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The Right to Education and Compulsory Education ACTS - DRAFT RULES.
Suggestions for the consideration of the Govt.of INDIA.
There are so many points that are to be reconsidered which have not cared about the practical situations and the difficulties.
1)The ADMISSIONS in the schools must be stopped on 31st August of the year.Late admissions will shorten the period of learning.Hurrying the children to take the bundle will irritate them and make them fed-up.
2)The children of the other hamlets should not be allowed to the schools and they must be guided to have their studies in their own residential areas.This will save them from unnecessary situations such as accidents and burdens.
3)The reimbursement of expenditures is not stated clear.Whether the Govt.decided to take care of the education or the Life.
4)The high level committee never identify the nature of the local climates and the ordinary living conditions of a poor family.An ordinary local observer will do better.
5)As per the norms of the recognition,the schools can be opened only in a charitable manner.When the higher educational institutions are managed by the wealthy people to earn more,how do you expect the primary education to be charitable?
6)In that case the Govt.has to provide a good compensation.
7)Six grounds for corporation and Eight for district headquarters to open a school!!Do you ever think about the cost of the lands?The century's best joke!!Hope the Govt.provides the land.
8)About the school managing committee::;A founder is asked to fulfill a lot of conditions to reopen a school,and then without taking part in the administration,you ask him to give his chair to some X & Y people!!What a good idea Saitji!!
9)Do you think the poor parents of the children can administer an institution?Leaving their precious time of earning a bread for the family,can they afford to spend the time in planning and amending your A/C room plannings??Have you seen the news papers?The halls where the training for the Village level committee people by the SSA were empty.Even,providing stipend and food,have not turned anyone to attend the ridiculous move of the scheme.
Better leave the administrations to the school managements and don't try to involve others, who will expect a 10\%commission,in this heavenly task.
Do not propose to involve local or top level politicians in this.
10)To achieve a more effective administration,provide a reasonable stipend to the managing people.
In the early days,the Govt.asked the people to reopen schools in every nook and corner of the country to clear out the illiteracy of the people.So,many of the teachers and Headmasters of schools left their jobs and reopened schools with the encouragements of the then genuine officials.Most of the existing management schools are only such schools.But after achieving a good target through these poor fellows,you are asking them to hand over their ancestral sacrifices to some X& Ys and to leave with a Thiruvodu(beggar's plate)!!What a nice set-up!!Already they are made to jump the pillar and post with cornering ways of G.O.s & in the names of proceedings of the officials.Now with your amendments it will be the greatest pleasures they ever come across.!,!.
In addition the SSA scheme which is a ridiculous one,in which crores of money is corrupted,is spoiling the children from their discipline,manners and culture.DO NOT see through the blue glasses.
Now a days,the whole world is looking into the oldest and richest cultures of OUR'S and coming to the conclusions that the ANCIENT FORMATIONS of the Indian Society had done a lot of works to solve the problems of the modern world.So,it is better to revoke the ancient educational systems of our ancestors that is called GURUKULAM and it's CURRICULAM.
Why don't we do a little explorations in that direction?If we miss this chance to explore them,Some one will get it's branded rights and once again we will be made to import them in a new pot.
Thanking you for the kindness to consider the suggestions,
With Regards,
Joseph Raja
Tamilnadu Govt.Aide Private Schools' Management Association,Madurai-625011
Better leave the

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