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Christina Stark is petitioning the court for return of her children Zachary and Dakota Beaman, of whom guardianship was agreed upon by deceptive measures of Patricia Beaman.
Christina agreed to guardianship of all 3 of her children with Patricia Beaman but this agreement was not honored by Patricia for more then 30 days.
Patricia agreed to returning all 3 children upon Christina's return home. She agreed she would not seperate them and specifically not give Destini to Karla Minor. Not only has she not returned them, Christina had to petition the court for visitation. 30 days to the day, after Christina's appeal rights were no longer valid, Patricia gave Karla guardianship of Destini.
Christina takes the boys every ther weekend, to her home. She always returns them cleaner and better fed then she got them. She always washes their clothes before returning them home.
Christina has photographs taken from the Beaman household and has witnesses as to the conditions these boys live in. Christina has went and cleaned up their rooms and painted.
The house reeks of dog urine and so do the boys hair, clothes,shoes. The house is filled with dog feces.Every wall in the house has feces smeared on it. Zachary sleeps on a urine stained and stinking mattress with big holes dug in it with no sheet and no pillows and an old stinking electric blanket. The carpets have been removed from their rooms,but they smell like urine.
Christina has bought the boys school clothes the last 2 years. This past winter the boys were wearing thin jackets and no gloves in the snow and they walk to school. Christina bought them coats and gloves.
Patricia recieves money from the state to care for the boys. It needs to be mentioned she did this previously for another grandchild and claimed that child on her income taxes for many years so his mother could not. Even though he was back with his mom.
These cildren recieve no attention or love and affection in this home. They are screamed at, which even their neighbors would verify. ALL of their neighbors. They aren't taught anything. The merely exist to be their dads slave and do all the work around the house. They let them do whatever they see fit. There is no structure in the home, whatsoever.
Patricia recieves money from the state for their care, yet the children have no clothes, only what I have boughten them or the school has given them. They wear rags and stuff that doesn't fit any longer. Dakota is sill wearing the same pair of shoes that I bought for him last year. Which smell of dog urine and I wash them every other weekend when they come to my house.
I am their mother and I want them home. I don't want them to grow up cold, heartless and unfeeling and starved for affection like Patricia raised her two kids. They need to be taught values and morals and they need positive reinforcement not insults and negativity.
Randy calls them stupid, retard,idiots, lazy among other things. And they put Dakota on so much medication he has gotten extremely heavy for a little boy and they call him, "bigg'n" Randy is over 350 lbs. so he shouldn't do to him what he had to go through all his life.
I do fun things with the boys. We go fishing and bike riding and do active thigs. I make Zachary participate even though he doesn't want to. He is used to sitting in front of video games as soon as he gets home from school until 3 or 4 in the morning. I don't let him at my house. He doesn't like it, but he has accepted that is the way it is at my house.
The children don't eat meals at the table, or as a family. They eat when they get ready, in front of the TV. Randy goes to bed at 6:30pm and leaves them to do whatever they wish until Patricia returns home at 10pm. We eat at the table as a family, at my house,we say grace before we eat.
In the 17 years Randy and I were married and since I have never heard Patricia say one posititve thing. Randy is becoming the same way. He brags about how much better he is then others and how he takes are of his kids. I can't see it at all. He gave his daughter away, his kids live in disgusting filth, they are wearing cothes that are old, torn, smelly and sometimes have been worn a week straight without being washed.He doesn't make Zachary bathe and he goes for a week or more without bathing and they don't make them brush their teeth. They practice good hygiene at my house.
When Randy and I divorced, he never wanted custody of the kids. Didn't even want visitation. He wouldn't even take guardianship, when the time came.
My house is spotless and empty. Waiting for my children to come home where I can raise them with love, as only I can. I can raise them to be educated, caring, god fearing, positive, productive, well loved and happy adults with memories that will live on in their mind, when I'm not around anymore.
These children are not being raised there. They are raising theirselves and they are not capable, they are children.I prayed for these children. I gave birth to them. I love them. They are my children and I have missed enough of their lives. I want them to come home where they belong. I can better care for them. I am younger and I have less weight and I enjoy being a mom. I want to show them the things I've been shown by my parents. I don't want them to turn out to be criminals or drug addicts or in prison. I couldn't live with myself if this happened. I ask the courts to do what is in the best interest of my children and return them home where they belong.

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