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I was raised on watching educational television, if any. But I now have a kid and I now think first hand of what my baby would watch. I had always thought of 'Sesame Street' as the superior to educational television programing. I always thought that when the time came for my child to watch television, Sesame Street would be where I go. To my memory Sesame Street taught educational values. Values and learning skills that I received at a very young age. Values and knowledge such as counting, reading, matching skills, math, writing, it expanded my imagination, it allowed me to know there were different kinds of people in the world.

Not ONCE did I ever want to kill someone because 'Count von Count aka Count Dracula' was a vampire, nor did he ever scare me.

Not EVER did I just want to eat cookies because thats what 'Cookie Monster' [RIP dear cookie 1969-2000]

Snuffy was a figment of Big Birds imagination, therefore hes gone because. what? Were not suppose to believe in imaginary friends? [Wtf?]

Bert and Ernie are homosexuals, just because they lived under the same roof. My dear lord, theres just no way in the world that they could have been roommates because they were both male and slept in different twin beds.

Oscar the Grouch isnt grouchy anymore and hes no longer allowed to live in his garbage can in fear it promotes uncleanliness and homelessness. yes because all these years i strived to be a homeless person living in a garbage can, thanks sesame street for making me dream...

Miss Piggy promotes a bad body image to young girls, because of course we all strive to look like her.

I still cant figure out why Kermit's gone.

There are so many [more] issues dealing with the brainwashing of our kids and this show that it sickens me.

If you have kids, and hell even if you dont have kids and you think Sesame Street should be what is always was 'educational television' please sign this petition!

And finally, i dont know about you, but I know I sure as hell learned A LOT from watching Sesame Street [1983-2007] I was able to read, count, write and obtain knowledge easier when I started attending Pre-K based on the knowledge that I learned from watching the show and of course my mother being there to help me and guide me in the learning process.

The main thing that a lot of these 'Christians' and 'Politically Correct' mothers that boycotted the nurturing and educational value of the show forget is that, if you are there to help mold your childs brain, if you spend actual time with your children and not just throw them in front of a television set to learn, then your child wouldnt get what you think of as 'a corrupted education' from watching tv. what do you think parents [mostly housewifes, due to women not being allowed to work, which is a whole different issue] did before public access television existed? Think of a time before 1970, a time when parents spent time molding their children and helping them learn. A simpler time where TV shows couldnt be blamed for being to violent and corrupted for todays youth. Now think of what you would have done with your children, had you been a mother anywhere before Public Access Television, or better yet before Television existed, now all those ideas you have, apply them in your childs life! Do real things with your kids, play games with them, make 'craft projects' with them, hell make cup cakes with them [they will only eat the whole batch if you allow them to] your children are only children once, they only have that blissful innocence for a short time in their lives, MAKE IT THE BEST YOU CAN! parenting is a hard skill no matter how you look at it, you have to be hands on, you have to spend time, you have to mold. DONT leave your child's mind up to Television and movies! Instead of throwing them in front of a TV, turn the TV OFF, promote READING! read to your child from birth and I bet you they will learn to love the worlds they can adventure to.

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