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The Conservative Army Presents A Petition To Save Our Sovereignty

The Declaration of Independence.... Everyone should read through this document and refresh their memory on just what it says- what our forefathers wrote, what they wanted their country at that time and forever to be is in this document.

If you read carefully you will see that our politicians today--are disregarding the very ideas that this country was founded on.

They have turned their back on representing the people from which the politicians power is derived--they are setting aside the beliefs of our founding fathers for the sake of power and control of this country, they are turning away from the Constitution that is the governing document of our country. They very ideas we went to war for many times, the very ideas that have seen us as a nation through thick and thin. The very ideas that our forefathers handed down through the ages to us.

Are we now going to forsake these ideas, are we now going to allow other outside sources to influence our nation and our laws, are we now going to allow people who know nothing of our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence our heritage our history to dictate to us the American people on how we should conduct ourselves, business, and our government?

We the people, means just that --we are responsible for this country it's success it's freedom--not some 3rd world President of Mexico, not left wing politicians and those who wish our country harm, not those that have pleasure in seeing our country go through hard times. It is WE THE PEOPLE, farmers, mothers, fathers, factory workers, hard working people of this country who love their country, have fought for her--we are the ones who make this country great--always have been always will be.

Our will as a people is being tested, the people in Washington D.C. think we no longer count-they think we have been asleep at the wheel for so long we have forgotten about how our country was founded and who really runs the show. It is not the politicians it is WE THE PEOPLE!!

We the undersigned petition our conservative leaders to help us to make a stand and put a stop to the betrayal of our votes and resources by the Republican Party which asks for our support during an election but which then betrays our values and their promises after they win.

We are committed to join with you, our leaders, in demanding that the Republicans in Congress and in the White House immediately pass a law on immigration which is modeled on the laws Mexico has on its books to wit:

1. being an illegal immigrant after 60 days is a felony

2. all immigrants, legal or illegal, are prohibited form participating in the political process, giving money to parties, serving in parties, demonstrating, or speaking in public about political issues

3. all naturalized citizens are prohibited from participating in the political process, running for office or holding political office or serving in a political party (for at least 10 years) (NOTE- in Mexico this is a permanent prohibition)

4. all immigrants, whether here legally or illegally are subject to deportation for any reason without recourse to any appeal for any reason whatsoever (this does not mean we will not grant hearings or appeals, but it does mean that we do not have to)

5. the only language used in all official documents and correspondences will be the national language, which is English

6. the military will control the border and deny entry to all save those who have acquired the proper visas

7. issues of border security and the status of legal or illegal immigrants shall in no wise be connected with or dealt with concomitant with the issues of immigration quotas, worker programs, and etc.

We call on our leaders to support the following:

1. that the Republicans must pour all their energy into the above law

2. that if Republicans will pour their energy into this new law we will march, protest, give, and volunteer as much as possible and more than ever before to turn out the vote in 2006

3. that if the Republicans do not fight for this law we will instead deny all support and hold an Election Strike until such a time as the Republicans start to fight for this law

The time has come for accountability to your supporters.

We ask our leaders to support this effort by telling their listeners and constituents about this effort and by talking with members of the party you may know to let them know this is a serious threat we will carry out.

Winning elections has not secured our freedoms and our way of life from the enemies of our Republic, so perhaps losing one will!

We cannot do this on our own. You, our leaders, have been blessed with a voice and the ability to be an influence. We therefore ask you to help us, your friends and those who admire you most, to make our collective voice be heard in this land.

We ask you to announce this campaign, to talk with one another to devise a coordinated strategy, and to tell the world about our effort to hold the Republicans accountable.

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