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I have no idea what kind of relationship exists off-camera between Steve Burton and Robert Guza Jr., but whatever it is, when Mr. Burton is anywhere near Mr. Guza, Mr. Guza seems to be unable to keep his favortism towards Mr. Burton in check and as a result he causes massive damage to General Hospital as he tries to turn the long-running soap into The Steve Burton Show. This was his case the last time he was head writer and Steve Burton was on the show, and it has gotten even worse this time around. Although, a lot of the character destruction can not all be laid at the feet of Mr. Guza's favortism towards Mr. Burton.

The first character to get gutted by Mr. Guza was that of Zander Smith. Coincidentally, before the gutting began, Steve Burton did a comedy act where he made it clear he thought Zander Smith was a loser. Mr. Burton's words proved prophetic, as that is exactly what Mr. Smith became very shortly under Mr. Guza's writing. The character of Sonny Corinthos saved Zander Smith from deathrow and he almost died helping him, so for Zander to sell Sonny out to a mob rival for a few greenbacks seemed totally out of character. Then Mr. Guza took away the back history of Zander Smith, and had him reveal that was not even his real name and then dropped the story. Zander was also turned into a bit of a male slut. The character of Emily Quartermaine was supposed to be the love of Zander's life, but Mr. Guza had Zander tell Liz Webber all the time he was with Emily he could not help himself from noticing her. Only a couple weeks before that he was supposedly in love with Carly Corinthos. After that the character disappeared from the show for months, then suddenly he was back and the story of who he was unfolded. Although, it has hardly been positive for the character, as he is now doing drugs for no reason at all and the story of his past is just a cheap copy of the Alan/Jason/AJ story with Zander cast as AJ the screw-up.

Next up was the character destruction of the characters of Laura Spencer, Scotty Baldwin and Rick Webber. The character of Rick Webber, played by actor Chris Robinson, was brought back to the show for Luke and Laura's wedding. In the past, Rick Webber was one of the show's biggest heroes and leading men, but the Rick Webber who returned was written as a pervert, a serial cheater and possibly a killer, who was then murdered by his stepdaughter Laura. Laura Spencer, the show's long-time heroine, was turned into a serial killer and went completely insane. And Scotty Baldwin suddenly turned corrupt and evil overnight without any explanation for the sudden change that had overtaken him.

Luke and Laura, at one point in time, were the definitive supercouple on daytime, and the old Luke and Laura fans were eagerly anticipating their wedding. What they got instead was an insane Laura, with her hair in a rat's nest, wearing a dirty wedding gown as Luke pretended they were getting married. The last scene featured Laura, in a catatonic state, with her mouth hanging open as she drooled all over herself, as she was rolled away to a mental institution in England. As she was rolled away, Laura's signature song, ?Think of Laura? played as a flashback montage of classic Laura scenes were played. There was not a dry eye in the house, but the tears were not evoked by the story. They were evoked by disgust and horror at what this show had done to the beloved character of Laura.

Next up for a dose of character destruction was that of AJ Quartermaine. The show decided to pair the character of Jason Morgan up with AJ's wife, Courtney. But to do that, AJ had to be trashed. This was hardly the first time AJ got trashed in the name of propping up Jason Morgan. This time so neither Courtney nor Jason would look like the bad guys for getting involved with each other, AJ was revealed to be stalking and terrorizing his bride, so he could come to the rescue and play her hero. The story made no sense, especially since the man helping him was someone who despised him. Once AJ was unmasked as the evil husband terrorizing his wife, nothing stood in the way of Jason and Courtney hopping in the sack together. Then to further make AJ look bad and Jason look good, AJ tried to frame Jason for a murder he did not commit.

