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When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands that which have grown corrupt within its own government so that order may be restored to their precious nation; a decent respect of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to such measures.

The administration of George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States of America, has been the catalyst of great suspicion and dissention. Fascist ideals have been passed into laws subverting much of our constitutional rights under the pretext of war and homeland security and work to make our most valuable liberty a crime. This perversion of perception rapes Americans of their right to oppose their own corrupted government; for they could be terrorists.

I do not oppose my countrymen, my homeland, this great nation, or the ideals that founded it; I oppose the men who have infiltrated the system so that it may be exploited to serve their personal agenda. I am not calling for a total removal of our political system, or the immediate repeal of any of its current laws. The demands I am imposing call for the immediate removal of this administration, or the succeeding administration whosoever the people may elect, from their offices followed by a complete and extensive audit to evaluate the integrity of our nation and its system of policies.

In spite of the implications that could be made from the vagary of the Patriot Act by those who are protected beneath its fascist imposition, I am far from committing an act of treason. Nowhere in the constitution is a definition of treason that directly links our dissention to the persons in power. We do not pledge our allegiance to a leader by any name or flesh and blood embodiment; living, dead or unborn.

Our hearts pound against our chests and the hand we place across our breast in eternal commitment to the flag and all for which it stands.

The banner that symbolizes America to the world stands for, and always will, our inalienable rights of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends it is the right and duty of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government with well organized powers that will attend to these principals in a manor that shall positively enhance the safety and happiness of its people.

It should now be clear that if one were guilty of treason against the United States, they would have to commit an act that served to diminish the rights and liberties of its people in all classes social or moral as well as what our flag represents. They would have to be responsible for impeding our abilities to live our lives in absolute freedom, not by simply demanding that the current presidential administration be removed and brought up on charges of High Treason!

Over two hundred years ago we declared independence providing twenty seven events illustrating the conditions that lead us to declare our independence from Great Britain. When one merely observes with open eyes, it is clear that, even if it be a matter of personal opinion, George W. Bush (43) is only worth half the effort.

Before a candid world of educated rational beings, we believe these truths to be self evident:

Our once great nation and its entire people have fallen under the crushing wheels of corruption and the whim of a pilot who seems amused by the relation of his wealth to our suffering.

Treason has been committed not by the American citizens against their nation; instead by the allegedly elected persons in administration of our government against its very own citizens.

The concepts of Government and Administration have been obscured in a politically self serving manor that works to pervert the related idea of patriotism.

The constitution that was composed by our founding fathers has been raped of all its meaning.

The citizens of this nation have become enslaved and are being held hostage by the forces of an elite few at work beyond the view of the public.

The fuel that feeds the fire burning within America is no longer the desire of freedom and happiness held dear by its people, but the desire for control and financial dominance by an elite few.

The elite have exploited our nation and its government with the aid of our very own dollar until it has become worth less than the paper these same elite powers kindly print it upon before loaning it to us at an interest rate that is in control by none other than the very same aforementioned elitists.

The true history of these United States has been locked inside of oaths of silence, gagged by the fear of retaliation, and buried beneath the lies of propaganda.

The United States of America all of its territories, assets, treasury, written laws, offices of power, armed forces, judicial authority, and ultimate destiny belong to and always will belong to we, the united citizens within the geographic borders as well as without who have sworn their allegiance to the flag that whose stars and stripes evoke the image of the nation to any educated person across the globe and that serves as effigy to the principals and ideals that originally founded this union over two hundred years ago; not the elected body of its administration who have sworn by our trust to defend us and all that makes our freedom possible.

The time has come when the infrastructure of this nations government has become sealed off and sheltering us from truth, convoluted in its laws and policies to the point of redundancy, compromised to its very core, and so suspicious in its actions and its multitude of secrets that the paranoia of its citizens can only be relieved through demolition and reconstruction of its administrations and the laws theyve created for their own protection and benefit.

It is our responsibility as the Americans we believe ourselves to be; to command a restoration of order.

Our very own founding fathers were aware that these atrocities, and much more, were very likely to invade our society and would themselves once again take up arms in revolution.

The allegiance we so dutifully pledged to Old Glory is being tested and it is our time to arise from this oppression to choke the life from our unwanted, lying and cruel slave masters with the very chains by which they have us bound to re-declare our independence.

The time for revolution is now; tread on us no more!

Herein these truths, thirteen and one half in number, symbolize the colonies that spawned the beginnings and ideals of this nation that have been hollowed out by the corrupt terrorist politicians whose lies paved the way into our most trusted positions, I believe this moment to be Americas darkest hour.

On September eleventh two-thousand and one, mankind witnessed the lowest form of cowardice ever displayed by any member of humanity. Our governments administration attacked its own people in full, morbid, display of our media. The blame was placed upon an ambiguously suspect enemy called terrorists. Our elected officials used the magnitude of lives lost during this attack to evoke our fears and emotions. Then our trust was sinisterly exploited as they began to launch wars and passing laws that strip us of our civil liberties in the name of their war on terror. The heaviest shadow cast upon these events is that upon close inspection of the circumstance it becomes clear that this campaign has been running strong in the decades before their strategies turned violent.

Throughout the decades, how long, only our enemy truly knows, we have been subject to a battery of manipulation that has weakened us critically. Our education system has been systematically degraded to the point of appalling, our history has been covered up and classified being taught only what we needed to know, the media has saturated our minds with a psychological warfare that has left us completely unstable, confused and ignorant. Our apathy is encouraged, insecurities enforced, naivety nurtured and ignorance exploited so that when they felt the time was right, they could close the shackles around our wrists and ankles, then gag us tight so any decent could never be heard much less voiced, all the time believing we are totally free.

These terrorists that infiltrated our government have been psychologically raping us. The affect resembles a parent raising a child not into an adult but from adult backward into a child. They did this because they knew full and well that we would never consciously allow them their true desires. They gained control of our monetary system, imposed an income tax on our labor and wages to pay the debt incurred through the borrowing of our own currency from the deceptively titled Federal Reserve. Yet, this was somehow nowhere near enough to satiate them.

These terrorists want control over everything in existence including control that could never belong to them; control over the people. Regardless of the auxiliary motives be they financial, territorial, egotistical or anything related to possession, it boils down to control. Just as there is no end without a beginning, they cannot truly achieve any of their goals without this control.

This may be our darkest hour, yet I rest assured in the belief that, it is always darkest before the dawn.

We demand that return to us our freedom, our independence, our integrity, all that you have ripped from us or suffer a wrath and fury far more vicious than our original thirteen colonies ever sought to dispense, a vengeance so unstoppable that it shall consume all that stand in our path - men and nations alike.

To this we pledge our lifes honor, and we shall see death before that is stripped from us.

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