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We, the undersigned, are the true lovers of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Most of us grew up on Magic or Pokemon and then moved up to Yu-G-Oh! Most of us might have dabbled in other TCGs but have found our home here. We are not the ones who use Yu-G-Oh! as a means of profit or as a means to over inflate our egos. We are the ones who watch the cartoons, play the TCG, play the video games, duel online, chat in forums and even write articles, published or not. We are the ones who go out of our ways to show new people the love they can have for Yu-G-Oh! and help the new people not get frustrated. But we need your help! We need to know that you want us to continue to love the game and not just to continue to spend money on it. We need to see that the creators and promoters have as much love for the player as the player does for the game. In order to do this we need the following from you:

1. Do not let the game die from unoriginality. For the past few years we've seen that the top 8 in most regionals, nationals, and championships identical to within a couple cards -- and those cards being the ones that cost the most. We understand rarity issue and all, but we need to make it so that its not the entire community trying to get the exact same cards so that they have a chance.

2. Promote and support themes subtypes. Themed decks can play very well and subtype decks had a great start. I would love to take my fairy/spellcaster/dragon/rock/spirit/toon decks to a tournament, but I would also like it to be competitive. I would like to build a decent Archfiend deck. I would like to see a girl out there dueling with an Amazoness deck. But they need more cards. They need game breaking cards more than someone who goes and sees what everyone else plays and then copies the idea.

3. Definitive and Consistent Rulings and Card Text. We understand a need for rulings and card text changes, but there needs to be consistency. If two fusion monsters both say that they can only be summoned with the proper fusion material monsters, then do not allow one to be summoned with Metamorphosis and not the other. Also make rulings more easily searchable and broader. We need to help people understand that a face-down Soul Absorbing Bone Tower can be attacked if even if there is another zombie face up on the field without resorting to "There isn't a specific ruling, but trust me." was an awesome place, but for reasons unclear to me, they were severely hamstrung. Let them get back up and running and help them.

4. Make Advanced Format Advanced. You did a great job with banning Dark Hole, Raigeki, Harpie's Feather Duster, and others, but then you went and left Heavy Storm off and created Lightning Vortex. Then you went and brought Mirror Force back to 1 per deck. Advanced format is for the people who love the game for the game and metagame, the ones who want the challenge. Traditional is for those who want to win by any means necessary. Game breaking cards like Torrential Tribute, Mirror Force, Heavy Storm, Lightning Vortex, and Tribe-Infecting Virus should be left where they belong. Cards with no costs like Monster Reborn, Change of Heart, and Pot of Greed should stay with traditional as well. The advanced game should be a game of give and take, strategy and counter-strategy, not just seeing who can draw the most game breaking cards first.

5. Don't Kill Cards before Printing them. Dark Magician Girl and Blue Eyes Shining Dragon were two cards I couldn't wait to try out in a deck. But guess what? Without Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon I can't summon BESD and without Magician of Black Chaos Dark Magician Girl loses half her bonus. Waiting for one card to come out to start playing a card you already have really is not as exciting as one would think.

6. Make the Creator/Manager/Designer more accessible. Provide us with an official forum where we can submit and discuss ideas to submit to help the game. Give us a place to discuss your future plans. You don't have to take our advice, but at least use this as a way to see what appeals to your fan base.

7. Go Back to the Secret Rare System and Expand your Sets. You can still use Ultimate Rares if you want to, but don't make me have to go through 5 copies of Assault on GHQ as a rare before I get the Ultimate Rare version. And put more than 60 cards in a set even if you have to bring a set out every 4 months instead of every 2. A box of Legacy of Darkness will get me very few repeats of the commons while a box of Flaming Eternity will give me roughly 6 of each common in the set. These are petty profit increasing measures probably brought on because of the recent dip in sales. This might help you in the short run, but this will hurt everybody in the long run. Also, keep printing promotional cards the same way so that people won't see Emes the infinity and wonder what set it was from.

