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Over the past few months, it has came to our attention, that the Red Hot Chili Peppers message board has become unfairly run. This has been regularly noted by many of its dedicated members.

As of late, the majority of the moderating team arent around as much as the board requires them to be, in order for the board to run sufficiently. As a result of this, there has been a lot of friction and tension generated between the moderators and the members. There has been a strong feeling of a division on the message board. One side being the moderators and the other being the members. We do not feel that this is an efficient way to run a message board. In order to combat the increasing problem of lack of moderators, 3 new moderators were initiated. In all honest, there has been no positive changes carried out, whatsoever.

An initial burst in moderator presence seemed promising, but the mood on the board is that it is only a matter of time before things change for the worse again. A moderator should be there to ensure that the board runs smoothly and efficiently. In order to judge how successful the moderators are, the board should be a reflection on their work. The board isnt running as smoothly as it could be and there is a lot of animosity throughout all areas of the board.

When the moderators are questioned about their abilities of successfully being able to moderate, they come up with lists of excuses. Here are some of the excuses given:

We all lead our own lives. We dont have time to put up with this.
Real life first, board second.
We are volunteers, we dont need to put up with this.

However, if they clearly arent wanting to deal with the increasing pressure, then as they say, they are in fact volunteers and can pass the position to another person. As petty and pathetic as it seems, these people are growing increasingly power happy. We have had many threats of the plug being pulled on the board. Why is this? Because the moderators cant deal with doing their job in a sufficient manner, that is why.

There is a long list of people who actually want to do the job of the moderators, but we are constantly being treated to moderators snapping at us saying "It's not easy doing this job you know. We have lives outside the board." They complain about how much they wish their simple tasks such as usertitle requests would go away, but reject the requests of those who would do the job at a much higher standard.

Also highlighted has been the ability of the moderators to change the rules to justify their actions. A new rule was added to justify the banning and moderating of a number of members who stood up for what they believed in (the rule basically said that 'there was always a reason for a banning or a period of moderation'). This new rule directly contradicted another rule in which the moderators are given the right to 'exclude members at their whim, for little or no reason at all'. The contradiction is there for all to see.

Another point that has arisen is that there seems to be one rule for one, but then another rule for someone else. The moderators have shown that they are obviously biased with their judgements.

Ultimately, we feel that a revision of the moderators, or at least a revision of the rules is needed. At the moment the moderators are being given powers which allow them to put personal feuds to bed through banning. Members have been moderated or banned simply because of a snappy comment made after a history of not getting along with the moderator in question. These sorts of personal agendas should not come into moderation, but they quite clearly have. We now feel that someone, perhaps Warner Brothers, should step in and help some changes come about on the board. The main changes we would like are:

- an opportunity for people who actually want to be moderators to do so.
- a complete revision of the rules, which are currently being added simply for justification of any mistakes a moderator may have made.
- an organisation of the moderation team in general - there seems to be a complete lack of communication between moderators, especially those in different time zones.

Hopefully these changes will come about sooner rather than later.

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