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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Attention: Administrators

RE: Reborn Ranting Forum

We, the following, (Reborn Artists United for Freedom of Online Defamation), do hereby petition to terminate the forum of RebornRanting, (located at:, for violations of TOS (Terms of Service), resulting from, but not limited to, libelous and defaming postings of other Reborn Industry Artist and their works.

"RebornRanting" has posted photos of other artists and their works, in this case, Reborn Dolls and sculpts, for the purpose of attack, slander, defamation and mockery, (violating copyright infringement laws in doing so), and has provided links to other industry artists websites in order to humiliate and degrade said artists, which ultimately interferes with the artists ability to do online business and therefore causes harm financially.

Outright LIES and UNTRUTHS (not merely OPINIONS) have been stated about other artists and their works within this forum (RebornRanting and or Welcome to Reborn Ranting), which all of the following signers of this petition declare and decree, has not only resulted in their personal defamation and emotional detriment, but agree that, as a whole, has done so to the entire Reborn Community.

Some of the undersigned artists have received complaints and notices about the detrimental and libelous posts from friends and/or customers, who have notified them from their eBay Auctions and/or websites. These are the places where said artists do their primary business.

Needless to say, as a result of this forums purposeful inflammatory and slanderous actions, serious harm (i.e. financial loss, and emotional distress, etc.) is in the making and has already occurred. Proof of this defamation and libel can and has been appropriated and will be submitted to the proper authorities and prosecutorial avenues explored, if pro-active steps are not taken by to terminate the forum wherein the gross and irresponsible actions have happened. This forum is under the guise of anonymous usernames and cloaked IPs without fear of legal ramifications and/or consequence.

While all of the under signers of this petition, agree and concur that the protection of ALL individuals under the constitutional First Amendment right to the Freedom of Speech is an inalienable right, we also suggest that this constitutional right does not free people to say whatever they will against whomever they please, most especially without full disclosure of WHO they are, or to be permitted the right and/or ability to do so under the protection of "dotcoms" that cloak and/or remove Ips and/or waive all rights and responsibilities for fear of legal repercussions.

We, the RebornArtists and under signers of this petition, do plead and beseech to take action resulting in termination, against the forum and/or site administrators of "RebornRanting" with a warning to both cease and desist from their libelous and damaging posts of other Reborn Artists which they have defamed through their derogatory remarks and postings.

Failure by to take action in this case, can and may, result in a united effort by the undersigned artists of this petition, to seek further legal avenues, until the aforementiond forum (RebornRanting) ceases to exist.

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Latest Signatures

  • 30 November 2015100. Becky Cox
    It's really sad that fellow artists have to be so mean to one another. Grow up & please get A LIFE!!!
  • 10 November 201599. Cheryl S
    Its about time
  • 22 August 201598. Moyra J
    great idea
  • 20 July 201597. Joyce D
    Libel and Slander are not just opinions
  • 10 July 201596. Robyn D
  • 24 May 201595. Michelle E
    Please stop this nonsense...
  • 17 May 201594. Kimberly S
    thank you
  • 11 May 201593. Melinda W
    please remove reborn ranting
  • 08 February 201592. Caroline S
    Respect to all arts and artists.
  • 27 January 201591. Toni S
    it very shocking
  • 26 January 201590. Karen C
    Standing up for the good ones!
  • 23 December 201489. Tracey C
    I agree with the petition completely.
  • 09 October 201488. Chrystal Mcbride
    Please Remove this list!!
  • 18 September 201487. Ashamed Foryoua
    This forum is the epitomy of evil! You women think that you are hiding behind masks, when the truth is that most know exactly who you are. You are hurting your own reputation, not those that you are running through the mud! You are a waste of human flesh!
  • 15 September 201486. Jennifer H
    This is totally rediculous.. We are doll makers! What is the point in all the hatred? I think that the forum should be removed for the simple fact that it is just causing more conflict, hatred, and hurt feelings. There is obviously enough already.. If the
  • 15 August 201485. Marlene Holt
    Why do this to another???
  • 28 July 201484. Steven Rivas
    You have heard from me already
  • 19 July 201483. Ourlilcreations Weiss
    Reborning is an Art! Nobody should be putting down anybodys work!!
  • 21 June 201482. Nona D
  • 14 April 201481. Pat L
    These babies have brought much pleasure to everyone I know who has adopted one of these beautiful babies.
  • 09 April 201480. Viv Long
    shouldnt be allowed
  • 05 March 201479. Julie N
    should be stop things like this
  • 15 February 201478. Debbie Sanders
    They are copying links of auctions, and peoples web sites and tearing them apart in public. They take auctions and bad mouth the work and the artist.
  • 31 January 201477. Deborah M
  • 26 January 201476. Nancy S
    please remove
  • 21 January 201475. Get Ag
    Get a life!!
  • 07 January 201474. Eve Lm
    Sign in Peace, and move in Love.

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