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To All Montcalm County Residents----

I have started this petition to make you all aware of the situation that has presented itself to me. I have been recently told that during certain times of the day there is NO police protection available from the Montcalm county Sheriff Department. There is ONE state patrol car in the whole entire county during this 4 hour period of time and that is it.

I have been told (by a VERY reliable source) that this is the time when the more intense crime tends to occur. I E-mailed the newspaper and all 9 county commissioners and was only contacted by ONE of them! He had told me that it was a matter of the voters choice to have the police protection taken away at this time. He had told me that because the voters turned down the 1 MIL increase they were turning down this protection. He had also told me that they(the commissioners) had made it known to the public, in depth what this 1 MIL increase was for. I personally do read the paper and watch the news and had never seen anything "IN DEPTH" about this matter.

He had also told me that there was no where else to make cuts, ok what about the jail guards that they have an over-abundance of? Or how about merging the 9 districts into 6 and eliminating 3 of the commissioners so we can have our 3 patrolmen back? After all I am sure the officers make far less money than the commissioners(although I am not positive) so the county could even save by doing that. He told me that the ONLY thing that might help was to start a petition for the people of the county to sign, to let them know how the public feels. So here it is.

I work at a gas station in the county and I will tell you that there are plenty of people who know when the police are on and when they are not. I have had PLENTY of customers joke with me about it being the "safe time" to rob me because the police are not around. I had a customer come in the other day that threatened to hit me because I refused sale of beer to him, if he would have attacked me what is there to do but let it happen with no one to call?

What about YOUR personal safety? These people know when the "safe time" is to rob,beat,or attack someone. Trust me I have heard it from many customers. Not to mention I KNOW people know it is "safe" to drive drunk at this time......what happens if someone is innocently driving down the road and is struck by one of these drunk drivers, let's say it is a family of 4 who is hit. Like I previousley said there is only 1 state trooper in the ENTIRE county, the chances of that 1 trooper finding this person before this incident had the chance to happen are slim to none.Where as the county officers are stationed at various parts of the county and the chances of this person being caught before a tradgedy like this has the chance to happen are tripled!

I asked the state trooper how long(an estimated time) it would take them to get to me in an emergency from the farthest point away--they told me the response time would be approximately 35-45 minutes. That is if they are not in the middle of something else.

I understand that with EVERYTHING being taxed like it is now a days people are cautious on how their money is spent. But this increase would affect each county resident by less than $75 A YEAR. I personally think that amount is well worth my safety.

It was mentioned to me yesterday that if the county would come up with a plan to have the increase for only this aspect and not combined with all of the other junk we don't need, then maybe the citizens would be more willing to agree to the increase.I agree with that statement wholeheartedly, I know that it does not take 1 million dollars a year to pay 3 officers for 4 hours a day. If EVERYONE were to bring this up there would be a greater chance of this happening but it would take the whole county to ban together as much as possible, contact your commissioners, ask questions, things of that nature.

I am a 27-year old gas station attendant and I am trying what I can to help this situation. This includes E-mailing all 9 commissioners(like I said only 1 answered-the rest must think that a citizen's concerns are unimportant or something),Speaking with SOME of the public, E-mailing the local newspaper NUMEROUS times(they will not answer me for some reason--maybe because there IS no logical answer)I also spoke with this ONE commissioner on the phone, and now I want to bring this issue to the public to if for no other reason inform you of what EXACTLY is going on. but it takes more than one person to get these people to understand how much we need our officers. I am sure if something happened during this time to one of their family members something would be done right away.

I just want one simple thing--the police protection to which I/we are entitled, not only at work but at home as well. I am a single mother of 2 living alone in a not so pleasant area. I cringe to think what would come of my children and I if someone were to break-in one day. It could happen anywhere at anytime, My uncle was held at gunpoint in FENWICK of all places. So don't think it could not happen to you because there are A LOT of crazy people out there who don't care what they have to do to get what they want. I am sure I have met at LEAST half of them at the store in the little town in which I live.

The purpose of this petition is to make our voice heard, to let the county know how we feel about being blindly robbed of our safety. This will go directly to the county to let them know of OUR concerns and opinions. There is a place for you to write your opinion on this as well once you get to the page to sign the petition. This is not a required area BUT I am sure it would be of great help to take five minutes to post any of your questions, thoughts, or concerns on this matter. Let's make it known how we as citizens feel about this, before it gets to the point where crime in the area is out of control and someone REALLY gets hurt.

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