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An Appeal on Humanitarian Ground:

Safe and Protect Rohingya Refugee in Bangladesh

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh refugee Camps and other unregistered Rohingya refugees outside the camps are regularly and systematically intimidated, humiliated, tortured, raped, and killed by local people from neighboring Bangladeshi villages, some politically motivated groups, some racially intolerant groups, with impunity.

Camp authorities never interfere when these kind of inhumane events happen, sometimes encouraged by those who are supposed to be responsible for well-being and safety of these helpless, friendless, and deprived, weak and needy people (Rohingya of Arakan, Burma (Myanmar).

Bangladesh authorities frequently reject even help from other peace-loving countries, NGOs and others.

Rohingya people of Arakan are most persecuted minority in Burma (Myanmar). In Burma all the minorities are under oppression, repression, intimidation by Illegal Military Junta; but Rohingya of Arakan State of Burma are most targeted and their suffering are continuous since 1962, when Gen, Ne Win took power by military coup from elected government of U Nu on March 2nd 1962.

They are not allowed to travel freely inside the country. They cannot get public jobs; they are not even allowed to marry as they wish. They have been being taxed and over taxed at will by central and even local government entities, without justification as per their own law and regulation. Toured, illegal imprisonments, fabricated law suits, sometimes summery killing are daily lives for these unfortunate people.

Their Citizenship rights were taken away by former strong man, Gen. Ne Win's regime in 1982. They are now technically a Stateless people in Twenty-first century.

Please save these deprived people from expulsion, ethnic cleansing, and genocide in Burma and please raise your voice against the intimidation in Rohingya Refugee Camps, outside refugee Camps in Bangladesh-Burma border region in any way you can.

Please inform others about their suffering, Please inform your respective representatives, please advocate, propagate, campaign for their safety, security and well-being of these helpless, and friendless people to your friends, your governments and International Human Right Organizations, UN, UN Security Council, Other concern entities.

We would like to appeal to UN and UN Security Council, UN Human Rights Organs, EU, OIC, African Union, ASEAN, Arab League, GCC, WAMY, MWL and others to protect these Rohingya people from Arakan, Burma.
It is a noble duty of all Human-beings, all peace-loving people of the world and all Human right advocates to seek justifiable and suitable solution for these deprived people.

We do hope that all the peace-loving people of the world will come to help these most prosecuted people on earth in any ways and means they can and they afford.

The Almighty will shower you with unimaginable blessing and reward you with goodies and niceties, you can ever imagine for we are ultimately under his, only his sovereign universe.

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Latest Signatures

  • 25 December 2015100. Hossain Siddiquea
    Please help them City Makkah Country Saudi Arabia
  • 17 November 201599. Mohamed H
    I am a senior Rohingya citizen: How much more tears do we need to shed and how many more worst attrocities do you need to witness before you stand firm on our petition; Dear Secretary General ! City Jeddah Country Saudi Arabia Name of Organozation xxx
  • 27 October 201598. Nurul A
    Action should be taken as soon as possible . City Auckland City Country New Zealand
  • 02 October 201597. Carolyn M
    I demand that the refugees be treated in accordance with the United Nations Human Rights declaration City Wollongong Country Australia
  • 27 September 201596. Abdul R
    Please do someting and they need protection City kuala lumpur Country malaysia
  • 09 September 201595. Noor S
    We kindly request you to take away the fear and bring the justice on Rohingya in homeland as well as abroad. How long do we have to suffer the injustice? City Kuala Lumpur Country Malaysia
  • 10 August 201594. Mohammad Sa
    Right & justic for oppressed Rohingyas City Penanag state Country Malaysia Name of Organozation Arakan Networking Group (ANG)
  • 21 June 201593. Nejamul K
    Please help the helpless people Country Bangladesh
  • 02 June 201592. Semih Y
    "And soon will the unjust know what vicissitudes their affairs will take!" Holy Qur'an (26/227))
  • 18 May 201591. Aye M
    we support this petition,please help us...... City Jeddah Country KSA Name of Organozation RLDB
  • 01 May 201590. Zahid Caldwell
    support victim Rohingya refugee protecting City Dublin Country Ireland
  • 30 April 201589. Elisa Holland
    United Peace and Freedom in Burma City Tinqueux Country France
  • 24 April 201588. Saleem M
    its was very painfull for me and I deeply concern to bring them in to justice and stop inhumanity act. City Sandvika Bжrum Country Norway Name of Organozation Rohingya community in Norway
  • 15 April 201587. Humayun K
    I do strongly support this petition. We must stand against this inhuman suffering of the Rohingya refuges immediately and safeguard and protect their interest. City Lethbridge Country Canada
  • 01 April 201586. Naveen I
    we need to protect the civil rights of these refugees City Lancaster Country United Kingdom
  • 26 March 201585. Shafiul A
    It's very essential to take a durable solution . City Surrey, BC. Country Canada.
  • 08 March 201584. Sheikh A
    On humanitarian ground , Bangladesh authority has the duty to protect and shelter these helpless people, the Rohingyas of Arakan, Buram City Jeddah Country KSA Name of Organozation ANC Party of Arakan
  • 04 March 201583. Ruthann A
    Doing to one is doing to us all
  • 24 February 201582. Mahmudul Roberts
    just say pl help them
  • 12 February 201581. Naing Winz
    It is responsible for all peace loving nations. City Drammen. Country Norway Name of Organozation Rohingya Community In Norway
  • 09 February 201580. Jonybatuny Y
    meet personally with related party to solve the problem immediately City Auckland Country New Zealand
  • 19 January 201579. U Kyawh
    Please protect these helpless Rohingyas from the brutalities of both Burmese and Bangladesh thugs.. City Mae Sot Country Thailand Name of Organozation Muslim Liberation Organization of Burma (MLOB)
  • 31 December 201478. Ahmet
    I condemn the restriction of Bangladesh government and not providing the refugees even the simplest humanitarian rights City Istanbul Country Turkey
  • 11 November 201477. Amit Donaldson
    On humanitarian ground they need to be protected and rehabilitated.
  • 07 November 201476. Ali J
    I request UN to send a fact finding commission to Bangladesh and Burma to investigate the sufferings of Rohingyas mentioned in this petition & to find ways and means for its remedy. City Jeddah Country Saudi Arabia
  • 05 November 201475. Smail Y
    I support this petition
  • 17 October 201474. Tin S
    [email protected] /* */ City LILLEHAMMER Country NORWAY Name of Organozation Rohingya lillehammer

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The Secretary-General, United Nation, New York, USA


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