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Even though WGTour is best ladder for Starcraft Broodwar players I dont like 1 thing about that ladder. Season is 2 months long after every season account is reseted and you get chance to start over again from begining, and that is ok, problem is cause players have option "reset" during the season and many of them are using it often (5++) during the season...

That fact is killing the fun and ruins motivation of those players with lower skill, and many more wont even play it cause they find lowest, c6 rank, too hard...
System is genious, in theory, you start with c6 rank and if you are good enough you climb up the ranks and the ladder, and in that way after some amount of games you ll be placed at some rank that is near your skill... so you can have really GGs and have fun (what is the whole point of playing of 90\% people who dont have chance to win WGT)

I started nice topic ( ) on suggestions forum on WGT, which btw get to 12 pages (one of most popular topics in suggestion, if not the most popular) and its still alive, only reaction from admins was some short answer with not good argument with which i get impression I (and many others) am ignored.... and I realized WGT doesnt care about "noobie" players cause "If you are good player you dont have probs, if you are not than learn to play"...

I have no intention to become progamer, I just wanna have fun playing my favorite ladder....

In topic i mentioned above there are many good facts and arguments that support this petition, and from "other side" I didnt get neither one that is good...

After seeing there are many people who think like me on this matter I decided to start petition so if it works we could maybe get admins attention regarding this "problem". So maybe we could get at least nice answer, longer than 2 words why are they not considering my main sugesstion....

For those who still dont know what am I talking about cause they never read that topic I ll explain one more time...

Players who have skill (c2-b5) are playing wgt and after 10-20 games they like to reset cause they dont have perfect stat, or just cause they get to level they cant win so often anymore... So they reset and rape those bad players, and in my opnion get FreeWins...

If the player was allready c2 that season and he wants to play c6 its ok, his risk is that he ll lose many points and c6 guy know who is he playing... he shouldnt have option to become c6 again during the same season, he allready proven he is better than those lower ranks, and he beat those players that season... How many times should "noob" got owned just that some guy has good stat?

Some of the players told me " you ll get better by playing better players" and thats true, I get better by playing better players but not much better than me, game in which I had no chance is stupid...

Its not ok that after 3-4 weeks on wgt its still hard to play at lowest rank, when I lost and see that guy has 200+ apm, stat 5-0, and more than 500 games on wgt i really feal screwed and lose my motivation to keep on playing...

Every argument you can think of against removing reset option I can beat, or most likely I allready did in allready mentioned topic...

There are many people who never thinked about this and who see that something is wrong here and come to suggestion forum with all sort of suggestions... 1 guy suggested to make lower ranks (d6, d5...) than c6 allready is... he wanted to say that c6 is too good...
There was other guy who suggested wgt-newb channel to come and play... and manny others had similar ideas that were products of some thing... Less skilled players find it hard to play wgt cause many good players reset too often...

And even if you forget my personal wishes, and look to it objective, reseting is ruining the ladder, ranks are losing their meaning and after all its not fair for those who are not so good...

I hope, not matter the results of this petition, WGT staff will think about this 1 more time and if not remove that option than at least do something about it... like putting counter of reseting on personal pages or to make possible to reset only once during the season etc...

WGT is great, and could become even better... I could write about this subject even longer but even this is too much, the wholo topic is out there for those who want to learn more ^^

1 guy wrote on forum, I quote
"hmm..admins dont care what their users want"
so support this suggestion by signing this petition and maybe we ll get what we want...

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Latest Signatures

  • 10 October 2015100. Rofl Stout
    ROFL you guys are so pathetic, i can't believe it ;( i sign this petition because of your pathetic level of care.
  • 26 September 201599. Rose Rivera
    I support this petition
  • 30 July 201598. Petko P
    I support this petition
  • 08 July 201597. Muta Mcdowell
    reset sucks
  • 06 June 201596. Jimmy B
    good idea
  • 07 April 201595. Futurzlight Conner
    I hate reseters. Just ruins the whole ladder system. Do sports teams get to reset their rec in the middle of the season NO. Just accept your stats. It also would give newbs a better idea who they are playing and scare less off.=D
  • 08 March 201594. Trey Parker
    Ban resetters!
  • 06 March 201593. Anthony S
    the in season reset option is absolutely ridiculous..i hope it gets changed
  • 22 November 201492. Blueskya Aguirre
    yeah ! Remove this !@#$
  • 12 September 201491. Joshua L
    It evens out the competition and the ranks will acutally have a meaning now i play c5 gosus then play c3's who should be c5 its jus messed up
  • 24 May 201490. Sonicblast Silva
    yeye take it off its lame
  • 24 March 201489. Crazyassassin Gross
    I havnt played much wgtour, but reseting seems wrong...
  • 02 January 201488. Johan H
    I support this petition
  • 07 November 201387. Mhx Collier
  • 31 May 201386. Fred Dunn
    100% agreed
  • 24 May 201385. Jacked Olsen
  • 24 May 201384. Martin S
    vA GuilD Division 1
  • 04 May 201383. Teemu A
    I support this petition
  • 30 March 201382. Flaster Daniels
    I support this petition
  • 11 December 201281. Operator Compton
    resetting sux
  • 11 September 201280. Fab Macias
    ble !!!
  • 13 August 201279. Dean Josephcamachoa
    always security check change password
  • 14 July 201278. Brandon Leach
    I support this petition
  • 19 June 201277. Mike
    no reset
  • 15 March 201276. Valinor Gibbs
    reset sucks
  • 09 February 201275. Si L
    SO TRUE!!
  • 27 January 201274. Kimoh Gill
    get rid of it thx.

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WGTour staff


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