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Animaniacs was probably one of the best cartoons of the '90s. It took the classic Looney Tunes tradition and mixed it in with the more modern and more adult type of humor that had been inspired by The Simpsons. The result was one of the best cartoons in the history of the world that was so popular, it got a spin-off show (Pinky and the Brain, if you didn't know by now). It was a shame when Jamie Kellner and his "aim for the lowest common denominator" philosophy killed Animaniacs. Then it went to Nickelodeon, only to be given bad, if any, timeslots and lots of cencorship, and enough has been said about their logo in the theme song.

Now it is time to change this bad treatment Animaniacs is getting! There are a variety of ways to get it back. There could be shorts in front of movies, maybe even their own movies (Wakko's Wish was a bit too direct to video for it too be considered a movie), possibly a revival of their TV show (hopefully on primetime at a good timeslot)! Even a DVD would be good! If you want to bring Animaniacs back, sign this petition and tell how you want it revived.

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Latest Signatures

  • 17 November 2015100. Brent L
    Please bring this show back.
  • 02 November 201599. Cheese Lester
    it rocks
  • 07 October 201598. Andrew N
    Bring back Katie Ka-Boom! She was hot!
  • 30 September 201597. Carlene Norman
    Its back on TV, so bring it to DVD!!
  • 22 August 201596. Rebecca M
    I don't know what to say. I just want to watch Animaniacs.
  • 12 August 201595. Zoe Stevenson
    I am currently thirteen years old and I experienced this show as my first cartoon when I finally moved to the Americas from Spain. I watched it everyday I could and loved it very much along with my parents. When it was taken off of public tv, and placed o
  • 17 July 201594. Kyle Crosby
    I Love Animaniacs
  • 24 June 201593. Mark D
    The kids of today need some wit in their cartoons. The puns, visual gags, and intelligence of the Animaniacs helped it thrive. BRING IT BACK!
  • 07 May 201592. Sean T
    Best Cartoon of all time!!!!
  • 17 April 201591. Dan P
    please bring it back
  • 05 April 201590. Andrew I
    There need to be more shows like this...
  • 25 February 201589. Jessica Christian
    If executed properly, a revival of Animaniacs would be great. It was probably the best cartoon of the 90s, and it deserves something like this.
  • 02 February 201588. Ramsen K
    The cartoon was hilarious for adults and kids. I still use youtube clips of it to teach my kids about the planets (despite pluto getting shafted) as well as capitals and countries.
  • 12 January 201587. Edward H
  • 11 January 201586. Jose Albertoserram
    Que regresen los animaniacs a la television de nuevo!!!!
  • 22 December 201485. Laura M
    I have to say that animaniacs have given me motivation to do tings in my life(it is not an stupid thing)without them, this is a depression.I have waiting for them all these years with all my hope, even when i thougth that they would never come back.PLEASE
  • 02 November 201484. Adam E
  • 06 August 201483. Raincloud Mccarty
    I love Animaniacs with all my heart! I have spent thousands of dollars on them, and would definetly buy all the DVDs and CDs et al that Warner Brothers could ever put out!
  • 25 July 201482. Wesley Perez
    Bring it out on DVD or make new episodes.
  • 08 July 201481. Taylor C
    I loved that show as a child.
  • 14 June 201480. Animaniacs F
    Animaniacs is one of the greatest cartoons of the 90s. It had traditonal Looney Tunes humor and modern humor. Today's cartoons don't got what Animaniacs got
  • 27 May 201479. Hannah R
    "Animaniacs" was a true work of artistic insanity and I want it back!!!
  • 02 March 201478. Jacqueline L
    Please bring it back, uncensored like we remember it.
  • 01 March 201477. Rick Atkinson
    bring back them old school. this is what my kids need to be watching not spongebob. unlike spongebob animaniacs are the funnest and educational cartoons. our kids need to learn capitals states and all that history animaniacs tought. not who can hit themse
  • 03 February 201476. Mj Colon
    Animaniacs--best show ever. Deserves to be brought back.
  • 17 December 201375. Krystle Wheeler
    i love this show!!
  • 13 December 201374. Sherry Evans
    Please bring this incredible show back! Nothing else on TV can compare to either this or Pinky and the Brain!

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