Pope Bendict XVI should express his unconditional apology to the entire Muslim world for stating highly blesphemous remarks against the Holy Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. Pope Bendict XVI should follow the footsteps of his forefathers when they had accepted the greatness of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH by signing a Treaty in the 9th year of Hijra. This treaty is regarded of vital importance because it was the result neither of war nor of any negotiations but ended in Mubahela (Cursing Each Other) between the Holy Prophet and the Christians of Najran.

If we go back to read the pages of history, we find that the Christians of Najran were unhappy because of the rapid spread of Islam in the land of Arabs. They wished to discuss this matter with the Prophet and arrived in Madina. Few learned scholars were selected by the Christians who had a continuous dialogue with the Prophet for three days. It started on Saturday, when Sunday arrived and they asked to leave to go outside the city to pray the Prophet told them to stay and pray inside the Mosque of the Prophet which they did to their surprise. Prophet of Islam was setting the example that there is freedom of worship in Islam for all who believe in God. After their Sunday service their discussion continued. They were unable to arrive on any mutual understanding. The sticking point was the claim by the Christians of the divinity of Jesus Christ as the son of God. The Holy Prophet told them, The birth of Jesus Christ is similar to the birth of Adam. Allah created Adam without father and mother while Jesus was born without a father and from his mother only. None of the two was the son of God. This is the truth, for you accept the creation of Adam without parents yet do not claim him to be of divine essence. Why then do you deviate from this truth." When they did not agree on this point revelation from Allah came on the Prophet. (Sura Ale Imran V 61) The Verse reads like this. If you are not prepared to accept the truth after the fact that you have failed in your arguments, Say, Come now, let us call our sons and your sons, our women and your women, our Selves and Your Selves, then let us humbly pray and so lay Gods curse upon the ones who lie.

The next morning the Holy Prophet emerged from his house with his closest family. He held the hand of Imam Hasan (AS) walking beside him, held Imam Hussain (AS) in his arms, followed by his daughter Fatimah (SA). She was followed by Ali (AS). He came and stood with this family in front of the Christian Bishops who also came forward to perform the Mubahela. The chief of the Christians was Bishop Abul Harris. When he saw this small family of the Prophet he turned towards his fellow christians and told them, do not indulge in Mubahela with this family, for I am observing such pious faces that if they would order the mountain to come to them the mountain shall move towards them. It is therefore prudent to make treaty with them rather than confrontation of this spiritual imminence. They asked the Prophet for peace and it was accepted. The Holy Prophet extended the hand of friendship towards them, a treaty was signed and both parties left on friendly terms.

Hence, in line with what the Christians forefathers did during the lifetime of Hazrat Muhammad, the Pope Benedict XVI should also follow their footsteps and back out from any confrontation. I, therefore, request Pope Benedict XVI to extend his unconditional apology to the entire Muslim world and refrain from any remarks or statements against the Holy Prophet Muhammad or his actions.

Please sign this petition in order to convey this request to Pope Benedict XVI to replicate the action of Christian forefathers during the lifetime of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH who had preferred to withdraw their conflict with the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH and agreed to pay Jazia (Tax paid by non-muslims for statutory protection by the Muslim regime).

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