Protect the human rights of an innocent Dalit boy Pidathala Sathyambabu from corrupted judiciary and police, who falsely implicated and punished him for life sentence in Ayesha Meera murder case, to protect the real culprits sign now

Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil,
President of India
Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi
PIN- 110004, India

Subject: Protect the human rights of an innocent Dalit boy Pidathala Sathyambabu from corrupted judiciary and police, who falsely implicated and punished him for life sentence in Ayesha Meera murder case, to protect the real culprits.

Respected Madam

We, on behalf of Sathyambabu Ayeshameera Nyaya Porata Committee (struggle committee to achieve justice to Sathyambabu and Ayeshameera) want to bring to your kind notice, the recent judgment in Ayeshameera murder case. And sentencing an innocent Dalit boy Pidathala Sathyambabu in this case for life, to protect the real culprits

Back ground of the case

Ayesha Meera, B. Pharmacy student was brutally raped and murdered on 27thDecember 2007 in a private Womens Hostel at Ibrahimpatnam, Kothur2 Village and Mandal of Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh.

There is no possibility of anybody going, jumping to that place of the scene of offence which was situated on the 2nd floor of the building in a common hall with partitions, where other students are also staying. The way to the steps of the building are protected by an iron mesh and which usually is being kept in lock and keys and are under the custody of the warden of the Hostel, Smt. I. Padma and her husband who also resides on the ground floor of the said building.

The delay in the process of investigation is created doubts in the minds of public that there is a political interference and pressure on the police to save the offenders in such a way the name of the late Koneru Ranga Rao Municipal Minister of A.P. came into picture as his grand son Koneru Satish Babu, Surpanch of Gudavalli village alleged to be prime accused in the above said case

In fact, villagers of Ibrahimpatnam and the residents nearby and the persons who have visited the scene of offence including the Chairman AP State Minority commission Yousuf Qureshi and the Member of National Women Commission, Smt. Nirmala Venkatesh who visited the scene also expressed her doubt that without the connivance of the Warden and Insiders, the offense could not have happened. Further, Honble Member of Women Commission, Smt. Nirmala Venkatesh also suggested for Norco Analysis test to the Warden and her husband and one Ch. Madhavarao, MPP who said to be present at the scene of offence before the arrival of the police. The public at large applauded the response shown by Nirmala Venkatesh and her analysis and opinion is very near and suits the circumstances of the case and also coincides with the public opinion of that area.

Even after four months the police are still unable to trace the culprits, which have created several doubts in the minds of public as to the genuinity and sincerity, honesty and efficiency of the police and the State Government.

In March 2008 the police have arrested Gurvinder Singh alias Laddu, from the coastal city of Visakhapatnam was brought to Vijayawada and produced before a court, He allegedly murdered another college student and a watchwoman of a ladies hostel

The parents of the Ayesha Meera and the local public , Muslim leaders, Women Organizations Alleged the Police is trying to divert the process by arresting Gurvinder Singh alias LADDU and to save the culprits

The police failed to identify the guilty despite questioning over 50 people. Also, DNA and other tests were carried out on more than a dozen suspects including the owner of the private hostel. The case drew wide attention as various women and students organizations took to the streets demanding justice for Ayeshas family.

Ayeshas parents alleged that the police were deliberately going slow as the accused had political connections
After eight months of intrigue and drama the police left the Gurvinder Singh alias Laddu and cooked up another story and arrested 20-year-old Dalit boy Pidathala Satyam Babu, a part-time construction worker from Nandigama sub-division of Krishna district, saying that he raped and murdered Ayesha Meera

Police deliberately chosen Sathyam Babu as a soft target as there are no body to talk about him, as he belongs to a poor Dalit family and having no father, from the arrest, the police really trying to kill him to close the case and to protect the real culprits
How the police first arrested Gurvinder Singh alias Laddu and framed charges against Satyam Babu in this case?, the police are misleading every organization right from the beginning. The missing episode is just another trick played by the police

According to a physiotherapist who treated Sathyam Babu for several times in Vijayawada Sathyam Babus spinal card was damaged due to police torture and that leads to guillen barre syndrome. And caused chronic sensor motor axonal neuropathy which means his legs paralyzed and unable to move for a small distance

The police have created another story saying that in such a condition he was escaped from their custody. It is a conspiracy to kill him. The police cooking up the story of Satyam Babu escape and again coming out with another story of arresting him the arrest story is nothing but a damage control exercise done by the police. Bowing to pressure from the media and various civil rights groups, the police originally planned to kill Satyam Babu in an encounter. Since human rights and Dalit rights organizations took the issue seriously and launched agitation across the State, the police were left with no option but to cook up another story stating that they caught him at Jaggayyapet

Satyam Babus mother is cried foul at the incident, demanded to know how a person who cant even walk properly (Satyam Babu was in a wheelchair) could escape. Meanwhile, Ayeshas father is stressing that Satyam Babu is not his daughters murderer.

