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This petition is about a 'Super Administrator' on a website and message board called ''.
I shall keep this person's name a secret as he is under 18, however I shall use his username from that site.
Any links I provide will work only if you are a member of the message boards and logged in.

This 'Super Administrator' is a fifteen year old boy with no respect for anyone... least of all the people he should be monitoring on the message board.
'Spankin' is foul-mouthed, ignorant, rude and downright immature, to name but a few problems.

The message board is for fans of Teen Queen, Hilary Duff.
The majority of occupants on the message board are, as you'd expect, very young. There are some members aged ten and under.
Very few appear to be above the age of 16.

This is very distressing when you consider his manner on the message board.

He refuses to implement rules on the message board, which are a very important (not to mention legal) aspect of a message board containing youngsters under a certain age.
He feels rules are pointless; hence the fact we have recently had members joining simply to give their profanity ridden opinions of all members of the board, act threateningly and viciously towards members and request sexually explicit videos and images.
This is putting all his members, especially the younger ones, at immense risk.

'Spankin' has make sexual comments to other members of the message board, regardless of their ages.
You may be able to view some of these comments:

'Spankin' has told people that drugs are a good thing, and that everyone should try them.
You may be able to view one of these comments:

'Spankin' has made comments about homosexuality and religion and seems to find it amusing.
He likes to insult people, degrade and belittle them for all to see. He calls his members names and insinuates they are brainless, despite the fact many are simply pre-adolescent and not of English speaking countries, therefore their understanding is not on the same level to that of his own.

'Spankin' seems to enjoy 'ruling the boards with an iron hand' and is under the illusion that he own the message board and adjoining website - however this is not the case.

He has little, if any, respect for anyone on the message board. He refuses to listen to members problems and is no stranger to using profanity whenever he feels like it.

This boy knows of the capability his position as 'Super Administrator' holds and he seems determined to use them at any given opportunity.
He refuses to listen to reasoning, suggestions, critisism or cries of help.
His reactions are rude, blunt and rather bigoted.

'Spankin' has even taken to dismissing members, and their suggestions, and decided simply to throw insults.
You may see some of that here.

I would like to point out, that all the above is based on the main message board view. There are, in truth, hidden forums in which only moderators and administrators can look upon.
Apparently, some of these threads are also very disturbing reads, including more sexual content aimed at his username, 'Spankin'.
I know most is to be believed as I have seem many threads before they were deemed 'invisible' to the general member.
And might I point out, that not all moderators/administrators are of legal age to be viewing such posts, either.

In short, 'Spankin' has a bad attitude and is a vile person to converse with.

I am more than a little infuriated that someone of such immaturity and whom contains such little respect is allowed to control a message board.
A message board with high expectations of security, respect and understanding.

This petition is for anyone who agrees that 'Spankin' is not only a bad option for the role of 'Super Administrator', but infact a shameful member of the message board community in which he stands.

At the least, I would greatly appreciate that 'Spankin' be removed as a 'Super Administrator' and demoted to a simple 'Member'.
However, I feel the ideal answer would be to remove 'Spankin' from the message board and website altogher, as I feel he could seriously damage the great reputation that '', and the adjoining message board, has worked hard to create.

All 'signatures' on this petition, hopefully clarify that I am not the only person to feel this way... however, it may not recieve many 'signatures' as 'Spankin' has, in fact, managed to chase many past members from the board.

Please, please recognize that this situation needs rectifying and we are begging for your help.

Thank you so much, in advance.
We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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