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The Youtube member, Onision, has violated several Youtube Policies. One of these policies are as follows: YouTube is not for pornography or sexually explicit content. If this describes your video, even if it's a video of yourself, don't post it on YouTube. Also, be advised that we work closely with law enforcement and we report child exploitation. Please read our Safety Center and stay safe on YouTube. This policy does not state rather or not it's censored, it merely states that it is not permitted. Furthermore Onision has multiple videos pertaining to his characters committing suicide and/or being murdered. Among these characters are: Emo Charlie, and one he calls Chibi who die in multiple videos. These videos are a clear violation of Youtube's TOS as shown below:
Graphic or gratuitous violence is not allowed. If your video shows someone being physically hurt, attacked, or humiliated, don't post it.
His videos are graphic, his videos are offensive in that they place humor on not so humorous topics, and because of the severe nature of the videos, children could be easily persuaded into imitating them without any concept of the dangers they place themselves into. Furthermore, he has made several Hate comments against those who eat meat as well as those with circumcised children. His remarks range in calling them monsters, child mutilators, murderers, and in one instance refers to meat eaters in the concept of that as Adolph Hitler; all of this is a violation of Youtube's TOS.
We sign this petition as a collective group. One entity who has but one goal: To request that Greg Daniels, aka Onision, is no longer allowed to spread these messages of hate, intolerance, and injustice to young children and adults alike. We sign this with the hope that Youtube will remove his accounts (Onision, Onision speaks, and any other channels he has) in accordance with the Terms of Service regulations.

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Latest Signatures

  • 14 March 2017202. mightymatt55 (unverified)
    I support this petition
  • 13 January 2017201. Mavic Salvio
    I support this petition
  • 17 November 2015200. Ciara Cochran
    It's all bullshit. :| Youtube Name CiaraHasAHitlist Account URL
  • 16 November 2015199. Arizax Benitez
    I support this petition
  • 17 October 2015198. Alexander Mcintyre
    Onision is utterly ignorant and repulsive. His 'comedy' videos are vile. He over sexualizes his videos far too often and attempts to defend his ignorance with statements like "well Family Guy and South Park make similar jokes, so I can too." Yes, comedy c
  • 25 August 2015197. Jeridyaw Conley
    He is not at all cool and insults other you tubers calling them murderers and abusers Youtube Name Jerid Yaw
  • 28 May 2015196. Jay H
    I support this petition
  • 21 May 2015195. Cadystriion Lam
    I support this petition
  • 15 April 2015194. Carl M
    I'm pretty sure by this point ONISION has violated every law,rule and standard the youtube community stands for. I could say more, but it's not required. ANYONE can find out the truth simply by googling for it, the shit he has done has been mirrored into
  • 26 March 2015193. Jimbopoy Waller
    Onision has made videos that are quite vulgar and inappropriate for You Tube. His Speaks videos are also filled with hatred for religion, and meat eaters. Youtube Name Jimbopoy
  • 08 March 2015192. Sam P
    I support this petition
  • 06 March 2015191. Cake Mullen
    I support this petition
  • 01 February 2015190. Gary F
    He has gotten away with too much Youtube Name Supermanfan99
  • 03 January 2015189. Gail Buck
    I support this petition
  • 20 December 2014188. Sacred
    He has clearly violated multiple rules. He even reposted a video that Youtube had removed for this reason. It's time he's removed as he's nothing but a hater. Youtube Name Sacred 1479
  • 20 September 2014187. Delaney Dalton
    I support this petition
  • 10 August 2014186. Esiago Wong
    Breaks rules of you tube constantly and false DMCA's a lot. Youtube Name esiago9
  • 04 August 2014185. Katemirabor Doyle
    Onision publicly insulted Shay Carl calling him a bad father, monster, and a child abuser for having his son circumcised. Youtube Name Katemirabor
  • 31 July 2014184. Rhujix Padilla
    I support this petition
  • 19 June 2014183. Brandi Morris
    I support this petition
  • 13 June 2014182. Jessica T
    I support this petition
  • 10 June 2014181. H J
    he is a cultist and a sick person Youtube Name chizzlemang
  • 02 May 2014180. Kev J
    Please look into this guy's videos and see how despicable they are. Youtube Name Kevjumba2
  • 04 April 2014179. Tamarie Cooley
    I support this petition
  • 03 April 2014178. Dark D
    I support this petition
  • 10 February 2014177. Kristin P
    I'm appalled that he thinks it's ok to speak and carry on the way he does, when he knows his fanbase are mostly impressionable preteens and teens Youtube Name Issy080
  • 30 December 2013176. Steveopil Ashley
    Onision violates too many You tube regulations. Youtube Name stevopil

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