting, including Harmony Gold USA and should be disciplined for his improper actions and atrocious standards. We believe because of this and his mistreatment towards fans that he is damaging the credibility of Robotech, its official site as well as Harmony Golds and we ask for this to be rectified immediately. It would be erroneous to ignore this matter as it will continue to alienate more fans of the Robotech show than ever before. Again, we stress, that it should be in ours and your best interests that you effectively terminate his position of webmaster for good. The signatures and testimonies of Mr Yuns hostile actions and double standards will show you that this issue is not an illusion but a true testament of how the large percentage of the Robotech community feels about this ineffective webmaster.

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