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Save the Los Angeles Urban Garden @ 41st and Alameda

We have been informed that our garden, located at 1727 E. 41st, Los Angeles, CA 90058, is going to be closing at the end of the year.
Background: The city Los Angeles acquired the property from owner Ralph Horowitz through eminent domain, and with the condition that the owner had first right of refusal if the land was to ever be sold again. Eminent domain means that it is supposed to be used for the good of the community. In the same manner that Chavez Ravine was supposed to be used for low-income housing. In the end Chavez Ravine was given away to the Dodgers for less than it was purchased for. The original proposal was to put a trash recycling/incineration facility that was opposed by the Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles. At the time there was racial, economic, and political tension around the Rodney King incident and the city abandoned the project. The property was sold to the Harbor Department as part of the Alameda Corridor development. The harbor department only used a small portion of the land.

Mr. Horowitz sued the city of Los Angeles when he was not given the first right of refusal and after 5 years the courts have ruled on his favor.

What about the Gardeners???????
Local gardeners have been working the 1st lot for over 12 years and the second lot for over 8 years. This is a very long period of time in realty years. Every plot has been invested with great effort to make them productive. This has included the introduction of organic matter, fertilizers, fencing, diversified seed stock, and most importantly, hard labor. Up to this point no gardener was informed of the true fate of his or her small productive garden plot.

Why has our representative democracy ignored the investiture of 300 gardeners and their families?

Vernon, a city the size of 5.16 square miles ( 3584 acres), where the urban garden constitutes a 0.4\%, has been made up of mainly industrial warehouses and low-income residents. These residents occupy the top 5th position in lowest median income cities, Communities with the Highest and Lowest Median Family Incomes Los Angeles County, 1990 Census. Where Rolling hills holds the top position with $150,001 vs. Vernon with a median income of $16,250. The income earning of this population has increased a mere $2479 ( 13\% increase) from 1990 to 1999 (City of Los Angeles Demographics 1990 & 2000 Census). Considering a median income of $18,000/year and a monthly rent/mortgage of $800 /month, this would leave the family with $700.00/month for food, family needs, transportation (whether public or private). It does not take a Richard Feyman to figure out that families have to rely on alternative strategies to provide for the family caloric consumption.
Those having had the chance of acquiring an urban garden plot, rely heavily on the productivity of their land to supplement the family caloric intake. A family can easily cut a 1/3 of the grocery bill by working the garden plot. Los Angeles weather allows for up to four productive harvests. This, of course, requires aggressive farming techniques that involve composting, elimination of stubborn weeds, pesky pathogens, fungus, and hard labor. A secondary product of these gardens is that while those residents who were not able to acquire a garden plot still rely on the other gardeners as a great source of alternative produce supply. Many of these gardeners sell their surplus to local residents for a greatly discounted value as compared to the local agri-business distributors.

Currently, there are approximately 300 garden plots and these plots supplement the caloric intake of the gardeners and their families while additionally providing their surplus to the local residents. 80\% of the produce grown by the gardeners is not in direct competition with the local retailers. Most of the produce grown is specific to the cultural expression of the gardeners. Mexicans will grow different produce as compared to those from El Salvador, adding to the diversity of the produce.

Our Position: Aqui estamos y no nos vamos!

It is the resolve of the urban gardeners that they have invested over a decade in making fallow ground extremely productive. Rumors have been offered that relocation would be an option to the gardeners, but where in Los Angeles County will you find 13.66 acres of contiguous land just waiting for marginalized people? Clearly, it seems easier to relocate warehouses than living plants and trees that have taken years to grow and make productive. The gardeners resolve to persevere at the current location of 1727 E. 41st, Los Angeles, CA 90058.

Please help inform the politicians about your support for the gardeners. Please contact the following people and let them know we don't want to lose our garden!!!!

Councilwoman Jan Perry
Ninth District
200 N. Spring Street
Suite 420 City Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90012
[email protected]
(323) 846-2651

Also the Mayor's

Mayor James K. Hahn
Constituent Service Department
200 N. Spring Street, Room 303
City Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90012
[email protected]
(213) 978-0721

You can contact us at:

Committee to Save the Los Angeles Urban Garden @ 41st and Alameda.
7309 Clybourn Ave Suite 1
Sun Valley, CA 91352
818 255-1483
[email protected]

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