But the judiciary and the police are continued with the trial of the case against Sathyam Babu The senior counsel Bojja Tharakam, Argued for the victim/ Accused Sathyambabu And raised some important issues, like the police did not file the DNA profile of Ayesha Meera, then how can they compared Sathyambabu DNA with Ayeshameera DNA, on this question it self the case should have acquitted on Sathyambabu.

On the day of judgment P.Srinivas advocate on record argued that there is no evidence at all, except report from the forensic lab, even that cannot be believable as the director of the forensic lab Dr Venkanna, who given forensic report in this case was caught hold by the anti corruption bureau police. and remanded for the offence of taking bribe to give a false report. (The forensic report in the Ayeshameera case also given by Dr Venkanna, which is not at all believable, he argued)

After hearing to the defense counsel the judge again posted it for judgment after 10 minutes, but she came to the bench after 1 hour and delivered judgment that the innocent Dalit boy Sathyambabu sentenced for life for offence under 302 of IPC and 10 years imprisonment for the offence under 376 IPC that is rape, and also awarded Rs 1000 as fine, if he is unable to pay that amount, he has to be in the jail for another 6 months

Though there is no proper evidence against Sathyambabu, and there are protests in all over state in favors and to protect Sathyambabu. The police and court were influenced by the political lobbies and bend for money, and punished innocent Dalit boy, to protect real culprits

This is a clear case of caste discrimination on Dalits in general and on Sathyambabu in particular, so we request your kind self to intervene in this case and order for
1) Re investigation of this case by Central Investigation Bureau.
2) Order to admit Sathyambabu in Nijam Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital immediately as he is suffering from a neurological disorder, Guillain-Barre Syndrome,
Otherwise the people in the state will loose their total confidence on the Judiciary and Police

Thanks and regards

Karthik Navayan
Coordinator - Sathyam Babu Ayesha Meera Nyaya Porata Committee, Hyderabad
Supporterting organizations and individuals of Sathyambabu Ayesha Meera Nyaya Porata Committee

Bojja Tharakam, Senior Advocate High Court of AP
S.Jeevan Kumar, Human Rights Forum
Jaya Vindyala Peoples Union for Civil Liberties
Bogey Raja Ram, Ambedkar Youth Association
D.Suresh Kumar, Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee
Bathula .Punnaiah, Secular Democratic Front
Bheem Bharath, Dalit Bahujana Sangharshana Samithi
Kalekuri Prasad Dalit Poet
Kolaleedu Venkateshwarlu, Dalit Activist
Korrapati Suresh Kumar, Dalit Activist
Y.Srihari, Thelangana Ambedkar Sangam
Habeebur Rahman, Muslim United Front
P.Srinivas, Advocate, APCLC
Erra Narsimha, MALUPU
Dasari Santhosh Kumar
Pabbathi Devadanam, Activist
Sajaya, Women Rights Activist
P. Raghu, Human Rights Activist
George Goldy, Dalit Mukthi Morcha
Avula Balanatham, Scheduled castes welfare society
Ambunayak, Lambadi Hakkula Vedika
Ganumala Gnaneshwar, Editor, NeeliJenda
R.Ravi Kumar, National Dalit Forum
Ramesh Hazari, Progressive Media Services
Narayana Swamy, Secular Democratic Front
Mohan, Arunodaya
Denial Prakash, Dalit Stree Shakthi
V.Nanda Gopal, Sakshi- Human Rights Watch
CH.Issack, Sakshi- Human Rights Watch
G.Sanjeeva Rao, Shankar pally
Jayaraju, Kula Nirmoolana Porata Samithi
K.Chandranna, Trade Unionist
M.Prem Kumar, Dalit Activist
B.Siddeshwar, Madiga Mahajana Sramika Vimukthi
D.Anjaneyulu, Navayana (Society for Social Transformation)
Dr. DJ Narendra Bondla, Centre for World Solidarity
M Sudarshan, Centre for World Solidarity
Latif MD Khan, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee
M.Venkata Swamy, Samatha Sainik Dal
Bathula Venkanna, Dalit Bahujana Sramika Vimukthi
B.Sanjeev Nayak, Thelangana Lambadi Hakkula Porata Samithi
M.A.Shakeel, Human Rights Law Network
KVR.Reddy, Manava Vikasa Vedika
Sridhar Human Rights Forum
B.Murali Krishna, PUCAAR
Pasunoori Ravindar, Research Scholar
S.Srinivas, Student
Chirra Thirupathi, Teacher
Dr.S. Narsimha, Shadnagar

Copies to:

1) Prime minister of India
2) Ministry of human resource development
3) University Grants Commission
4) National Human Rights commission
5) National Commission for scheduled castes
6) National commission for scheduled tribes
7) Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh
8) Governor, Andhra Pradesh
9) Minister of Home Andhra Pradesh
10) Minister of higher education Andhra Pradesh
11) Minister of Social welfare Andhra Pradesh

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