Over the course of the last decade we as a people of this Great Nation have suffered under the ever so steady rising of fuel cost, results of events, circumstances, forecast predictions and the ever so slight disruption of economical balance abroad, have been the cause and effect of price hikes, such reality and justification by oil companies to meet the supply and demand in the use a monopolized market of petroleum based fuel, capitalization with little too no alternative, We as a people who have had no voice in such matters which pertain, shape and control our daily lives, yet in a society which is influenced by how we go about our daily routine as a people, such a routine that encompasses resources primarily in the use of fuel, not just in ones automobile but in their homes on their jobs and also embedded in their recreation, so its needless to say one with out the other or we can’t presently separate one from the other. However in the various usage of fuel, hands down one is required tremendously more in its usage, that being the necessity of fossil fuel at the pump to power our many vehicles, and as frustrating as it may be we have no choice but to pay whatever is advertised upon the Banner the Markey at the Gas Station, which normally displays the lowest price of the regular grade however once you pull to the pump you have a choice of two other grade’s a Mid-grade a Super and or Supreme grade each somewhat higher in its cost unto we the people.

As we patronize , have you ever stopped and wonder or asked yourself why is there 3 choices, when I only use one or at best two of the 3, and if you have asked yourself such a puzzling question is it not followed by your recollection of the redundant reasoning of oil companies justification of why fuel cost rise, in lieu of the economical crises, world uncertainty and difficult times involving such action to avoid complete disaster or breakdown. (But Who's breakdown, or can't they see the economical crisis here at home) Is there any consideration warranted of the breakdown here, the suffering the hardship’s caused as reason of not being able afford the necessary means to get to and from work without the fore though of spending less elsewhere in your already streamlined budget to afford putting gas in your automobile for tomorrow or even next week, and how that alone effects the bottom-line which tremendously impacts our economy.

However Depressing, this is the reality many if not all middle to moderate class income homes face, and why hasn’t anything been done about it, seemingly as if this problem and or issue does not exist, maybe so, for those who’s income is well above average

It is my intent of this petition to wake up yet shake up logic and simple reasoning of the American people to examine to weigh the cost of what we seemingly have no choice nor voice, But I say this is learned behavior, that we have learned to accept that Our Needs Come At A Cost (Such a cost continues to rise) which would be a very reasonable statement but it carries a hidden agenda a hidden factor which is we as a people of this Great Nation are assuming a split cost between all users of this necessity, this commodity abroad, on a Global Spectrum ( many times when the crisis is elsewhere on some foreign soil it effects us) and why is that? For the same quantity of Fuel imported into this Country the price goes up and at a steady rate I may add, This reasoning or cost determination doesn’t involved rocket science or some quantum physics, but simply greed , so that the oil companies themselves do not suffer any lost and if you haven’t took notes of the current events or noticed in the media they the oil companies at the end of the day embrace record gain and profits margin.

In the past we have been feed propaganda, and explanations such as, it cost so much per barrel of oil to create or to refine a certain amount gasoline at the pump and this could be true, but the question here is why is there such a need to create three types of fuel at the pump, why cant the same quantity of barrels that are used to produced or create fuel manufacture only two types of fuel , this should by any equation of mathematics prove that more fuel will be available for the consumer with a lesser requirement on the number of barrels of oil, contributing to a lower cost, remember demand, demand will always be present increasing only as we place more automobiles on the road but the supply requirements would be less as it meet that demand. presently the oil companies say they are using however many barrels of oils which creates three types of fuel, now consider for a moment take that same quantity of oil to create only two types of fuel. In such a time as these, ask your self why is there waste or a continued supply for a none demand , the focus should be upon only the needs , why cant there just be two grades at the pump: In a less than Ideal world (1) . A regular grade and a supreme grade Or (2). A combination of regular and mid-grade with the second choice still a supreme grade.

In such times as these, Why is it allowed to continue placing a burden upon people when the Country is in such need of a break, is there no compassion for people or logical reasoning to find a better means to meet the demand of your fellow man. Reduce cost at the pump by eliminating three choice at the fuel Island with only two types , surely we have the ability the bridge this problem, if we were to inquire yet imposed briefly the collective great minds of this nation and mixed it with today’s technology turning three into two, requiring only the simplest subtraction and the basic principles of mathematics, achievement should be but merely an act of kindness away. Not too much science nor equation required for that.

Yet we can send men into space, even to the Moon, construct devices which threaten our very own human existent but we can’t seemly formulate even an hypnosis on how to lessen greed and heighten compassion for mankind, when will it be enough for the oil tycoons, at what cost shall they consider others and not themselves.

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