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The Honorable Kofi Annan,
Secretary general, United Nations,
New york, NY,USA.
Via:- Mr. Mathew Kahane
Resident Coordinator, Kathmandu, Nepal
CC: Madam Louise Arbour,
Subject:- Situation of Enforced or Involuntary Disappearance of Nepalese citizens including my son Sanjiv Kumar Karna alias Dipu.
Respectable Secretary general,
I am an advocate(lawyer) practicing in the courts of law in Nepal and also working as a Human Rights Defender being the acting chairman of Centre for Society Upliftment Dhanusha, and so many institutions related with Human Rights in Dhanusha district of Nepal.
I would like to draw your attention concerning the Enforced or involuntary Disappearance of the Nepalese people including of my 24 years old eldest son Sanjiv Kumar Karna and together arrested four persons named Durgesh Labh, Pramod Narayan Mandal, Shailendra yadav and Jitendra Jha alias Machhali who had been reportedly arrested from Kataiya chowri area, ward no. 4 of Janakpur municipality on 8th. October 2003 by the security force personnels comprising 25-30 persons both in uniform and plain clothes and had been taken to the then Regional Police Unit office for Janakpur Zone in blue coloured and number eraised police vans and a white colour pick-up van at about 2.00 p.m (noon). They were beaten brutally blind folding their eyes with black cloth bits and taken inside the office where they were interviewed by the then Chief of the Office, Senior Superintendent of Police Mr.Chuda Bahadur Shrestha in presence of the then Chief District Administrative officer Mr. Revtiraj Kafley, the then Chief of the District police office Mr. Kuber singh Rana Magar, the then Major of the shri No.9 Bahini field(An Army Barrack of the then Royal Nepal Army situated near Dharapani Village in Dhanusha district), the then Deputy Superintendent of police of National investigation Department Mr. Vishnu poudel (late) and other members of the then District Security Committee.
The victims were not provided by any detention order or slip and they were transferred to unknown place in night and they were made enforcedly disappeared not making their whereabouts and even their fate public uptillnow.
Mr. Secretary general,
Nepal has already signed in the universal Declaration of Human Rights and ratified ICCPR, ICESCR,CAT, Optional Protocal of ICCPR and other major international covenants and has guranteed Human Rights through its constitution, Civil Rights Act and Treaties Act but all those instruments became only absurd black letters for the victims as well as for the family members and relatives of the missing persons.
Kind Sir,
Not only we the family members and relatives of the missing persons but several local, national and international organizations relating Human Rights as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International commission of Jurists, International Committee of the Red-Cross(ICRC), National Human Rights commission, Asian Human Rights commission, national/international medias and even united Nations Working group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearance has asked the government officials to reveal the facts about the whereabouts and fate of those youths and to make the case public and legalized but the government authorities and any of the authoritative institutions did not show any appropriate response except some contradictory paper replies.
Respectable Secretary general,
S.S.P. Mr. Chuda Bahadur Shrestha and the central office of the Nepal police says they knew nothing about the arrest, detention and disappearance and the Ministry of Home Affairs okays those reports while Nepal Armys Human Rights Cell ( the then Royal Nepal Army) says they had been Killed in an unitary police operation in Janakpur area ( where I live at )on the very alleged date 8th. October 2003 but the Army's office or any government's institution do not show any response to the queries transmitted by the WGEID as to clarity where, when, how and who killed them on whose order and what was the reason not to hand over the dead bodies to the relatives also asking if the legal processes including autopsy was performed or not.
Mr. Secretary general,
As you already know that the peaceful people's democratic movement in last April has brought historic political changes which has made the newly reinstated Parliament and the Cabinet sovereign to much extent which makes the hope for a systematic eradication of conflict, gross violations of Human Rights replaced by security, democracy and enhancement of the respect, protection and fulfilment of Human Rights and the Rule of Law but specially the performances of the prime Minister, Home Minister and other security personnels seems not to be responsible for people's welfare and protection, development and restoration of Human Rights rather than promoting chief general Rukmangad Katuwal and other security and administrative officers involved in documented gross Human Rights and Humanitarian laws violations in recent past. I had been called on to geneva by WGEID and had presented written paper on the case and had discussed the case after which the group transmitted the case to the Nepal government (so called democratic) but I think as the High officials are engaged in prolonging and strengthening their chairs for their personal and political vested beneficial interests, they may not be serious towards how and what a helish life we like unfortunate persons are living.
Another problem for the government not to be serious in disappearance may be the past activities as the enforced disappearance and possibly so like other incidents of violations of Human Rights and Humanitarian Laws were also happened during the regime of the recent Prime Minister Mr. girija prasad koirala, past prime Ministers and recent members of parliament pretending responsible for Human Rights protection Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa, Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuba and so like leaders and therefore they may be afraid of the people's aggression and so planning to go back to regressive ways for their safeguards.
Hence, I beseech you to play your invaluable role during this political crisis in Nepal using your good office and taking appropriate actions to persuade the Nepal government to investigate immediately and to guarantee all the allegations of Human Rights and Humanitarian laws violations purported to have taken place in past (at least within the past decade) impartially by an independent body. Similarly, I would like to request you to urge the Nepal government to be sincere to the norms, values and to the rights of the Nepalese people and to eradicate impunity, ratifying the Rome statute (ICC) and making with a retrospective effect immediately to bring the perpetrators to the Court of Justice and to compensate the victim's family to check back the escalating Human Rights violations so as to enhance peace process to establish permanent peace, stability, fraternity and for making a democratic, transparent and developed new Nepal. The spring time of hard won democracy in Nepal is unlikely to last longer unless an unified international response against impunity is advanced.
Thank you very much in advance for your understanding and swift action.

Sincerely yours

Name:-Jai Kishor Labh
Municipality: Janakpur, Ward No. 10
District:- Dhanusha
Area:- Devi Chowk (Saheed Chowk)
Telephone contact :- 00977+41+524550
Mobile:- 9844024481
Name:- Rajiv Kumar Karna(younger brother of the victim Sanjiv Kumar Karna)
Name :- Mamata Kumari Karna(younger sister of Sanjiv)
Vimala Devi Karna(Mother of Sanjiv)
Date:- 08/09/2006

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