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THERE comes a time when it becomes imperative for the Communities of the Shore Drive and the Great Neck areas as well as the Citizens of Virginia Beach who use the Long Creek and Lynnhaven waterways to speak out against improprieties being forced upon them by governmental bodies.

Under no circumstances should the government, local or otherwise, impose their will to supposedly benefit a few while sacrificing the rights and quality of life of many.

THAT TIME OF PROTEST arises now and at this moment in consideration of the abusive actions intended to be taken by the City of Virginia Beach regarding Long Creek and its adjacent waterways,

HENCE AND WHEREAS the City has filed an application to construct a permanent, industrial, mechanical dredge sludge/spoilage/silt bulkheaded transfer site immediately east of Marina Shores Marina on property owned by Water Boxes, LLC, and

WHEREAS the City has decided not to take this application before the Planning Staff, Planning Commission, and Wetlands Board for their review and recommendation, and

WHEREAS the City Council of Virginia Beach has not reached out to the communities which would be severely impacted, at a Public Forum with Council present, prior to submitting applications for permitting, and

WHEREAS the City of Virginia Beach has not been forthcoming to the communities which would be severely impacted, by providing full disclosure of the scope of the use, the intended use, the expected use and maximum use of the transfer site nor the permitting process, and

WHEREAS the City is converting the subject parcel next to and a part of a proffered area to be used as a nature conservancy into a permanent industrial site with its attended noise, odor, barge, crane and truck activity year-round, every season of the year, and

WHEREAS the industrial activity may include the presence and transferring of sludge/spoilage/silt from barges from neighborhoods contiguous to the Lynnhaven Waterways of the Eastern and Western Branches, the Linkhorn and Great Neck areas and the Lynnhaven Basin to this site from which such material will be mechanically transferred by crane to trucks and hauled away via Great Neck Road to a permanent spoilage location, and

WHEREAS this industrial location will create an industrial noise and odor zone with no buffers to the community, and

WHEREAS this industrial location is expected to be available to commercial, private, as well as city-sponsored users up to 12 months throughout the year, and

WHEREAS the City is, in reality, is facilitating and encouraging the use of Long Creek, Broad Bay and other Lynnhaven and State waterways for commercial/industrial waterway route for the hauling of sludge/spoilage/silt to this industrial location on a permanent and continuous basis, and

WHEREAS the City of Virginia Beach is knowingly creating a safety hazard for its citizens due to the proposed continuous industrial traffic from the barges on the Lynnhaven waterways, and

WHEREAS the City of Virginia Beach is knowingly creating a safety hazard for its citizens due to the proposed continuous tandem truck traffic near and through residential areas and three schools, and

WHEREAS it has been estimated that the volume of sludge hauled per day, could amount to and estimated by the city to be up to 15-17 barges (30-34 total round trip) equating up to 50-60 truckloads per facilitated neighborhood destined to traverse Long Creek, one of the more pristine water bodies in Virginia Beach and running through and besides a number of residential neighborhoods as well as First Landing State Park, and

WHEREAS it has been confirmed that with the offer of a private donation of funds, that the City might be taking this action in conjunction with and in support of the owner of Marina Shores, indicated by a previous application under the name of Water Boxes, LLC, to construct floating piers abutting this industrial site, piers to accommodate some 45 boat slips and intruding some 60 feet into Long Creek, which a City official states that the City would look favorably upon approving as a result of the donation, and

WHEREAS the Citys construction of this industrial site facilitated by a private owner and exacerbated by the construction of significant piers and boat slips further abuses the integrity of the use of Long Creek by the citizens of Virginia Beach and violates the rights of those citizens as well as the residents who border Long Creek, and

WHEREAS the City of Virginia Beach has neither given or disclosed an operational plan of the extent of use of the waterways and the proposed creation of the industrial, mechanical dredge spoils transfer site to the general public, the communities surrounding the area, nor to the governmental agencies of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Virginia Marine Resource Commission, or the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality which they have requested permitting, and

WHEREAS there have been no independent studies completed as to the effect of said project in order to lessen the possibility of the dredging having adverse effects on commercially or recreationally important fisheries, on sediment type, proximity to shellfish areas, crabbing areas or spawning grounds, dredging method, location and measures taken to reduce turbidity, and

WHEREAS no independent studies have been completed for the affects from the expected use of the facilities, the unpleasant odors, noise, environmental impacts and degradation of local marine resources nor any studies for the buffering and safeguards from such pollution and impacts to the communities, and

WHEREAS no independent study has been completed and the basis for special or unusual circumstances has not been determined for the dredged material be double handled. This practice involves the placement of dredged material at another location in the waterway from which it was dredged only to be re-dredged and transferred for proper disposal, and

WHEREAS there are no independent safety studies, tide studies, truck & boat traffic studies, environmental studies, effect on wildlife studies, and

WHEREAS the following factors have not been appropriately considered:

1. Encroachment into natural drainage ways.
2. Chemical nature of the dredged material and its potential for polluting
adjacent or nearby underground water supplies.
3. Value of the site to the natural environment.
4. Appropriate use as part of and next to a parcel that has been proffered
as a Nature Conservancy, conditioned by council in 1987 to be zoned P-1,
with the intent to preserve the area, as noted in the language stated
Sec. 300. - Legislative intent.*
It is the intent of the City of Virginia Beach to protect its atmosphere, lands and waters from pollution, impairment or destruction for the benefit, enjoyment and general welfare of the public. Critical areas of special concern include parklands, wilderness areas, open spaces, greenbelts, beach reserves, scenic areas, wetlands, floodplains, floodways, watersheds and water supplies; and to conserve fish and wildlife. The boundaries of these areas of critical concern shall be identified and delineated in order to provide a means of protecting and preserving them.

5. Appropriate use of a parcel in the Shore Drive Overlay District of which
development is intended to enhance its surrounding area;
Sec. 1700. - Legislative intent.*
The Shore Drive Corridor is not only one of the primary routes of access to the city's oceanfront resort area, but is also the location of First Landing/Seashore State Park, the site of the historic first landing of the Jamestown colonists in 1607, Fort Story, beaches on the Chesapeake Bay, and many stable and attractive residential communities. As such, its appearance is vital to the city. The purpose of the Shore Drive Corridor District is to enhance the appearance of the area encompassed by the District and to preserve its vitality as an important gateway to the city.
6. Proximity to populated areas.
7. Anticipated use of the material or disposal site after dredged material
is placed and consolidated.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that for these reasons we, the undersigned citizens of Virginia Beach, object to and state herewith our opposition to the actions of our City and respectfully request our City to cease and desist their intentions of and the permitting processes to so harm the environment and quality of life along Long Creek by the creation of a permanent, industrial, mechanical dredge spoils transfer site at the Marina Shores/Maple St. location in Virginia Beach, VA., we request the City of Virginia Beach to:

1.Withdraw all current applications pertaining to dredging or transferring
of spoils for the use of the parcel in question, and
2.Correct the clerical omission in failing to complete the process of P-1
zoning for the parcel proffered by the Levines in 1987 and make the motion
for rezoning to P-1 as allowed in the recorded agreement.


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    I am very much opposed to this project. It would devalue residential communties, create an eyesore, disturb the tranquility of nature and create congestation on the waterways making them more subject to unsafe conditions. NAME Patricia Morris ADDRESS 2012
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    I find the idea of trespassing, dumping and further commercializing the wetlands, in any form, a morally repugnant proposal. I am opposed to any form of development other than protecting the wetlands. The proposed site will be in direct site from my resid
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