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As many of you know, I am the long-term owner of 8P, a former board member, a real estate owner and developer in New York City and an experienced real estate attorney having worked for a major New York law firm for an extended period.

Over the last several weeks, I have been approached by various residents/owners, asking that I get involved in what many perceive as a leadership crisis in our building. Due to many commitments both in the business world and in my personal life, I have been reluctant to do so and have stayed out of the fray. At the same time, I, like many others who reside here, am very concerned about the path the leadership of our building has taken. There have been many troubling incidents, particularly in the recent past, and the problematic incidents appear to be growing in frequency.

Taken on a case by case basis, there are explanation for everything. However, I personally regard many of the explanations as completely unsatisfactory. Also, on the whole, irrespective of case by case explanations, the pattern of problems simply does not bode well and we need a change. In fact, the pattern is quite alarming. The leak that damaged so many apartments in this building and the questionable response is just the tip of the iceberg of what a poorly led building can experience. Consider for a moment the thousands of gallons of water that run through our pipes and that sit on the 14th floor of our building in a swimming pool.

Also, irrespective of where one sits on the political spectrum, the approach that our leadership has taken to residents/owners, and, secondarily, to staff is completely unacceptable and problematic. Rules have been implemented to take away rights of units owners without due process, there have been several incidents of trespass into units without permission of the unit owner and over the owners objections, residents have been intimidated and are fearful to speak out, staff has been intimidated and punished for nonsense (and even published in the NY SUN), there has been an exit of our most knowledgeable handymen in the building and now an employee was fired under questionable circumstances. The list goes on and on.

Our homes are our most important assets. Many of us cannot afford for our units to not keep up with the market. Others among us cannot afford significant increases in carrying costs. Both of these results are already certain to occur. Without immediate action on our part, its going to get much worse. I can tell you that already, our building is facing a crisis in the market not unlike the criiss we saw in the late 90s due to a similar situation involving an overactive but less than effective building leader. I joined the board then to effectuate change and stepped down from the board once the change was implemented. Unfortunately, we are there again. The need for change is urgent!

As a result, I am launching a campaign to change the leadership of our building through a special meeting provided for by our by-laws. It will reauire 25\% of the unit owners to begin the process. I seek to avoid extremism in this campaign and urge us not to get caught up in extreme agendas or character assasinations. In response to your inquiries, I do not personally intend to serve as the leader of our condominium inasmuch as my commitment to leadership positions in other charitable endeavors simply do not allow for this. I will participate though and lend my expertise and guidance as it is sought.

I cannot do this alone and I need your help. Although I already have the support of many of you, I ask you to join this endeavor by signing below and providing your contact info. I also ask that you advise, if you can by email, whether you would be prepared to play any sort of leadership role in this endeavor.

Thank you for your support and help.

(Inasmuch as I am going to need email addresses or other contact info, if you do not list your email address below, please send it to me at [email protected] - it shall remain private)

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