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To: Sega/Sammy

From: Loyal fans past, present and future

We have seen the rise and fall of Sega in the home gaming console market, but would rather be made to believe that fall was nothing more than a stumbling block on the way back to the top. We have watched from the sidelines since 2001 as Sony and Microsoft have robbed the consumer of quality game play in exchange for better graphics. While the better graphics sound great, in reality these companies have essentially drained the life out of gaming and are content to release copy after copy of games that no longer inspire the gamer during game play nor do they fully utilize the power of the technology available, instead opting for new hardware that will be more difficult to develop for and far more expensive than is necessary for the average consumer.

Sega have always done a great job in porting the games from its incredibly entertaining arcade division and it would seem that the simple factor of fun is whats sorely missing in todays games. These big companies just dont get it! The idea that a video game is a form of art or entertainment and not a means to merely drain more money out of the pockets of the consumer is a point that is lost on Microsoft and Sony. They are content to make games that are lacking inspiration and depth and unfortunately, the consumer, with no other choices, purchase their games and will continue to do so unless there is an intervention of sorts.

Some companies continue to struggle valiantly against the business model that Sony and Microsoft have established for the home console market, but it wont go on forever, at least not withstanding some additional support. Sega/Sammy have experienced great success in the development of the Naomi and Atomiswave arcade boards and the games released for those arcade boards are nothing short of awe inspiring and worthy of being adapted to use as a home console. It would seem there is very little that would need to be changed or even improved upon in order to convert these boards to a home console, which would further extend the success of the arcade games they would strive to emulate.

In recent times, well-known developers such as Yuji Naka and Hideo Kojima have implied that the next-generation consoles will be very difficult to develop for. This may be a blessing in disguise for Sega/Sammy in seeing that the next generation systems are so powerful they may make themselves obsolete by alienating would-be developers of popular game franchises. This is an opportunity that Sega/Sammy could exploit fully by converting existing arcade board technology into a home console. This ensures many developers would feel comfortable working with the hardware, would develop games that take full advantage of the hardware and would allow games to be judged by the craftsmanship that goes into the game instead of merely the graphics and processing power of the system itself. We all can appreciate what Sony and Microsoft are trying to achieve, but ultimately, these systems will drive game prices higher than ever before causing a rift between the companies that make and publish games and the consumers who will be expected to purchase the games.

Its high time we see the return of actual game companies who can bring the industry back to where it should be by releasing a true game console. Build a console for gaming and leave the ideas of the set-top boxes and multi-media systems to the realm of personal computers. Shun the idea that, despite the cost to the consumer, better graphics is the only thing that matters when all we really want is compelling and fun game play which has been absent from the majority of the games in todays market.

We urge Sega/Sammy to consider creating a console that will compete with the likes of Sony and Microsoft and bring back that element of fun and compelling game play that is sorely missing from this industry. You already have the technology! Now all you need is the vision and come to the realization that this IS possible! That golden ring is within your grasp...all you need to do now is make that final dash for it!

Thank you,

Your Loyal Sega/Sammy fans

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