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The purpose of this petition is to support the restocking and alternate availability of the very popular line of radio controlled vehicles known as XMODS.

XMODS parts and starter kits are becoming scarce. Purchasing parts from eBay for three times the retail price is a rip-off. Some of your stores are saying they cannot get XMODS parts shipped between stores. Our community has seen our supply of XMODS starter kits and upgrades for them dwindling down to only 1 (one) or 2 (two) kits of any given upgrade and a minuscule selection of starter kits. Many of our most valuable upgrades are now nonexistent in stores. We face having to quit this hobby that we all love because the XMODS upgrades and starter kits are slowly disappearing.

Much to our disappointment, the first to go were the highly loved Generation 1 lineup. Followed by the discontinuation of the Lancer Evo VIII and G35 Evolution XMODS, then the Firebird and F-150 disappeared. The Scion and Titan, much to our jubilation, did come out, but all else was discontinued. We made a petition to stop XMODS, but Radioshack made the Transformers XMODS before we sent it. We were relieved at first, but I see now Radioshack is trying to get rid of the Titan and Scion. Some of us think that Radioshack is about to discontinue the XMODS franchise, and we do not want that to happen.

It seems that Radioshack is just indifferent to its most loyal customers. We trusted Radioshack 100\%, but in the recent events, our trust in Radioshack to keep XMODS alive is faltering. The clearances, the discontinuations, and the removal of so many items from Radioshack's online store all make us fear for the future of our hobby. As for those who started this hobby earlier, they are tired of having to buy the First Generation parts online for 3 (three) times of what it costs on the shelf. The newcomers to the hobby are all concerned, because they might have to stop before they are even able to start.

We all believe that Radioshack should restock all of the XMODS products that have been discontinued in the Evolution line, as well as the First Generation bodies and upgrades for those who still have them.

We not only buy the XMODS starter kits and their accompanying upgrades, yet we also buy other products at Radioshack. From LEDs, to wires, to battery holders, to soldering guns/irons , we XMODS consumers need other items for the hobby that is all conveniently placed at Radioshack. If you discontinue, we will have no reason to buy those other items, and therefore hindering Radioshack business substantially.

Also, international restocking of XMODS has slowed alarmingly. In the United Kingdom, some have noticed the restocking slow so much that it's nearly impossible to get an XMODS. Some stores have even stopped stocking them. In Canada, the stores that stock XMODS have almost all disappeared into oblivion because Circuit City has bought them out and replaced them with "The Source". The people in Canada rely on The Source/La Source to buy their XMODS products from, but it's all rapidly disappearing faster than the XMODS can be restocked.

In Canada, The Source/La Source retail stores are only able to stock the First Generation line of XMODS starter kits and upgrade parts. The current trend seems to be that the parts are not available for future restocking due to the second series of XMODS, the XMODS Evolution line of cars and trucks. Even if the success of this petition alters the movement of products in America's chain of Radioshack stores, it will have no affect on Canada's own The Source/La Source retailer as they are tied with a different holding. Though it may not truly help those internationally, the return of XMODS product lines in America will still surely be able to support many thousands of XMODS hobbyists throughout the world, as members from online communities purchase bulk products in order to distribute them to other XMODS hobbyists throughout the world.

I hope you take some time to sign this petition. It will make a difference in our community as well as other XMODS communities as well.

This message is directed BOTH to Canada's The Source/La Source chain of retailers and America's Radioshack retailers, as well as those whom the matter may concern.

Thank you for your support,

The XMOD community

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