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We, the undersigned, are fans of Rammstein and/or their work. We hold Rammstein in esteem, and even affection, and feel loyalty and pride as a group dedicated to the interests of Rammstein as an institution.

This however has been eroded and weakened of late by the aggressive stance Universal Music and Pilgrim Management has taken in the protection of their intellectual property and that of the band.

We do not challenge the right of the band and its satellites to protect these properties, but we do question the manner and method by which they have done so. A public entertainment institution like Rammstein is only as successful as its fans make it. We agree that threats of legal action, trademark breach claims, and cease and desist orders all have their place. They fall into the category of tactics to make use of after opening reasonable and calm dialogue, making requests, and finding that the courtesies fail.

The alienation, intimidation, and closed-door tactics utilised on behalf of Rammstein and its business have done (and continue to do) irreparable damage to the fan-band relationship Rammstein has enjoyed up until this time, and unless prompt and robust measures are taken to ameliorate this harm it could impact the band, its ability to generate income, and potential for future Rammstein projects to get a similar reception to that they have enjoyed in the past.

Fan communities are an invaluable resource, as well as the target market, for an entity such as Rammstein in more than one way:

The first is as a free method of catering to a fan base that is hungry for discussion, news, and unity with other fans of the same ilk. There are diverse and culturally broad communities to cater to every sort of fan, from every nation.

The second is as a means of controlling, filtering, and monitoring all information traffic pertaining to the business of the band. Piping selected information, media, and communications through community leaders is an effective way of ensuring that the right information goes out, and the undesirable and unverified information is reined in.

The third is as a means of feeling and gauging the response to media, information, and requests from the Rammstein machine. Having a finger on the pulse of your market is immensely useful. Also, knowing how best to attract new fans and address issues is priceless knowledge that can be gained via fan communities and their leaders.

The fourth is as a means of collecting the fan base into a limited number of cliques, managed and run in a range of languages, for easy access by Rammstein's management. The diversity of the communities means they can be smaller, and are thus more intimate and readily controlled by their owners. This is not possible in a single community, such as the official Rammstein Community.

We ask that Rammstein and interested parties do not underrate the benefits that they reap from them and foster them as the valuable resource they are.

A strong community management strategy, including a two-way line of communication with fan communities and a degree of understanding and cooperation between community leaders and Rammstein's establishment, would go a long way to enabling the Rammstein entity to make real use of existing communities.

Further strong-arm tactics will result in the voluntary and involuntary closure of fan communities, and a reluctance to open new ones to replace them. This will cause a reduction in community activity and unity, and remove a means by which the Rammstein firm could very easily maintain a strong relationship with the band's fans without any substantial outlay of effort or money in order to do so.

We ask Rammstein and the organisations surrounding it to consider the cost-benefit trade-off of fostering and nurturing fan communities, versus the value gained from the present course of action being taken.

We ask that a less precipitate course be adopted in the handling of intellectual property rights breaches, and that lines of communication be opened with the community leaders of the major fan communities, many of which are included below.

We ask that our community leaders be treated with respect and consideration where community member activities on their sites might need regulation and management. They too are fans and have nothing but good intentions. Offering them more information and support in their bid to uphold the band's values would be the most productive step.

We ask that the Rammstein machine listen to the fans of the band. We ask that the members of Rammstein be consulted in regard to these requests, and that their wishes be considered paramount in any decisions made.

We the undersigned are fans. Please ensure we remain fans for the foreseeable future.

This letter is in no way affiliated with any particular fan community, nor are the communities listed below responsible for or part of this initiative. This list is also by no means complete. These fan communities are listed for informational purposes only:

# Feuer Gotter - ENG
# Herzeleid - ENG/DEU
# Neo-Rammstein - FRA
# Official Rammstein Site
# Planet Rammstein - FRA
# Rammchen - JPN
# RammImages - ENG
# Rammstein Brasil - POR
# Rammstein Club - SPA
# Rammstein Club Uruguay - SPA
# Rammstein Fan - HUN
# Rammstein HQ - FIN
# Rammstein Mйxico - SPA
# Rammstein Online - ENG
# Rammstein World - FRA
# Rammstein-Austria - DEU
# Rammstein-EU - MANY
# Rammstein-Portugal - POR
# Rammstein-Serbia - SR
# Rammstein.RO - RON
# Rammstein.SE - SWE
# RammsteinNicCage - ENG
# RammsteinTR - TUR
# Rosenrot - ENG
# Sehnsucht - DAN
# you.Rammstein.me - ENG
# Zwitter.RU - RUS

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