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We are all here to sign this petition in hopes that we 'the actual buyers of consoles' can show you how much we all favor your return to the console business. We understand that as a company, there was some dark years,which probably included poor sales and large debts.With Sony finally out of the lime light with the misunderstanding of hardware in 2006/07 we can safely agree that the time has come for 'fun' to be part of video games again and that there is only one other main competitor out there which is of course Sega. This right now is the genesis/megadrive years starting all over again. We need a new Sega console. No matter of what size what spec, what price we need you, Sega to bring back the fun and quality, ideas and boldness into gaming. The people signing this are not just loyal fans or extreme followers of you as a company we are here to sign this to show you we want you back whatever it takes. Take your new found third party links and your in-house world best best developers and arcade creators and create us something that we will truly respect and love. There is once again a gap in the market for Sega to return and we all want it bad!

Remember the days of streets of rage, shinobi, alterdbeast, afterburner ,outrun, Alex the kid, eswat, golden axe, we dont even have to remind you. It is a crime that you cannot buy a new Sega console in the world today. I personally will never forget the day I got my mega drive or will I ever forget the fun I had with my Saturn and dreamcast. The closest thing we have to a sega machine write now is xbox 360. We dont want to play Sega games over various platforms. We want Sega exclusives, Sega arcade ports, We want a Sega console with the third party support just incase we feel the need to play fifa or madden. The date today is Monday the 24th of September 2007 and it is 22:51. We would all love to be able to buy a Sega console as soon as youre ready. We aint asking you to rush one out and end up regretting it. Were asking you to get one together and finally get the reel follow up to the megadrive or dreamcast. Maybe even a dreamcast handheld or a game gear 2 Imagine that!
Dont let us down!, And remember 'to be this good takes ages'

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Latest Signatures

  • 29 August 2015100. Jayme Wilson
    Sega needs to release systems again. NOW.
  • 08 June 201599. Fabio D
    sega is totally the all good and best in the fields in which till now has had interest of expression
  • 01 June 201598. Jhon B
    I wish they had GameCube back...Brings back memories...
  • 20 May 201597. Greg Newman
    I support this petition
  • 02 May 201596. Ryan L
    Ever since Dreamcast left there has been a huge gap in the industry. Please do come back!! I will buy your new console, I will support.
  • 14 April 201595. Jason Park
  • 17 March 201594. Bosich Carney
    ЖДЕМ приставку)
  • 14 March 201593. Randall Mann
    I support this petition
  • 23 January 201592. Paul Lowery
    sega ,i would buy a new system aswell.........Dreamcast handheld with divx function and mp3 and maybe evena virtua console option!
  • 19 December 201491. James S
    I support this petition
  • 28 August 201490. Kleber Luizmendesgomeswhitedreamm
    the world is boring wiyhout Sega
  • 19 June 201489. Rallok Gutierrez
    I support this petition
  • 02 May 201488. George Sandoval
    sega must it returned!!!
  • 10 March 201487. Tibernatus Waters
    Consoles RULEZZZ!
  • 09 February 201486. Jacob Z
    long live the dreamcast
  • 31 January 201485. Joshua Cantu
    I support this petition
  • 11 January 201484. Time T
    Lets bring back the hardware! Sega forever!
  • 30 December 201383. Ezhik Abbott
    I wnt new sega
  • 18 December 201382. Matthew W
    I support this petition
  • 22 November 201381. Gabriel M
    maybe a dreamcast 2..imagine it 9/9/09
  • 06 November 201380. Damon Wiley
  • 18 October 201379. Jj Lozano
    yh man bring back the genesis.......Genesis 2
  • 13 October 201378. Shine Terrell
    I love Sega
  • 02 October 201377. Falcon Nicholson
    I'm gamer.And I like SEGA.
  • 22 September 201376. Rene Q
    once sega went away from the gaming industry, so did I (i bought an xbox just to get shenmue 2) either way come back to making consoles sega! i would die of or merge w/nintendo.. (although i hate nintendo)
  • 13 April 201375. Linwoood Thompson
    I support this petition
  • 06 April 201374. Brian F

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