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[NOTE TO ILLEGAL NON-CITIZENS: We, the People, are sensitive to the plight of those in less developed countries, which is why we send billions of dollars annually to assist these countries. However, we cannot condone conspiracy to commit fraud and illegal entry into our country. Many of the despotic governments of your third world nations from which you illegally immigrated to the United States behave more like organized crime enterprises than governments: We, the People, want our government to address and forbid these human rights abuses especially in contiguous lands. These oppressive regimes should be held accountable by the United States for their crimes against their own people and humanity.

Every effort needs to be made to assist you, our fellow human, in bringing the blessings of a free, peaceful and prosperous democratic society to your countries and this we pledge because running away from your governmental problems will never change them. Breaking the law to come to our country is not the answer either. And, what about the millions of fellow citizens you have left behind, what is to become of them if your governments are never changed? Follow our path to democracy in your own land and make your country a land of the free. And, for those who still desire to immigrate to the United States, millions have followed the Immigration Laws of the United States in order to gain citizen ship legally: you can too! Anyone needing paralegal document preparation assistance in order to immigrate to this country legally, please email: Sim Kelso at [email protected]]

[NOTE TO BIG BUSINESS: We, the People, have decided that we are now willing to pick tomatoes, strawberries, oranges, olives, grapes or whatever since most of us are losing our jobs. In fact, we are willing to take every job back that has been given to every Non-Citizen. Yes, Big Business, you will have to pay us minimum wage for a back-breaking job but we will negotiate terms that will allow your business to be profitable. By making this commitment to the American worker, you will be helping not only the people of your own community, but the entire Nation, and surprisingly, your dividends in the long run. The Author of the Petition has discovered systems that raise profits in a recession even with higher cost of goods, all done without compromising any core company values or quality (see email address above). Even if the retail price of produce or whatever goes up slightly, we are willing to pay that price it if it means having a job and stabilizing our economy. We cannot afford to have those migrant wages taken from our economy and sent to foreign economies. Further, the savings accrued in not having to support and transport migrant workers, or pay all those fines when ICE shows up, can be applied to any increase in cost of goods. Bottom line: hiring unemployed Legal Citizens is going to help restore our economy and get our nation back on our feet. If we dont get back on our feet, we wont be able to buy your stuff.]


THE PROBLEM: Budget Deficit Leading To Program Cuts For The Disabled Who Are Not Able To Get A Job Or A Second Job In Difficult Economic Times

We, the Legal Citizens and Residents of the United States of America and the State of California (the People), are not willing for our fellow Legal Citizens and Residents, who are Disabled and who depend on Supplemental Security Income ("SSI"), provided by the Social Security Administration of the United States of America, as their sole source of income ("Lawful SSI Recipients"), to be deprived of the State of Californias Contribution (SCC) to their SSI income while thousands of immigration law-violators, who are living illegally in the State of California ("Non-Citizen Immigration Law-Breakers"), are being given State of California taxpayer funds for social and other services while Legal Citizens are being deprived of them. Further, there are Non-Citizen Immigration Law-Breakers who receive SSI benefit payments as well (Non-Lawful SSI Recipients).

In his proposed budget, Governor Schwartzenegger suggests that concerning Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment. Reduce SSI/SSP grants to the federal minimum ($643.00 monthly) effective March 1, 2009, which would result in General Fund savings of $348.9 million in 2008-09(footnote 1)

The Housing Wage in California is $21.24; this is the amount a full time (40 hours per week) worker must earn per hour in order to afford the average two-bedroom unit, and is more than three times (315\%) the minimum wage ($6.75 per hour)(footnote 2). Thus, in light of the States math, at the current SSI compensation rate, which is the equivalent of a wage (for 40 hours per week) of $5.67 per hour, Lawful SSI Recipients are already at a financial impasse when it comes to being able to afford ANY kind of housing.

Further, the current SSI monthly income for a single person with no children falls only $4.00 a month above the 2009 Federal Poverty Level (2009 FPL), as determined by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS).

Without the SCC, which represents roughly 27\% of a Lawful SSI Recipients income, single Lawful SSI Recipients will have a monthly income $259.50 below the 2009 Federal Poverty Level, thereby making paying for basic housing and food completely unfeasible. The impact of the loss of the SCC on Lawful SSI Recipients with children and/or dependents is unimaginable. In view of all of the State and Federal aid given to Non-Citizen Immigration Law-Breakers, We, the People, find the reduction of the SCC to Lawful SSI Recipient's income intolerable.

Already, An estimated 80,000 to 95,000 children are homeless in California, making the percentage of homeless children greater today than at any time since the Great Depression.(footnote 3) With the removal of the California SCC from the income of Lawful SSI Recipients, the potential exists for the number of homeless adults and children to increase by a factor of at least ten. With this many people and children on the street, crime will skyrocket, children will be introduced to harmful elements, inner cities will be destabilized causing domestic unrest and the fabric and future of our society will be in great peril.


While the Governors office emphasized to the Author of this Petition over the phone that it is a Federal Mandate to educate children of illegal immigrants, may we remind the Governor and Legislators that the PREIMMINENT Federal Mandate in the United States of America is to maintain order by rule of law and protect our borders! Further, no where in our founding documents (Constitution, et al.) are the rights, protections and provisions of a citizen of the United States to be conveyed to known illegal alien non-citizens who have already committed a felony by entering our country illegally. This is lawlessness.

Thus, We, the People, direct that all immigration Law-Breakers, who are creating a financial crisis by their illegal immigration to the United States and their unlawful depletion of our State and Federal resources, infrastructure, budgets and economy be detained and deported ACCORDING TO FEDERAL LAW AND MANDATE. Any person or entity who prevents the enforcement of Federal Immigration Law and/or aides and abets Federal Immigration Law-Breakers or provides sanctuary to such Law-Breakers should be immediately restrained from doing so, sanctioned and fined when applicable, even if such person holds a position in government BECAUSE THEY ARE BREAKING THE FEDERAL IMMIGRATION LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES.

We, the People, demand that all State and Federal taxpayer funds being used to provide social services to Non-Citizen Immigration Law-Breakers (provision of such services to immigration Law-Breakers is NOT a Federal or State Mandate) be reallocated to pay for the SCC for Lawful SSI Recipients. From this reallocation of funds, we further direct that any and all reasonable State costs associated with the detainment and IMMEDIATE deportment of all Non-Citizen Immigration Law-Breakers not covered by the Federal Government under the Department of Homeland Security be paid therefrom and reimbursement be sought from the Federal government subsequently.

1.Direct quote from Governors Proposed Budget from his website as of 2/2009
Division of Housing Policy Development, Sacramento, CA, "Californias Deepening Housing Crisis", February 15, 2006, pg 3
3. Ibid. pg3


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