Professor M. Reza Salami Dream Shattered By the North Carolina A&T State University, UNC General Administration and NC Attorney General Office by Continuing Discrimination, Retaliations and Conspiracy Against Professor Reza Salami And To Fire Him From sign now

February 15, 2011

Barack Obama
President of the United States

Bev Perdue
Governor, North Carolina

Eric H. Holder, Jr.
US Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice

Thomas E. Perez,
Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division
U.S. Department of Justice

Reference: Martin Luther King, Jr., "I Have a Dream

Subject: Professor M. Reza Salamis Dreams Shattered by the North Carolina A&T State University, University North Carolina General Administration and NC Attorney General Office by continuing Discrimination, Retaliations and Conspiracy to Fire Professor Salami from his tenured Professorship after September 11, 2001, "I Have an American Dream, Too"

What Happened to Professor Salamis Dream? Is Anybody Listening?

I came to the United State in 1973, just after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., because I had a dream, too. Upon arrival, I pursued working toward my ultimate education to make a better world for everyone. I worked in maintenance at my English school, ELS; dishwasher in a French restaurant; clerk and store mechanics person at Woolworths; dishwasher, busboy, bartender, waiter in El Porto and a Fish Market in Old Town Alexandria; mathematics tutor in Northern Virginia Community College; then teaching and research assistant at Virginia Tech and the University of Arizona and, subsequently, other jobs.

I have been with the NC A&T State University since 1987. I was hired as assistant professor and promoted to associate professor with tenure in 1993 and promoted to a full professor in 1997 and then appointed to the Associate Dean for Graduate and Research Programs for the College of Engineering (COE) from 1998 to 2002. Prior to September 11, 2001, I was COE Activity Director for Title III grant that was funded by the Department of Education and NASA McNair fellowships Director. During my tenure at NC A&T, I established an exceptional track record as a highly successful, well recognized researcher nationally and internationally and published many refereed proceedings, journal publications and books; received many research awards and honors. I was also an effective and dedicated teacher with many teaching awards received from the university. My professional activities and services are clearly visible at national and international levels. He is a registered professional engineer in North Carolina and Virginia. I served many university committees as chairs of those committees. I served as president, vice president, and secretary and treasurer of American Society of Civil Engineers Northern Branch (1993-1996). I founded NC A&T ASCE Student Chapter in 1988 and was the advisor of ASCE student chapter for six years (1997-93). I was founded the International Institute for Iranian American Affairs in 2003. Please see the Institute web-site at the www.IIIAA.Org for complete details.

After demoting from my associate Dean of college of Engineering for graduate and research programs in middle of my annual contract in September 12, 2001, I have been raising substantial issues continuously regarding discrimination and harassment by its administration against me after filing for discrimination and retaliation with U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in 2003. NC A&T State University administration has been taking actions that I believe are also designed to force me to surrender my tenure and leave the university. As a result of the pressure brought upon me and the economic hardship, I was forced to file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in April 2007, and the strain has contributed to the cause of separation from my wife and ultimately leading to divorce.

The actions have been taking by the NC A&T State University Administration, UNC General Administration and office of NC Attorney General by conspiracy to fire me, harassing and retaliating against me, was the result of the actions taken by the Ex-Dean of the College of Engineering, Dean Monroe, Ex-University Provost Meyers and Ex-University Chancellor Renick. They stopped all my research activities and all pending multi-million proposals in collaborations with other United States and International prominent university researches and even Ex-Dean Monroe changed my post-tenure review which was done by four of my peer senior faculties in the department from their unanimous satisfactory decision to a deficient evaluation.

Even the college of engineering senior administration and ex-Dean Monroe forced Dr. Salami and Chairman of the Committee out of the Tenure and Promotion Committee because he and the Chairman of the Committee, Professor Walker, raised questions regarding one of the candidates, the Vice Chancellor for Research, and thus in the following year the Vice Chancellor for Research granted tenure with professorship without any departmental evaluations and due processes! These malicious actions of the university administration in alleged violation of my civil rights have gone beyond reasons and humanity. They have also rejected and denied my Workmens Compensation Claim, thus placing my health and well-being in jeopardy. I was denied access to a lung specialist even though the injury was caused by inhaling cleaning chemicals while giving a lecture to the senior civil engineering students on Monday, February 2, 2009.

Actions by the university administration began because I raised questions regarding corruption, granting tenure without due process, hiring cronies who with no qualifications mismanaged state and federal monies, embezzlement, and abuse of power and authority. Wouldnt any good citizen do what I did? I have appropriately taken claims to the university chain of command, from the current and former NC A&T State University chancellors, the board of trustees, the board of governors, the university president, and the attorney general, but none of them has taken any responsible and remedial action and have chosen to ignore this serious issues. It appears that NC A&T State University administration was given the green light to conduct more retaliatory measures.

I have been conspired against, after the September 11, 2001 tragedy with the action to fire me from my tenured professorship to destroy me professionally. This was conducted by NC A&T University administration, NC General Administration, and Office of NC Attorney General by protecting NC A&T University from corruption and wrong-doing. Thus I have been assassinated by these North Carolina State offices as a public servant. This is exactly the same as what has been done recently to the US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of the State of Arizona.

North Carolina A&T State University, a historically black institution, the staging ground for famous civil rights sit-ins in the 1960s, and the alma mater of the Rev. Mr. Jesse Jackson, is now discriminating, retaliating and conspiring against Professor Salami and the North Carolina State Attorney Generals office is continuing to represent the NC A&T State university since September 2001 with the unlimited states money, resources and personnel even though, the NC A&T State Universitys Committees, Board of Trustees and United State Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have been concluded that Professor Salami has been continuously discriminated and retaliated by NC A&T State University.

Finally I have learned....That To Ignore the Facts Does Not Change The Facts.
The right will always succeed in the end. People often put down those who would oppose them. The world needs more integrity, especially in our leaders. The Justice will always prevail and those who oppose it will ultimately lose. When those in charge lead in the wrong direction (i.e. solely for their own benefit, ignoring those whom they represent) will be brought to justice. In contrast, those who try to bring down the leaders who stand for what is right will never succeed. What's fair is fair, and those who see and practice the truth with stand strong against their opponents with all the power the world has to offer.

Very truly yours,

M. Reza Salami, Ph.D., P.E., Pro Se
Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Director of FAA Center of Excellence for Payment Technology
North Carolina A&T State University
Greensboro, North Carolina, 27411
University Website:
Email: [email protected]

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