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One of the greatest Reality TV shows on the airways today, Endurance, is in jeopardy of have a sixth season. Endurance Tehachapi, which is the fourth season of Endurance, is being shown currently. There definitely will be Endurance 5 but since NBC stopped showing Endurance after Endurance Tehachapi,there will be no network TV for Endurance 5. Endurance 5 will be shown on the Discovery Kids, as have the other seasons have but if Endurance 5 doesn't get good ratings their most likely will not be an Endurance 6 not to mention no network TV. Also Discovery Kids is only on the Cable and Satellite packages that not as many people get.
Ok so this is how Endurance works, Twenty teens ages twelve to fifteen are sent to a remote and inhospitable location. Past locations have been a rugged and cold Pacific island, the sweltering coast of Baja Mexico, the rain soaked Hawaiian jungle which is the wettest place on Earth with 440 inches of rain a year and the rugged and wild Tehachapi Mountains. When they arrive they have no electricity, running water or electronic devices. In order to win Endurance the players must compete in physically and mentally grueling competitions to earn the 13 Endurance pyramid pieces. When a team gets all thirteen they win the game. The pieces are Perseverance, Courage
Leadership, Commitment, Strength, Luck, Heart, Trust, Discipline, Knowledge, Ingenuity, Teamwork, and Friendship. On the first day they have a right to stay game where six players leave. Then on day two they compete for partners. A team has two members, a boy and a girl. There are seven teams once the partner game is over. Then Endurance is on with two types of missions, Endurance missions and Temple missions. Endurance missions are where the team that wins the mission gets a pyramid piece and the Samadii, which is given to a team handicapping them in the next Temple mission. A Temple mission is the other mission where the team that wins sends two teams to the Temple of Fate, which is the heart pounding elimination method on Endurance. The Temple of Fate is a dramatic game where the two teams pick an element: wood, water or fire. Then the elements battle. Wood defeats water, fire defeats wood and water defeats fire. The first team that wins two rounds wins the game and goes back to camp. The other team goes home. The eliminated team gets to leave their pieces to any team they want. They continue the game the same way with elements like jaw dropping twists and immense conflict between the teams and even the teammates. Once the game is down to two teams, they battle for the remaining pieces. Then an Endurance Champion is crowned in game where they wager their pieces until one team has all of them. That team is then rewarded with grand prize, which is usually a once in a lifetime trip to an amazing natural destination like the Amazon Rainforest, the Galapagos Islands, or an African safari to Kenya and Tanzania
So why is it a great idea to sign this petition? Because Endurance is not a run of the mill reality show. Endurance has backstabbing and manipulation so it is very very unpredictable. For example on one season the two strongest boys leave on the first day. But Endurance also has deep friendships and some character is shown on Endurance. Endurance is underrated and does not receive the recintion it deserves. Here are some great Endurance Websites http://kids.discovery.com/fansites/endurance/endurance.html and http://groups.msn.com/enduranceondiscoverykids/main.msnw and http://www.tv.com/endurance/show/12958/summary.html?q=endurance

Please sign this petition for Endurance 6 and for Endurance on network TV.

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