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National Committee To Protect Oil-Gas-Mineral resources, Power & Ports


7 point demands of National Committee

In order to guarantee energy security of Bangladesh, present and future, and urgently solve power crisis for ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply to every house, to agricultural and industrial sector and for ensuring sole proprietary right of people over national resources we strongly move the government to concede to our following just demands immediately.

1. Entertain no contract or agreement involving export of oil, gas, coal and other mineral resources since these non-renewable resources of Bangladesh, inland and offshore together, are extremely limited with respect to future demands of energy even for a few decades.

Annul forthwith any such contract or agreement already executed.

Pass and promulgate the prohibiting export of mineral and energy resources act 2009 proposed by National Committee.

2. Scrap Model PSC 2008 providing for export of oil / gas;

Take steps for immediate prospecting and production of oil and gas on the basis of a totally new set of terms and conditions of tender ensuring cent percent effective proprietary rights of Bangladesh.

Cease forthwith the processing of contract now in advanced progress with Conoco Philips and Tullow on the basis of 2008 Model.

Take steps and measures on emergency basis for demarcating the maritime boundaries of area under just and legal share of Bangladesh and ensure sovereign proprietary rights over such area.

3. Permanently ban all over Bangladesh open cast mining method for coal production which entails colossal devastation of environment, destruction of agricultural land, water and human resources permanently threatening food and employment security of the country.

Throw out the multinational company Asia Energy responsible for corrupt, fraudulent and deceptive practices to further their vicious project in Phulbari, Dinajpur on the basis of open cast mining method.

Immediately and fully implement the 6 point Phulbari Agreement signed between the government and people on 30 August 2006 instead of killing time for cleverly manipulating such revisions in the latest Coal Policy Draft as permits open cast mining method suitable for plunder and export by multinational companies.

Take urgent measures to explore environment-friendly method for extracting coal based on the principle of No Open cast mining, No export, No Multinational Company.

4. Counter the sinister policy adopted by the multinational companies since award of contracts in the twelve rich onshore blocks, resorting to procrastination in production, fraudulent practices and deception, holding Bangladesh captive to their evil design taking unfair advantage of the severe energy crisis prevailing in the country.

Rescind forthwith all Production Sharing Contracts with multinational companies heavily favouring their interests against our national interest.

Take immediate measures for exploitation of oil and gas in onshore blocks under state proprietorship or control.

Realize immediately the compensation for loss to the countrys gas reserve worth at least Taka 200 billion from IOCs responsible for Magurchhara and Tengratila tragedies and utilize the recovered sum for resolution of the current power crisis.

5. Give up the policy of deliberately debilitating the state organizations involved in energy sector including Petrobangla, Bapex, Geological Survey, Atomic Energy Commission; free them from the spell of corrupt officials and henchmen of multinational companies; extend unstinted patronage for maximum development of national capability.

6. Make full and transparent disclosure of all Agreements in Energy sector which harm national interests: identify and punish the corrupt individuals and groups who acted against national interest and are responsible for jeopardizing energy security and generating grievous electrical crisis.

7. Identify and punish the people and parties responsible for police assault on 2 September 2009 upon peaceful procession of the National Committee for Protection of National Resources.

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