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Kenneth B.Cassacinamon Simmons
Slow Turtle- Kicking Bear -Needahbah ( Peace & Frienship )
228 West Main St. Rt 66
Hebron, Ct. 06248
E - Mail [email protected]

Aho : Here is a petition worth signing !let's stop the digging of the Sacred Burial Grounds and Sacred sites of the Ancestors !
This is ongoing by the State of Connecticut - the Mashantucket casino factions, the Mohegan Sun casino factions, and has been bypassed by the Dept. of Interior BIA because they deny the facts ! these ae not allegations!
These casino factions have been made or given sovereign nation status by U.S Congress and the BIA without genetic proof or documentation to Our Indigenous Ancestors. meaning that they fabricated their identity !!
We have absolute proof that these atrocities that are ongoing past and present- They are digging up the Ancestors for artifacts and DNA. We have absolute proof! we have audio, video, photo's newspaper articles. We have written news articles which in most
cases were altered and contacted every major politician and agency including BIA who forwarded a very insulting reply- these scavengers even have gone to the extreme of allowing the public access to dig these Religious sites for a fee !!! As for their museum they have obtained artifacts from many Nations and put them on display and claim these items as being their own- they pay singers and dancers from other Nations to participate in their pow- wows so that the general public is deceived and they think that by doing so people will think that they have an authentic connection to true Aboriginal People !!
To date after many years we have been sent down many dead end trails!1 but this will cease now and for ever! We want Our Trbal Lands given back to the TRUE Aboriginal Descendants >
We hope to motivate others' irregardless of Race or Creed'' to come forward and are praying to the Creator to bring these and many other major issues that Our People have endured for centuries on Turtle Island to closure. but we as THE PEOPLE have to act The Creator will guide- WE must act!!
WE understand that similar violations are occuring all over in all directions and we want You too know that We are here for You if you so wish and will support all legitimate efforts to clean up The Sacred Grounds that
THE CREATOR has provided for US!! WE don't own the land it was provided to allow us to sustain OUR PEOPLE. It is our hope that REAL, people not looking for personal power or other personal agenda's will sign this petition and encourage everyone that you know with a true spirit to join together as one and end racism!
It is our feeling that know one can truly call themselves Indigenous if they don't protect their Religious rights and Spiritual sites of THE Ancestors!!!
AS you well know the Government has done an excellent job past and present promoting lids, deceit and even religion to keep us in constant turmoil= remember they have even stolen children in their efforts to annihilate Our very existance and it will never stop unless WE The People act now!! this is it folks the next stop is to wither away with the wind >
The vultures that we have made reference have made Chiefs,Medicine men and women, out of hollow stumps who have no value to Us or our culture in fact they waste the air, water, and food that only the unselfish non-egotistical should have access too !!!
Their arrogance has even led them to burying their undocumented deceased amongst the ANCESTORS- rearranged gravemarkers- removed gravemarkers from other public cemeteries and more!! A prime example would be former Governor O'neil selling one undocumented Mashantucket council member Richard Hayward the Ancient Pequot Burial Grounds on fanning rd. Ledyard conn. for one dollar and other considerations !! wonder what the other considerations are?
We know !
Also The Pequot- Mohegan Burial Grounds called Fort Shantok in Uncasville Ct that was gifted to them by The State of Connecticut- consideration not disclosed and can't be brought to light. A selfmade medicine woman who's former surname was Mellissa Fawcett and now has robbed and changed her name to Mellissa Tantaquidgeon claiming that a one hunderd and two yr. old
woman Gladys Tantaquidgeon said it was ok !
IT goes on and on they have built a park over much they have destroyed
this scenario is only the tip of the iceberg- And enough for now
In signing off for now search your hearts and inner spirit and please sign the petition so that all will move forward!!
It is time too bring back "The Ghost Dance " !!!
WE hope to put in land claim and gain back some of the Land that was stolen and share it with True Brothers and Sisters of all Nations- especially the
Children who only thru our good deeds and example can carry on The True Heritage and Cultural Spirit that We " Ninnuock > " The People " were gifted by the Great Spirit !!!
May The Creator Protect Us All and Guide Us to where we as a People
should be. AHO
(The Protection of Sacred Burial and Sacred Sites of the Ancestors ) .
(Petition)To : Gov. John G. Rowland Of Hartford Connecticut 06106 and
Congressman John larson,Hartford, Ct 06103 and U.S Attorney Stephan C. Robinson of New Haven Ct 06510
New Haven Ct. FBI Director Michael Wolf.New Haven Ct 06510
State Senator Mary A. Handley Manchester Ct . 06040
State Represetative Pamela Z.Sawyer Bolton Ct 06043
U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd Wethersfield Ct 06109
Congressman Rob Simmons.
( Petition to U. S. Congress
President George Bush > U.S Senate > U.S Dept. of Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs.
State Representative Pamela Z. Sawyer Bolton Ct 06043

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