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The following petition pertains to a corrupt and childish member of a faction known as EAthena.

Originally appointed by Ancyker, Deviant has since changed his entire perspective on what makes a moderator. His actions have grown increasingly destructive, and have dropped off the edge of maturity long ago. He has banned every person who has ever spoken up against him, and deleted all but one of any article written against him (he locked the one he hasn't deleted).

As will be shown in the follows Deviant has oppressed every single person who has stood against him. His contributions to the project are far and few between, but the amount of angst he builds in the community grows by the day.

I put them up as is, and put no comments in to the article. I would rather leave the decision up to the reader. This kind of stuff goes on all the time however, someone has a complaint. Deviant threatens (or does) ban them and then puts them on ignore. The blatant hypocrisy has become outright grotesque as he continues to do nothing productive, yet demands ultimate respect.

I write this not because there is a 15 year old on a rampage. The age itself is not the main course of complaint, nore is it even on the top 20 things that are wrong. It is the fact that he acts 15, and that is at his very best, most of the time he acts much more immature and causes much more distress amongst the community.

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Latest Signatures

  • 12 November 201550. Sim Coleman
    You REALLY need to remove him. v.v""
  • 28 May 201549. Derick L
    Down with the chains hold us, and onward to free public speech
  • 17 April 201548. Peter K
    Down with Ancyker, I'd even accept lamer Delta as the owner ;-)
  • 14 April 201547. Elderkain Mayer
  • 02 April 201546. Joe R
  • 07 March 201545. Niceboy Benitez
    Deviant doesn't deserve to have the position of ADMIN of the eathena, very young and a lot of child to have a high position of that...besides being very nervous...remove his position as soon as that the forum eathena is not administered by w
  • 01 March 201544. Mifuyne West
    I'm signing this not as a personal thing against Deviant, but a personal thing against corruption. I read the IRC logs, the second section proved that Deviant's seriously corrupted by the fact that he has power over the boards and over Usako. What I would
  • 24 December 201443. Python Horton
  • 15 October 201442. Lol I
    eathena sucks, use aegis.
  • 13 October 201441. Longtimeuser Carney
    Signed. Some actions he does are just plain wrong.
  • 21 September 201440. Ghost
    Stupidity .
  • 29 August 201439. Fujikun Glass
  • 09 August 201438. Edencito Bryan
  • 17 June 201437. Jeremy Walker
    An Administrator needs to be a strong, level headed, unbiased leader. Deviant is not, he has lost sight of what eAthena is, its a community based around an open-source project. He acts as if he, and he alone, owns eAthena. He enforces rules with double st
  • 05 May 201436. Zarcon Odonnell
    Deviant was never someone I liked. What he does and what he demands contridict eachother. Some of his actions even lack common sense. He'll say how stressful his job is but his job isn't even hard and I speak from experience. When he does "do" his job, wh
  • 25 February 201435. Daniel Hobbs
    I support this petition
  • 12 February 201434. Ghostxz Nolan
    pshaw =D
  • 29 January 201433. Liz A
    I am the one in the logs, duh. I ended up resigning from my position due to these events and have had many supporters as of late. Thanks everyone (3
  • 21 January 201432. Desolator Frey
  • 23 October 201331. Claxx Vaughn
    He told me to stfu one day :o i didn't even know who he was
  • 23 October 201330. Frank M
    This seems a prudent course of action, with solid reasoning behind it. Please expidite his removal from DAnet.
  • 09 September 201329. Legendary K
  • 05 August 201328. Chris S
  • 02 August 201327. Nakorei Newton
  • 23 July 201326. Iain P
    If the job is too much stress, you should resign, rather than hanging around and bringing everybody else down with you.
  • 11 May 201325. Simon N
    Yeah..Deviant was threatening to ban Usako for modding outside her category..
  • 17 April 201324. Ghost
    Not very mature, I totally agree ! ):3

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