Repeal the Violence Against Women Act - VAWA !!! sign now

Repeal the Violonce Against Women Act - VAWA !!! Sign the Petition !!! The majority of this money is used for propaganda... it is used to brain-wash whoever is gullible with the Sick, Venomous Feminist Doctrines which in effect are:
- spreading male-hate (Misandry)...
- creating and encouraging ongoing conflict between the sexes
- maligning males and boys in every possible way

How do we ensure that the US Senate is aware of the destruction of men, Families and society caused by VAWA False Accusations?

... There is an epidemic of False Accusations of Domestic Violence, Abuse and Rape in this country.

True Victims of Domestic Abuse must be helped!!! Men or Women!!!

False Accusations of Domestic Violence, Abuse and Rape must be Eliminated, whether the false accuser is a Man or a Woman!!!

False Accusers must be Prosecuted, whether they are Men or Women!!!


Our mission should be to fight for the Traditional Family Values and to fight against the destructive influences of Feminism.

We must fight against the Feminism Inspired Legislation (VAWA) and the Misandristic Court/Police Practices.

We must develop an ideology that includes the Traditional Family Values and true Equality and Freedom of Choice.

There has to be something good about "Traditionalism". After all people have been around for thousands of years and learned from their experience what is good and what is bad for the human race...


The VAWA Immigration Loop-hole:

If you are a woman, pretend to be in love with a US citizen or a Legal Resident, get him to marry you. As soon as you got the marriage certificate dial 211 and falsely accuse him of Domestic Violence and Rape and move to a VAWA shelter.

You will be on a fast-track for a Green-Card and US citizenship - all expenses paid for by the US tax payer and as a bonus you will be getting full social benefits.

Google: Martha Laura Granados Immigration Prostitute


But... What about the Feminist Workers in the VAWA funded shelter who Coach them on how to do that?

And... What about the Law-makers such as Joe Biden who draft/pass laws like VAWA that make this legal?

And... What about the Feminist that push their Misandristic Men-Hating Agenda and brain-wash the public with their lies that... Women are helpless victims and men are bad, perpetrators and must be restrained, prosecuted and jailed?


Women, that are so terrified of Men, could be suffering from "Persecutory Dellusions"

"Persecutory Dellusions" is one of the sypmtoms of the typical Sociopath/NPD/Psychopath... due to the fact that their subconscience IS aware of all the damage they - these Feminists women have done to men...

Here is how it works, and this is encoded into VAWA: "I am a woman victim, I am entitled to harm (Falsely Accuse) men, now that I have, I need protection..."


"... Men have given away their man-hood in the US... It is run with the female agenda and most politicians ... only care about women... Men don't make it known that it should be different. Men elect... Joe Biden, who pushes VAWA which is a totally unconstitutional law..."

"... the Violence Against Women Act that says "Men are scum, Men are predators and women are helpless little victims. So wify picks up the phone to say that her husband is threatening her, it doesn't matter if it's true. The husband is taken to jail and if they find out later that she was making it up nothing happens to her."

"...Its billion-dollar-a-year price tag spent by the radical feminists to pursue their ideology... feminist dogma preaches that there is an innate gender difference: Men are naturally batterers, and women are naturally victims... VAWA is sex discriminatory... implemented to... punish men... exclude men from its benefits... tremendous problem of false accusations... The law should be rewritten!"

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  • 23 April 20192. Vaughn Wollney
    VAWA destroys men, families & due process. It must be ended.
  • 24 November 20171. Darryel Gordon
    I support this petition



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