Of course, by far the largest bit of both character destruction and story destruction happened in the story of Brenda Barret's return to Port Charles. To lure back old viewers to General Hospital and raise ratings the old Sonny/Brenda relationship was played-up and promoted. GH hit ratings gold when Sonny and Brenda finally saw each other again. People on non-soap Internet message boards were even talking excitedly about General Hospital for the first time in ages. GH seemed to be on the verge of recovering it's lost glory, then Bob Guza threw it all away and warped the story to put Jason Morgan into it. While Sonny Corinthos got off easy and was just banished from the story he was used to create interest for, the character of Jasper Jacks was not so lucky. A hatchett job like no one has seen before was done on him. In the story, Jax had just married Skye, and on his wedding night he was calling up Brenda behind his bride?s back. He and his bride had not been married a week, when he was kissing Brenda behind her back. When he dumped his recovering-alcoholic bride, he put all the blame on her for the fact he had cheated on her, which had lead to her falling off the wagon. At Christmas, Jax told Skye she should not go to her family's house for Christmas, since he and his girfriend would be there, and it might upset Brenda. He eventually used illegal means to divorce Skye, who had refused to give him a divorce. On the Brenda front, he was so obsessed with being her hero, he made Brenda look guilty of murder by getting her to go on the run when the cops came to arrest her and he handed over a damaging tape that pretty much convicted her of murder. At the same time, through a lame and ridiculous plot twist, Brenda married the character of Jason Morgan for nonsensical reasons, and he suddenly became the entire focus of the Brenda story. In Brenda?s last weeks on the show it became obvioius Bob Guza's ultimate goal was to pair the character of Brenda romantically with Jason Morgan, but to do that he had to keep Sonny Corinthos out of his own story and he had to do a hatchet job on Jasper Jacks. The final whack of the hatchet was Jax dumping Brenda at the altar. Unfortunately, for Mr. Guza, all this manipulating of story and character was for nothing, as Vanessa Marcil, who played Brenda, decided to leave the show.

Other characters who have been ruined are that of Alexis Davis and Ned Ashton. For reasons that do not even make sense when they come out of his mouth, Ned Ashton has gotten in bed with the mob, literally, to destroy Sonny Corinthos, because he blames him for his girlfriend's death because he owned the warehouse she died in. But the reason she was in the warehouse was because of a lie he told her. While the character of Alexis Davis was suddenly given a split personality, with little to no believable foundation for it. No research was even done into mutliple personality disorders as several of the terms being used have been wrong. As a result, the story is an embarrassment to watch.

Bob Guza has almost succeeded in turning General Hospital into the Steve Burton Show. Now the other characters only serve one purpose. Either to prop-up the character of Jason Morgan, like the character of Sonny Corinthos or to worship and genuflect to the character of Jason, like the character of Carly Corinthos, or to be his designated enemy like AJ Quartermaine and Ric Lansing. If you do not fit into either of those catergories, then you get barely to no story, at all. Jackie Zeman's character of Bobbie Spencer had a budding romance with Scotty Baldwin which was suddenly ended and she is now lucky if she gets one day of airtime a week. Nikolas Cassadine and Gia Campbell were a popular couple with a large fanbase who were totally ignored and who got no airtime, they have since been broken up on the show. Luke Spencer is stuck in some bad rip-off of Vertigo with an actress that is supposed to look like Genie Francis who played Laura, and Luke and this new Laura spend their time recreating old classic scenes Luke and the Real Laura experienced together, further twisting the knife in the guts of the long-time Luke and Laura fans. New Laura has since gotten romantically involved with Luke's son Lucky and now a very perverted triangle is forming.

General Hospital is in need of a head writer who cares about it's characters, history and story. Not a HW who does not care about anything but one particular character and who will warp the other characters and stories to showcase this one character. A writer who will actually write social issues responsibly, not the irresponsible way Mr. Guza has written alcholism, drug abuse and mental illness. Which is why I, and whomever signs this petition, ask Brian Frons to remove Bob Guza as head writer and to appoint a writer who will return this show to its former glory before it is too late and its been damaged beyond repair.

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    I support this petition
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    he not doing vanessa marcil right
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    He's slowly destroying the show with his obsession with the mob and Jason. Bring back the GH we love!!!
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    The gratuitous is too much.
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    I have been watching all ABC soaps off and on when time allowed since the age of 2 or possibly earlier, but age 2 is my first memory of the show. That was 30 years ago! I have watched it go from a focus around the hospital (hence General "Hospital)" to so
  • 25 February 2016985. Mary Bethb
    I don't think i can ever forgive guza for destroying one of the greatest love stories gh has ever had!! SONNY AND BRENDA FOREVER!!!!
  • 23 February 2016984. Kimberly Mcculloughtylerchristophertristanr
    I support this petition
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    He is ruining what was the best show
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  • 21 February 2016979. Paige B
    For the most part, I no longer have any hope in this show. I first started watching during the days of Stone and Robin and continued for Brenda and Sonny. Through out the years, I've lost interest and then returned, but not even the characters that brough
  • 20 February 2016978. Natalie Zimmerman
    General Hospital had degenerated into a plup magazine genre. The Alcazar role has been on so long it is boring. Get the old cast back with a new writer!
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    Please for the sake of the show, please get this man out of the hospital.

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