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-Backstage skits/segments in the 24/7 mode were absurd. One minute your character is being beaten down by a wrestler. Then in the next segment that very person is trying to shake your wrestlers hand. This was very disappointing and shows a great deal of negligence to details.

-Repeated backstage segments. Why is it that the commentary changes but in every cut away scene your wrestler is lifting weights, walking into the divas locker room etcetera etcetera. Its hard work and time wasted on useless scenes.

-COMMENTARY: The commentary is dreadful. While JBL is a new color commentator, hes spouting lines recycled from Tazz in previous games. This is just unnecessary. A fresh script would be a very welcome change.

-Longer 24/7 mode. While there has been great improvement to the season mode could still be longer.

-Create-a-general manger MALE OR FEMALE. This would be a very interesting addition to the game and would give the player options beyond Teddy Long, Coach and Tommy Dreamer.

-Better Create-a-wrestler options. Why is it that the wrestlers look fantastic and realistic? But the created wrestlers graphics look like theyre stuck back in 2006?

-Updated rosters. I believe fans wouldnt mind a bit of a delay in the SD vs. RAW realease date if it means that the roster is updated. Wrestlers that have been recently hired or released should be reflected in the roster.

-Online mode. It would be great to have it back.

-Bring back backstage brawls. The option to take our match backstage (Especially in ECW mode) would be a great addition to the game.

-Customizable music. Especially when creating a wrestler. Fans should have the option to add their created wrestlers entrance.

-ONLINE CAREER MODE? This may be a hard to achieve but it would result in thousands and thousands of players rejoicing. The option to struggle through the career mode BATTLING other real life players would be amazing and definitely make the SD vs. RAW franchise stand out against the rest of its genre.

-Skill buildings such as Making a Here/Villain movie should be playable. Certain in game tests could take place in order for the wrestler to succeed or fail. That would add more realism to the 24/7 mode AND make it more fun.

-WWE Divas much like their male counterparts can do it all. They thrill their fans with their stunning looks and display their in the ring ability week after week. They have evolved from ringside cheerleaders into risk taking athletes. They engage in storylines that captivate and take bumps like the best of them. Its a shame that for years divas have been grossly overlooked in the Smackdown!/Smackdown vs. RAW series. Fans including FEMALE fans have been disappointed year after year upon learning

-Divas are neglected in dozens of matches including Cage Matches. (Even though former WWE diva Lita and WWE diva Victoria participated in a spectacular Cage Match on RAW November 24, 2003)

-Create female characters are rendered useless in the games. Theyre unable to become managers in season mode and at times have been unable to participate in certain matches. (Fulfill your fantasy - WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006)

-DIVAS CANNOT PARTICIPATE IN SEASON MODE. Fans would love the chance to play as their favorite divas but are never given the opportunity.

-Certain divas are constantly ignored and left out of the final roster. (Victoria has been with the company for over four years and didnt even make the cut for SD! Vs. RAW 2008. Maria has been with the company for over a year and even though her primary role is as an interviewer, she has performed in the ring often)

As WWE fans male and female we are not here to bash the WWE but to let our voices be heard so that we can help make the series continue to be the absolute best of its genre. We have been entertained for years but would appreciate certain changes to enhance our gaming experience. We thank the WWE, THQ and all others who help mold the Smackdown! vs. RAW series and we hope our voices get through to you. Thank you!

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