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Dear Lifetime TV programming executives,

It is clear from the numerous posts located on the internet, your viewers are completely dissatisfied with moving the Golden Girls from their 11 pm EST time slot. Returning the enormously popular show back for only two nights each week in that time slot is simply inadequate. The automatic response from Lifetime, stating that the station wants to rotate popular programming, is viewer-relations rubbish. We are not sure what demographic and ratings information you are taking into account, however Wild Card and What Would You Do? hardly qualifies as "popular". Airing movies in that time slot is equally inane, as Lifetime has a complete network dedicated solely to movies.

Therefore, we the undersigned, will discontinue watching Lifetime TV in its entirety until the Golden Girls are returned to their 11 pm time slot Monday through Friday. In addition, we will no longer purchase the products or patronize the establishments that sponsor your programming until such changes are made. If you will not listen, we believe you advertisers will.

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Latest Signatures

  • 21 July 201550. Sunwei Santana
    I support this petition
  • 22 October 201449. Heather Orozco
    I watch the Golden Girls every day at 5 and again at 10pm. I'm kind of sick of it not being on Thursdays and Fridays! Lifetime is the only network that actually reruns this wonderful show.
  • 31 July 201448. Lisa S
    I hate Laverne and Shirley. I wish you would add another episode of DW. I also do not like Wild Card or What would you do?
  • 07 June 201447. Rachel Wagner
    Golden Girls for life
  • 17 May 201446. Sharlene Ochoa
    I LOVE GOLDEN GIRLS!!! Young and old love it...SHOW IT ALL WEEK!!!
  • 15 March 201445. Jamie V
    Why mess with a good thing?
  • 16 January 201344. Pat B
    keep it simple--11 pm!
  • 02 January 201343. Jared Walker
  • 24 December 201242. Jennifer S
    It's not rocket science - use your brain
  • 23 December 201241. Holly W
    Bring it back, the girls kept me going through my pregnancy with twins!
  • 16 October 201240. Jim Inmanj
    Please bring TGG back five nights a week!!
  • 05 January 201239. Maggie Fox
    bring it back, will and grace sucks
  • 20 October 201138. Britney B
  • 01 February 201137. Leann O
    I support this petition
  • 03 November 201036. Margo D
    Nothing can beat watching a great hour of GG at bedtime. Save Wild Card, movies and whatever else for the weekend. I like to know I can count on my Girls every night at 11pm!!
  • 22 October 201035. Michael M
    This is it! If they dont change back to the 11:00 showing(s), we are through watching ANY Lifetime programming!
  • 17 August 201034. Michelle J
    I think it is absurd to keep moving GG all over the schedule. I never know when it's going to be on anymore and that is SO frustrating, I literally get ANGRY when I go to watch it and some stupid show like Merge or Wild Card is on.
  • 12 June 201033. Karen H
    No Golden Girls-No Lifetime TV
  • 20 May 201032. Jenn Hooper
    Bring back the girls! They are the reason I pay extra for Lifetime on my cable lineup...
  • 29 April 201031. Roxana V
    please let us have "OUR"girls back its bad enough we dont see them anymore for the 2 hrs. straight in the morning since sqeezing in " the nanny"!
  • 07 January 201030. Phala H
    please have the gg on 5 nights a week - they are like a calming tonic to send you off to sleep & make you believe the world is safe - the nanny & merge are too annoying to watch before bedtime
  • 14 December 200929. Lisa W
    This is complete CRAP!!!! We want our girls BACK!!!!
  • 13 December 200928. Erica Ho
  • 31 May 200927. Angela M
    We want the golden girls back on at 11:00!!!! It's bad enough they took them off at 8:00 pm for Providence!
  • 17 March 200926. Melanie J
    Please return Golden Girls to the 11 PM slot. I will be writing your advertisers to express my discontent and will be boycotting their products.
  • 03 March 200925. Sonja V
    Please, please PLEASE bring the Golden Girls back to the 10pm CST time slot!
  • 03 February 200924. Sophia Butler
    It's on @ 6:30EST on Lifetime, SICILY 1942!

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Lifetime TV programming executives


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