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First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my petition, now then let it be known that I am a Satanist. However this does not make me a bad or an evil person. I am respectable tax paying American citizen. I have never broken a law, and I can honestly say that every Satanist I know would qualify just the same. Yet still we are discriminated. There are currently several petitions out and bills being sent to D.C. fighting for freedom of religion for Jewish and Muslim peoples. When I say this I realize that it my come across as anti-Jewish or anti-Muslim, which it simply is not. I have great respect for both religions as well as many others. However one wide spread religion that I have little respect for is Christianity because in the 15th century they slaughtered hundreds of freethinking men and women because they were thought to be witches and warlocks. How can I respect a religion that massacres in the name of its god? To send a message out strictly to the U.S. congress freedom of religion means freedom for all religions! I must say it is sad that historic events play such a large role in how the world views a race of religion. For example during WWII if Hitler had won the war and concord Poland as well as the possibility of the rest of Europe Judah would become the new Satanism and would be ridiculed from society. This is similar to the case of Satanists for during the first and second crusades Christianity defeated the many satanic armies and so now modern day Satanists are treated as a lower class than even those poor unfortunates living in third world countries. We are considered the scum of the earth, and were tired of putting up with it! We want freedom! We want to be able to stand up and say that we are Satanists without being treated like we just attempted to take the presidents life! There have been several cases throughout history where Satanists were put on trial and sometimes put to death simply because we walk a different spiritual path than most. It disgusts me that I even have to post this petition in the first place because I feel that all people should be treated equally as individuals. We take responsibility for our actions if we break a law we expect to be given a fair trial just like anyone else. I am tired of watching the news and hearing about how a child rapist or a murderer is given a lighter sentence that a Satanist who committed a crime of much less magnitude. If this petition causes no change in the treatment of Satanists it wont bother me so long as I know that I made a difference in at least one persons life. I am not trying to get anyone to convert to Satanism I only want everyone to understand that just because I dont follow a Jesus path that somehow makes me evil. Satanism is not evil! Despite the name of our religion we, in most cases, do not actually worship Satan. Satanism is a religion in which a person worships whatever makes them happy. In Satanism, you come before the world. Your needs are met before anyone elses. So in a way Satanism is a self-worshiping religion. And if you are one of those people who read things similar to this so you can write a book or an article discriminating Satanism I just want you to know that like it or not many satanic traditions play a role in most holidays that Christians celebrate. You see in ancient times when the Christians holy bible was written Satanism was a respected and accepted religion in society. Satan also makes many appearances in the Christians bible though most times he is hidden in the text believe me or look for yourself but I assure you he is there. Again I thank you for taking the time to read this. And I ask that no matter your age, race, religion, gender, or your orientation, please, sign this petition you will be speaking out against discrimination everywhere.

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