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In January of 2005, the marriage equality issue resurfaced in the Idaho Senate thanks to

Senators Gerry Sweet
Sen. Curt McKenzie
Sen. Don Burtenshaw
Sen. Dean Cameron
Sen. Tim Corder
Sen. Denton Darrington
Sen. Robert L. Geddes
Sen. Brent Hill
Sen. Mike Jorgenson
Sen. Patti Anne Lodge
Sen. Jack Noble
Sen. Monty Pearce
Sen. Mel Richardson
Sen. Stan Williams
Sen. John McGee
Sen. Skip Brandt

Unfortunately, these senators are not cognizant of the fact that the issue has no foundation in truth nor does it "protect" anyone, least of all the heterosexual families it purports to protect.

The fact is, the legislation is founded on hate, prejudice, discrimination and intolerance. It is a power play by the religious right extremists to hurt a group of citizens and rather extend them the full rights as American Citizens they are entitled to, and create a subclass in which to place those who they hate.

The United States Constitution, which we are all subject to as American Citizens, guarantees Equal Protection for All and clearly states that "All men (meaning all citizens) are created equal". For a country that claims to be extending democracy to other nations (Iraq) it is unconscionable that we would strip freedom and democracy from any group because of their God given sexual orientation.


When the Idaho Senate makes decisions based on sexual orientation, they demean all the citizens of Idaho and worse they are teaching all the children of Idaho that hate is acceptable. HATE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

They know that this legislation is based upon lies. They know that gay families exist and they are well grounded families who, like their heterosexual counterparts love, build lives together, raise families, pay taxes, vote, go to church or synagogue. They are the same, with one exception -- the heads are the same sex.

They are loving couples who have joined their lives together just as any couple would. They have every right as free citizens entitled to equal rights, to join their union legally so they too can provide the same protections for their families as other families.

By allowing this measure to move forward to a full discussion of the Senate with their anticipation that it would ultimately reach a full vote of the state -- where many church leaders can pass along their own version of hate and insist that their members vote for this insult --- they have committed a serious offense against the children of Idaho. They are saying that hate is acceptable and if you hate a group of people all that is necessary to to spread lies, misinformation and fear and get your fellow abusers to vote this measure into law. It won't end here. Once this type of power is felt, there will be a need to ostracize more until all rights and liberties are gone and only a select group is entitled to the blessings of America.

That is not what America is about. When that happens, we all lose.

As a parent in the fight against hate prejudice discrimination and intolerance i am incensed. This should not be happening. Hatemongers are impotent without their hate and this bill feeds that need for power and protects no one, not even the families it claims to protect.

The fact is we live in a world were marriage by heterosexual couples is often (statistics show over 60\%) unsuccessful. Many subject their own children to abuse and spousal violence and end in contentious divorces.

How can this possible be good for any family or children? It can't. Until we mature as human beings this trend will continue and may get worse.

Therefore, we the citizens of the state of Idaho who abhor this hate motivated action demand the following:

1) All measures of hate to destroy our State Constitution that discriminates against one group of citizens be removed from consideration

2) That the Senators involved in this measure that hurts Idaho and our children, be immediately recalled from office

We hereby voice our serious concern that this hate motivated action will have long lasting negative effects on the State of Idaho and worse, the children who deserve to grow up in a world of truth, honesty and acceptance.

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