Position of the parents regarding the incidents that took place at EEB2 on the 24th of May sign now

Parents understand and agree that the incidents occurred on the 24th of May involving some Year 7 students on the last day of class are very unfortunate and do not reflect well on the School as a whole.

The known facts are as follows:
When classes finished, students were not allowed to celebrate the traditional countdown in the prйau;
Students were sent straight out of the School by the Councillors thus inciting Countdown (a known tradition) to be taken outside of the school premises, in the middle of the street facing the School;
Incidents involving a few excited students took place.

Facing these incidents, the Headmaster took the following action:
Called the Police
Published a statement (at 7 p.m. on 24th May) by which:
o BacDay activities on the 25th were cancelled
o It was forbidden for Year 7 students to enter the School
o Proclamation Ceremony was threatened to be cancelled

It must be said that European Schools have now for a long-time a strong tradition concerning the Bac period, including festivities (Celebration of the last school day, Bac Day and the Proclamation Ceremony). Prepared all year along (if not for years on end) by pupils and school staff which contribute to strengthening ties and solidifying relationships, just before the final scission of so many years spent together takes place.

The announced short noticed decision created among the whole student community a strong feeling of sadness, misunderstanding, frustration and injustice.

Following very closely all these sad and unfortunate incidents, reactions and attitudes, parents are of the firm view that, despite their clear criticism against any incorrect behaviour, there are principles that must be followed by the School:
Students cannot in any circumstances be expelled from their school premises.
Headmaster and school staff should keep control at all times whilst children are on school time and take adequate and proportionate measures, including preventive measures, regarding all kind of violent actions that may be taking place within the school premises.
Punishment may not be applicable randomly and collectively to all students (including those who were neither present nor involved in the reported incidents). This is against the basic principles of the rule of law in democratic European countries.
Punishment of any students eventually deserving such measures should be considered promptly and selectively applicable.

We realise, unfortunately, that there was clearly a lack of judgment by the School on how to deal with a reduced number of over-excited students. We feel that there was an unfortunate overreaction and disproportionate measures taken by the School Headmaster. This should have been dealt with serenely, wisely and discreetly and showing wisdom and punctual just punishment.

We deeply regret that Year 7 students are leaving with an unpleasant and sad memory of the last moments in their European School. This should not have happened and the School must be aware of and recognise its share of culpability in the whole situation.

We consider it extremely important that positive and constructive measures are taken from now on to re-establish the good atmosphere between students, the School and the parents after this incident. We encourage the School to endeavour that incidents like these will never happen again in the future and will never put at risk the necessary tranquillity and trusty environment in the school.

We are confident that the Proclamation Ceremony will become a moment of reconciliation between the School and the 7th year students and its parents and the whole community and will help re-establish trust, faith, and pride in EEB2 for the pupils who will pursue their study life at the school.

This Year 7 2010-2011 will remain in the history of the EEB2 as the first and hopefully the only one without a BacDay.

We wish and our children hope and trust - that this will not happen again.

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    Collective punishment, as in the case in question, is the easy way out chosen by the school direction to avoid all troubles involved in the organization and supervision of the BAC day by the school management. It is really regrettable.
  • 24 August 2015185. Joana Costab
    Former Bac student (2007).
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    EEB2 students MUST celebrate their BacDay. It's not too late they could celebrate after written exams.
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