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The Essendon Football Club, it's players, it's staff & most of all it's supporters not only want success we demand Success. EFC is meant to be the best an dleading club in the AFL and yet we are continiously fed with this bullshit football week in week out by Kevin Sheedy.

This Man we call Sheeds has just coached his 600th game at EFC, This old fart should have retired at the end of last season when we finished 13th. Essendon is the sort of club that should be in the finals every season, Kevin Sheedy when coaching in a game is 40+ points behind and what does he do ? He demands all his players to play in the back half and FLOOD. We should play attacking football, not so defensive that we give away silly goals willy nilly.

Kevin Sheedy is not only too old to be coaching a professional outfit, his ideas have gone as stale as the 10 week old cheese in the back of the fridge that people leave there time and time again.


We are a proud and successfull club and we demand success at every corner. It is time to Sack the old fart known as Kevin Sheedy now and not after his cotnract ends in late 2007. We do not want 3 successive season down near the bootom of the league ladder. We deserve to be in the finals every season.

The time is right to sack Kevin Sheedy. I plead with the rest of the Essendon Fans and Supporters to sign this petition and to let the whole country know that WE Want Sheedy out NOW !

It's Time To Go Kevin Sheedy, You have been Evicted !

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Latest Signatures

  • 29 November 201591. Kepler B
    Duhhhhh......wh.........ummm............whats going on.............duuuuuhhhhhhh..........I like Sheeds..........duuhh.........
  • 11 October 201590. Rodney E
  • 24 September 201589. Brad M
    Im actually a serious bomber fan that wants him sacked, need new blood
  • 17 September 201588. George L
  • 10 June 201587. Mathew S
    Too old, too set in his ways, lost touch with the modern game - pump him now!
  • 04 April 201586. Herman S
    herman shanks has signed twice now look oscar
  • 23 January 201585. Mick Esparza
    Kev has got to go the game has passed him well and truly
  • 07 November 201484. Courtney J
    Yeah i want him out!! He pumped up my tyres big time and i am just a fair dinkum dud.
  • 15 September 201483. Luke Franklin
    I support this petition
  • 01 August 201482. Mark B
  • 16 July 201481. Jason Mendez
    Give him a GO!!!! You guys only wanna sack him because the team is losing, if they were where west coast are, you would all be loving him!!!!!
  • 09 June 201480. Paul K
    I've never liked him
  • 25 April 201479. Roman A
    Yes I would very much like Sheedy to join me, please sack him
  • 23 March 201478. Marky B
    Secretly we do need to sack him. I am sick and tired of waking up every morning and rolling over and seeing that stupid grin on his face and telling me how good I was last night. Don't tell BIG Kev.
  • 09 March 201477. Bjb Hale
    The guy is a joke? Only bigger joke is Graeme McMahon the gutless wonder who re-hired him last time. Shut your mouth McMahon you braindead hick!!!!
  • 13 February 201476. Angela G
  • 11 January 201475. Herman S
    herman shanks for life
  • 02 January 201474. Stewart Choi
    Keep up the good work Kevin so far the best you have coached since 1990
  • 05 December 201373. Maree M
    i am not a bombers supporter but i agree, time for kevin sheedy to be given his marching orders
  • 11 November 201372. Wayne M
    The game has changed in 20 years, Kevin Sheedy hasnt, time to get a coach who understands the times and want to win rather than have get more TV commercials.
  • 21 July 201371. Trevor Ayers
    Sheedy is a hack. Get rid of him!
  • 05 July 201370. John Baldwin
    kevin sheedy is too old
  • 01 July 201369. Gavin W
    Sack Kevin, if he had not been the coach i would have stayed at Essendon, I just cant play for a person that is always watching the players in the showers all the time! It's freaky!!
  • 20 June 201368. Hfghf Figueroa
    I support this petition
  • 15 March 201367. Michael M
    Bring in Harvey!!!
  • 12 February 201366. Aaronmeadows Sanford
    i am an attention seeking twat trying to cash in on the sack pagan petition
  • 25 November 201265. Jimmy H
    i want the top job - he's too old

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