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Ladies and gentlemen, leaders and responsible for representing the voice of your people,

This year, the world is going to witness one of the most important occurrences of our modern times: the request for the recognition of the State of Palestine.

Also this year we have seen emerging revolutions and protests in the Arabic nation. People fighting for their rights, getting arrested, being killed. But those facts are not enough to stop the good will to change their reality and their lives, as well as the dream to make a better future for their children.

In so many decades and centuries, we have experienced battles, war and destruction. As the entire world has learned from other examples in the past, that is not the way. Not a fair way, not a human way. History shows us that some countries, ruined and humiliated once, as occurred in Europe in the World Wars, had the opportunity to recover and to build great nations, with social and economical stability. Those who are born in those nations nowadays receive, during their lives, infrastructure, public services, health assistance and education. More than that: they get a chance to make things better, to make history, to transform their country.

How to create an identity, then, if you are apart from half of your people? How would be France in two parts? Or Italy? How could be possible for those important nations gather their civilians through an identity, a national identity? How could people maintain their goals, fight for a better life if there were no chances?

Today, ladies and gentlemen, this is happening daily somewhere else in the world. By the end of the day, you have your home to rest, you have got enough food to get comfortable and youre able to drink pure water with no risk of infection. You will not be awake by bullets or other sounds of destruction. You will not see your children crying when they are afraid of going out to play. You, ladies and gentleman, have almost everything you need in your hands.

Imagine, then, those who have almost nothing. How would they live? Would they think of a better future? How would a student go to the university if its facilities are in the other side of an occupied territory? How to cross the boarders? How to prove to soldiers that you belong to a real nation, that you are part of a people, if you are not recognized?

Palestinians have a daily suffer in their lives. The world has seen this suffering day by day. The illegal occupation, condemned by the United Nations itself, does not allow citizens to build a new life. There is no chance to recover, there is no chance to change the future. There is no hope.

The world is passing through new times. Dictatorships are being discharged. People, more than never before, are willing to be free and to live as any other democratic country. It has been showed around the world that people from non-developed countries are also able for a change and are able to make things better.

A chance. A chance is everything Palestinians deserve. And that is the minimum the world can provide them at this very moment. For this year, the eyes of the world are looking for a solution for the Palestinian people. The imminent request, in the United Nations, for the recognition of the State of Palestine is going to come.

The world, the entire world, wealthy and poor, developed and non-developed, black or white are willing to see hope in Palestine. As any other country in the world, they have the right to build a State. A State in which they are able to live in peace, rebuilding social and economical structure for the future. They have this right. The world must accept this.

This petition, ladies and gentlemen, is asking the recognition of the State of Palestine. It is being created in Brazil and will be spread electronically to the world. The world counts on you, leaders of nations and responsible not only for your people, but also responsible for the peace in one of the oldest conflicts in the world.

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