8. Do Not go Rushing to Reprint. Special Edition cards and reprint sets are not necessarily a bad thing, but to bring them out less than a year after the original was printed doesn't help anyone. If you want to re-release the top cards of a few sets go for it, but do it once a year, and limit the number of useless cards you are going to put into it. Also, if you are going to reprint cards to make them more accessible to the fan base, do not increase the rarity of the card. Pot of Greed looks much cooler now but there are better ways of doing that, such as charging a fee to let someone send you a card that you will reprint in a rarity requested.

In conclusion we're asking you to help us help the game. We're not saying that you have to listen to all of these but they are just some of the great ideas we the undersigned have to help.

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  • 16 August 201550. Sam W
    I support this petition
  • 22 July 201549. Max Gracianoaguiarl
    I support this petition
  • 03 January 201548. Chris L
    Yeah, let's see more originality! Tournament Deck Horus Deck Type You'd Like to Play Fusion
  • 09 September 201347. Vani Mcconnell
    I support this petition
  • 17 June 201346. Miki Cole
    I support this petition
  • 01 May 201345. Wojtas Ball
    One of the Best polish YGO player. Tournament Deck My own deck. Deck Type You'd Like to Play -||_
  • 07 April 201344. Zanedestiny Meza
    I support this petition
  • 24 December 201243. Ryan B
    We need the suggestion forum Tournament Deck В Deck Type You'd Like to Play Union power
  • 28 February 201242. Kevin Kirwinj
    Total agreement Tournament Deck Fusion blitz Deck Type You'd Like to Play Cyber Dragon combos
  • 19 February 201241. Daniel S
    В Tournament Deck В Deck Type You'd Like to Play В
  • 17 June 201140. Gabriel M
    I support this petition
  • 06 April 201139. Wilczy Rojas
    I like original decks... but in this TCG we have already too many not completed ideas (like Dinosaur or Plant Deck) Tournament Deck Final Countdown Deck Deck Type You'd Like to Play Hmm... Maybe Serpent Deck?
  • 28 March 201138. Dawn T
    I support this petition
  • 28 February 201137. Andrzej K
    Please treat as as a serious wish from all Yugiho TCG fans Tournament Deck Last Turn Deck Type You'd Like to Play Gravity Bind
  • 02 January 201136. Darkreven Berg
    В Tournament Deck Earth, Chaos (Chaos Sorcerer RULZ XD) Deck Type You'd Like to Play GOOD deck :)
  • 01 November 201035. Alberto P
    we also have a saying on what the game needs to continue being good Tournament Deck monarch Deck Type You'd Like to Play dragons
  • 10 July 201034. Hans H
    easier access to cards Tournament Deck Zombie Deck Type You'd Like to Play swarm
  • 07 February 201033. Lucas Griffith
    I support this petition
  • 15 January 201032. Chris B
    I support this petition
  • 18 October 200931. Alex S
    I couldn't agree more with this petition Tournament Deck Dark Magician/Paladin/Spellcaster Deck Type You'd Like to Play anything but CHAOS
  • 24 June 200930. Mathew B
    I support this petition
  • 11 December 200829. Ari Cook
    Hahahaha half of the peoples here sucks ! Tournament Deck Tournament Deck
  • 15 August 200828. Daniel B
    Yugioh rocks! Don't let it be all about the money! Tournament Deck Light deck Deck Type You'd Like to Play E hero/ Elemental mistress deck
  • 06 August 200827. Oskar Bush
    I`ts the beast TCG in the world Tournament Deck Chaos, Warrior Deck Type You'd Like to Play Warrior
  • 02 February 200826. Rycerz G
    about OUR BEST PLAYERS....I dont think using judge's momentary lack of ineterst in the duel is good way to win ya know....this is one big misunderstanding..i justed wanted to tell rest of the worl that there still ARE decent duelist in Poland who hate UDE
  • 28 January 200825. Michal Perry
    That would be great! Tournament Deck Ultimate Insect lv/insect beat down but I can't win with it becose there is too much C-C!! :( Deck Type You'd Like to Play Ultimate insect lv/insect beat down for ever :D
  • 15 January 200824. Silent B
    В Tournament Deck Zombi-Chaos Deck Type You'd Like to Play DM deck, Firegrass deck

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